Ring: Topshop
Necklaces: Miss Selfridge (I think, got them a while ago)
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Top/dress: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Boots: River Island, old and from the sale.
Jacket: Topshop
Plimsolls: Superga

Struggling with outfit decisions due to this unpredictable weather, I have decided it's probably always safer to go with the 'colder' option due to the fact I that either way I won't freeze. However I am still waiting and hoping for Summer to come along, yes even though it's almost August I still have Faith! Regardless of weather, I also can't decide which of these outfit options I prefer... I don't know whether I'd have the guts to go out in this dress/top without tights (think it's a top but hey ho I'm wearing it as a dress). Not only is it technically a top (I think, still not sure) it is also a tad see through. Not ideal Topshop! I think if I met Sir Philip Green this is the issue I'd have to bring up.


Okay so I know this isn't the best photo ever, I really do need to start using my camera instead of my phone! If I still had my nails like this I would re-take but unfortunately this is a few weeks old. Anyway moving on to the actual manicure, I decided to try creating Ciate's 'caviar' manicure - DIY style i.e. cheap. I had seen the real stuff reviewed on a few blogs and thought it looked quite good, however I also thought there must be a cheaper way of doing it, since Ciate's nail beads and varnishes are quite expensive. So I went straight to Ebay and searched, you have to be careful when doing this in case you end up with the wrong sized beads, these ones are 0.7mm which was perfect (not entirely sure what size the ciate ones are but they'll probably be pretty similar). Regardless - these worked! I paid £3.00 in total, including p+p and got a rather small packet which will probably do 3/4 manicure's, re-assessing this now, I realise you could probably buy your own for cheaper from a craft store (silly me). But overall I was still pleased due to the fact I had saved quite a bit for not buying the real ones - not entirely sure how much they are, I have searched on google but prices vary on place and p+p, basically I think I've saved at least £20 (yay!).

Anyway I shall stop rambling and explain how I applied them. First of all, I looked it up. Followwing internet advice I applied a base coat, let it dry, applied a pale colour (I went with nude but will change next time to a pale pink or white, out of curiosity not hatred for nude), let this dry, applied another coat of nude, waited 10 seconds (well this was the advise, I'm not that patient so blew on them and waited aprox. 5). Then comes the messy part, Over a bowl I poured the beads onto each nail until I had the coverage i wanted, then let them dry. I was also a bit too impatient at this point because I assumed it would take as long as nail varnish tends to take for them to set, however they kept falling off for the next half hour, so you really gotta set time aside to do this! When they did actually set though they were very solid and only came off attached to the nail varnish.

So overall, I would say only go for this look if you REALLY want it, and are prepared to spend more time than usual on doing your nails. When it is finally done though it does look good and I got many compliments!