Jeans - £40, Topshop.
Jumper - H&M (cheapish, can't remember)
boots - River Island (old)
Watch - Marc Jacobs, £200ish
Hat - a hat shop in durham, £12.
Ring - Camden Market, £6.
Ring chain thing - Topshop sale, think about £5.
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins sale, £5ish also.
Bag - Christmas present (from some shop in Italy).
Scarf - Urban Outfitters, £16
Jacket - Topshop, old.

Didn't realise I was wearing so much until I came to writing the above list! I wore this to go shopping, or 'returning' even. I say returning because I have bought so much in the sales, with the notion that I'd decide what I wanted to keep at a later date, but unfortunately (for my bank account) it has been very difficult to decide and as it turns out I am not taking that much back.

I'd just like to point out that the jeans I am wearing are supposed to be blue although they are very dark! I'm hoping they'll fade when washed...



Top - Topshop sale - £25
Skirt - Topshop - £38
Boots - River Island, old.
Watch - DKNY
Bracelet and ring - UO

Hope you had a great Christmas!


Uni is going so fast, I am already half way through my degree! Which is both upsetting, exciting and scary, I'm feeling quite nostalgic looking through these photo's, definitely going to miss it when it's over and I have to enter the real world. I've been researching possible jobs because I want to get some work experience before I graduate, I think I'd definitely like to do something in fashion but not sure exactly what. I have looked at marketing, advertinsing, pr and journalism but obviously the latter is very difficult to get into, so although I have wanted to work for a magazine for years I'm just not sure how to go about it and whether it is a sensible choice. Anyone out there know how interns afford to live in london?!
Let me know what your aims are or any thoughts you have on this!


Jumper - £14.99, TK Maxx
Jeans - £40, Topshop
Boots - £12, River Island (sale, old)
Necklace - H&M old.
Coat - £75, To-pshop

I have finally splashed out on a coat! I am normally a jacket person, and have never really felt the need for a coat anyway because I drive everywhere so am rarely outside for long. However I have caved and bought one this year because Newcastle has surpassed itself in the freezing stakes. Could not cope at uni without this beautiful fur lined camo jacket! Seriously it is the warmest thing I've ever worn, definitely beats faux fur.
I have also recently bought these jeans from Topshop, they are exactly what I was looking for - high waisted, skinny and off-black. Now all I need is some blue versions, unfortunately all of which I've seen so far seem really dark, as in almost black?! Please don't fail me Topshop. :(
And finally the jumper is also a new purchase, it is a medium so a bit too big for me but I'm hoping it looks like it is supposed to be oversized... Anyway I thought this was a bargain!
Hope you're all having a good Christmas, I'm finally finished work/uni (until boxing day waa). At least I'll have some money to spend in the sales though!


red aztec shirt - £30, Urban Outfitters.
 blue shirt - £32,Urban Outfitters.
black midi skirt - £20 Topshop
black leather belt - £9, Asos
Fake leather skirt -£26, Topshop
Spike Necklace - £18, Urban Outfitters
There are so many things I want at the moment! I love patterned shirts but don't actually have any :( however I tried on a vintage one from the Urban Outfitters sale and although it was huge (not kidding, the sleeves had to be rolled up A LOT), I really liked the look of it with high waisted jeans/disco pants. I couldn't find the vintage ones online but came across these when I was looking which are triple the price (it was £10) but so nice! I especially like the idea of the red one, so eye-catching! I also came across a full length jersey skirt in the UO sale but didn't have time to try it on because the shop was shutting and now it isn't there, So upsetting! I have found this black one from Topshop which obviously isn't full length but I still like it, and my shortness probably means it will be full length on me anyway. As for the leather skirt,belt and necklace... I have seen people wearing leather (or pleather) skirts casually during the day and really like the look, they seem so adaptable. Still want a black belt, have always wanted a black belt, must buy a black belt. Aaand my gold spike necklace broke and I am missing it a lot, I think this one looks really cool though and would look nice with a shirt!

Ooh almost missed out these two:

Fur cossack hat - £12.50, Asos.
Hair band - £10, Topshop


Trousers - Urban Outfitters
Tee - H&M
Jacket - H&M
Necklace - UO
Ring - UO
Watch - Timex

I haven't been blogging as much lately because I'm back at uni and as it turns out there is a lot of reading involved in an English Lit degree! So basically at any point in time I have at least ten books I could be getting on with reading, thus spare time is lacking. I have been looking at other peoples blogs and reading comments, just haven't found many opportunities to do a post myself. However I thought today was a good one whilst I'm wearing these trousers for the first time.
I'm still unsure of them, they are different from anything else I own, due to me usually being a skinny jean/trouser/tights kind of person, cullottes are definitely not what I ever thought I'd see myself wearing! But these ones caught my eye and I love the colour/pattern, they were also a bargain at £8 so I'm not complaining!



Trousers - £10
Scarf - £16

I was walking past Urban Outfitters on my way home from the bus stop when I noticed there was a HUUGE queue outside, so when I realised this was because there was 20% student discount, obviously I had to go in. This is on today from 3:00-8pm just to let you know!
I ended up buying these cullotte style trousers, even though I've never really been a massive fan of this style?! Really like the pattern though and they fall quite nicely, more like a maxi skirt really (but shorter). I imagine they'd look nice with converse, a tee and a leather jacket, and I have wanted trousers for a while, but skinny ones so they don't exactly fit that bill... But anyway that is my excuse! As for the scarf I have wanted one for quite a while in this style so no guilt here! Altogether with the discount I only spent £21.80!

My wish list at the moment is rather long and neither of the above were very high on it, but hey ho.
It is something like this:
-White shirt
-Flat boots
-Patterned shirt


Dress - £30 UO (reduced from £65)
Playsuit - £18 (reduced from £38)
Playsuit - Asos
Jacket - H&M
Shoe boots - Primark.
Belt - Vintage from UO
Watch - Timex.
Bracelets - Accessorize/Ebay
Rings - Camden Market/Topshop (old).

So I went to the shops with the intention of finding a rug for my new uni room (I hate this blue one). I decided looking through the Urban Outfitters sale while I was there was harmless, I then found some things I liked so tried them on in the hope I'd hate them. I didn't. So unfortunately I came home from rug shopping without a rug but with 43 (with discount) pounds worth of clothes. Woops! I promised myself I'd take one back but I just can't decide - I love them both!:(

Also thought I'd throw in last nights outfit, I wore my Primark boots from this post. 


Boots - £20 Primark
Crop top - £7 Asos
Disco Pants - Asos £30(?)

I've been spending lately, woops. Not a lot though, I think these are all quite good bargains anyway. I've wanted some shoe boots for ages because the only heels I really have that I wear are my flatforms and I sometimes think they're a bit innapropriate and don't go with everything (I still love them though!). As for the crop top I got it to go with a skirt which I've had for a while but haven't really thought of anything else to wear it with yet. And the disco pants! I've only posted a photo of the bum because I've just done this post featuring them, but I neglected to include a photo of the back. As I said in the other post, I like the pockets on these and I like that they're a bit less shiny than the originals.


 Top - Topshop (old)
Disco pants - Asos
Jacket - American Eagle
Necklaces - Miss Selfridge
Watch - Timex
Shoes - Topshop
I've been quite busy lately, Ive been packing my stuff to move back to uni, working and have also been to watch the Great North Run! I'm finally all moved in to my new house though - it is so strange being back and in 2nd year... I still feel like a fresher!
I bought these disco pant dupes from Asos a week or so ago, I'm not too familiar with the real disco pants - I have briefly seen my cousins but that's it. However I think these dupes are definitely less shiny than the originals but I don't mind this because I feel more comfortable wearing them during the day. So if you want to wear them as casual daywear I'd reccomend these, the design seems quite similar to the originals, the pockets on the back are bigger than on the topshop ones and in my opinion look better for it!
I apologise for the blurry photo's, either my hand is shaky or my camera is pretty crap, I suspect a bit of both. 
p.s. can you see my slightly ombre hair?! I wanted it subtle but I think it may be too subtle...


camo army jacket

leather sleeved army green jacket
1st Jacket - £75, Topshop.
2nd Jacket - £65 Topshop.

I want one of these as a new winter jacket, however, I can't for the life of me decide between them. I haven't seen many people wear either out and about so don't know what looks best/goes with the most. I was worried the first one might be too full on because of it's pattern, but then again it has a detatchable fur lining which could be very useful for a cold winter! I love leather so obviously like the second one too! Argh! Help!
army camoflage jacket outfits streetstyle
Photo source: here
Photo source: here


Here are a few photo's from my trip to York. As I mentioned in the previous post I took my boyfriend for a couple of days as a 21st present. I was so concerned it was going to be rainy and cold but as you can see the weather was lovely - so warm and sunny! We stayed in a Premier Inn right in the centre. I would definitely reccommend Premier Inns because you always know what to expect and they are very good value! Most of the time we were eating and drinking at places like Bella Italia, Lucia's, The Cornish Pasty Company and York Hog Roast (all really nice!) . We also went on the wheel which was interesting, I'd reccomend going on it once for the experience but don't think I'd bother again! Although it was only £5.50 for a student. We also went to York Dungeons which were really scary in my opinion, I was on edge at all times but especially when my boyfriend volunteered me to be tortured! So embarrassing.
Overall this wasn't an expensive trip and we had a really good time!


Skirt - Vintage
Top - Asos
Rings - Topshop, Camden market.
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Necklaces - Miss Selfridge
Bracelet - Ebay
Watch - Timex
Thread bracelet - Festival

Sorry about my lack of recent posts I have been in York for a few days to celebrate my boyfriends 21st. It was so nice and I shall have a post on it coming up! Anyway, this is what I wore for a night out with my friends, I have had this skirt for years, and have just dug it out the bottom of a draw, I still really like it! I have a few new, unworn dresses but for some reason decided on this outfit! The skull bangle is the one I posted about a while ago in this wish list, I saw the Topshop version and loved it but found this £1.60 bargain on ebay! It isn't as adjustable as the Topshop one but I've saved £6 so not too bothered. Hope you've all had a great week!



Clinique Superbalanced foundation - £17
Smashbox Photo Finish primer - £25
Simple Light moisturiser - £2
Bronzer from Boyes - £1.99
W7 Blusher - £1.99
Rimmel brown eyeliner - £2.00
Bourjois brown eyeshadow duo pallette (for eyebrows too) - £5.41
 No7 Intense Volume Mascara - £4.00?
Rimmel concealer - £4.50
No7 Lipstick in Pink Crush - £7
Total = £70.89
I don't spend that much when it comes to makeup, in fact I try to be as cheap as possible unless it is a gift, which the foundation, primer, lipstick and eyeshadow were. When people ask me what I want for my birthday/Christmas I will do some research on some cult beauty products and ask for these. When I am buying for myself I don't splash out too much, I don't know if there is that much difference between cheap and expensive products? But I always take the risk with cheap so I can buy more clothes! Let me know your opinion on expensive vs cheap beauty products and what your favourites are!x


Jumper - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Vintage Levi
Jewellery - UO/Miss Selfridge(cross ring)/Turkish market(thumb ring).
Shoes - Topshop.
Bag - UO
Jacket - H&M

These shorts have just been washed and have shrunk so incredibly much that I am stood typying this because sitting caused a lack of blood flow to my leg (pins and needles agh!). Don't know how I'm going to fit a pizza in to be honest but can't be bothered changing! Anyway, as you might have guessed I am going to Pizza Hut in a bit, it is the highlight of my day/the only thing I'm doing really! Me and my boyfriend have had pizza hut vouchers since christmas so have been A LOT this year, sadly, today marks the end of these wonderfully cheap experiences as we are on to our last voucher. I decided to wear this really simple and casual outfit but jazz it up a bit with some jewellery. This is probably the least colourful combination of clothes I have worn for a while!


leeds festival fashion green jacket ray bans
leeds reading festival outfit ideas fashion blog
Leeds reading festival outfit ideas fashion blog

Didn't take many photo's at Leeds so I decided to make these. I made them on Polyvore so they aren't the exact things but pretty similar! Disappointed I couldn't find the exact floral crop top I wore, I borrowed it from my cousin and it is soo nice. It was in the Urban Outfitters sale a while ago, and is basically dark and floral with lace on the bottom edge, if you own it lucky you! I also wore the top from this post. :) x
p.s. I know I look like I'm dying, it was the last day!

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