Jumper - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Vintage Levi
Jewellery - UO/Miss Selfridge(cross ring)/Turkish market(thumb ring).
Shoes - Topshop.
Bag - UO
Jacket - H&M

These shorts have just been washed and have shrunk so incredibly much that I am stood typying this because sitting caused a lack of blood flow to my leg (pins and needles agh!). Don't know how I'm going to fit a pizza in to be honest but can't be bothered changing! Anyway, as you might have guessed I am going to Pizza Hut in a bit, it is the highlight of my day/the only thing I'm doing really! Me and my boyfriend have had pizza hut vouchers since christmas so have been A LOT this year, sadly, today marks the end of these wonderfully cheap experiences as we are on to our last voucher. I decided to wear this really simple and casual outfit but jazz it up a bit with some jewellery. This is probably the least colourful combination of clothes I have worn for a while!


leeds festival fashion green jacket ray bans
leeds reading festival outfit ideas fashion blog
Leeds reading festival outfit ideas fashion blog

Didn't take many photo's at Leeds so I decided to make these. I made them on Polyvore so they aren't the exact things but pretty similar! Disappointed I couldn't find the exact floral crop top I wore, I borrowed it from my cousin and it is soo nice. It was in the Urban Outfitters sale a while ago, and is basically dark and floral with lace on the bottom edge, if you own it lucky you! I also wore the top from this post. :) x
p.s. I know I look like I'm dying, it was the last day!

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Festival look 2

Blonde + Blonde bandeau top, $7.92 / H&M quilted leather jacket, $205 / Linea Pelle vintage belt


dress - Topshop (old)
bag - TK Maxx
Jewellery - UO
Watch - DKNY
Boots - River Island (old)
Jacket - H&M

Okay so this isn't todays outfit, it's one I didnt find time to post before I went to Leeds. I got back on Sunday night and am still recovering! It was so so good though, it was supposed to rain/storm all weekend but the weather ended up being amaazing! I actually got a bit of a tan woo! I also really enjoyed the line up this year, some of my favourites were The Vaccines, You Me at Six, Paramore, Foo Fighters and Florence. We also spent every night in the silent disco which is so much fun, I actually want clubs to become silent discos. Hope you all had a good weekend!x


I trialled two nail looks for Leeds, well I did one and it was pretty amateur, so I got the proper tools and did it again. The second time round I changed the colours though, better or worse - what do you think?

Anyway, this ombre nail trend is pretty simple to do...

What you need: a pale opaque nail varnish (i.e. white, pastel blue), two or three different coloured nail varnishes of your choice, and a makeup sponge.

Step 1. paint your nails with the pale opaque nail varnish and let it dry.

Step 2. wet your makeup brush and squeeze it to get rid of the excess (so your nail varnish won't just soak in).

step 3. paint your chosen nail varnish colours on to your sponge in the order you want them on your nails i.e. light-dark or dark-light or whatever.

step 4. press this on to your nail, for a less defined, more 'blurry' look, stamp it a few times, maybe even changing it's position. Let your nails dry fully.

Step 5. Top coat to keep it in place!

I'm off to Leeds tonight, I will update with how wet and muddy it was and what I wore (probably just 5 jumpers and a cagoule) when I get back!x


Dress - Topshop
Purple bracelet - Asos
Purple hat - Topshop
Lipstick - Topshop
Disco pants - Topshop
Frilly socks - Topshop
Ramones tee - Amplified
Skull bangle - Ebay

Soo, we are moving into a new season with new trends and supposedly worse weather, but I don't see how this last point is possible. I have called this my A/W wish list but I'm sure throughout autumn and winter I will have many wish lists all looking completely different to this.

I really like this Topshop dress, not only because I love dresses and find them easy to wear, but because it is monochrome and I've realised recently I don't really have anything monochrome, most of my stuff is bright and colourful. Another reason to love this dress is that it is only £26, bargain! I think it is a good A/W wardrobe staple because it can be worn for a night out with heels and nice jewellery or dressed down during the day with tights, boots and a leather jacket.

I have incorporated some purple items into my wish list because I think purple is one of the easiest of all the A/W trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. I want to get a few nice bracelets because recently my favourite purple beaded one broke, and I think this Asos one is rather nice. A hat is also needed for cold winters in Newcastle and I really like this one! Although being purple I don't know if it will match a lot of things so I may have to consider this more before purchasing. I don't want to have to think about matching my hat to my outfits, I just need something I can throw on with anything as I'm rushing out to a lecture!

Topshop disco pants are on here just because I feel I need a change from the shorts and tights look. I've never really wanted disco pants THAT much though so I'm going to test run these £28 dupes first.

As for the socks, I always wear black socks with my ankle boots and just think these would be a cute update.

NEED A BAND TEE. Still completely undecided on which band but I will hopefully achieve this purchasing goal at Leeds. If I get back and don't post about having bought one feel free to tell me off! And finally, the skull bangle; I saw this in Topshops and really wanted it, I thought it would look nice worn on my upper arm, and this would work as it was adjustable. However, I found lots of them on eBay for 99p - £2 so I've ordered one from Hong Kong! Hope it actually arrives and is adjustable when it does. If not I've only wasted £1.60.


 Excited by the arrival of September's Vogue, I love magazine subscriptions!

John Frieda 'Go Blonder' spray. I am going to use this on the ends of my hair when I finally get around to dying it with the Garnier Herbashine Light Brown hair dye. It has peroxide in and does say 'FOR BLONDES ONLY' but my cousin used it on her dark brown hair and it has gone the right amount of lighter. It does have peroxide in though so I will be using it sparingly, but I want a subtle dip dye so it is this or bleach, and if I'm not satisfied with this I will probably turn to bleach! I'll keep you updated.

 My current read  'Essays' by Francis Bacon (for my course, snore!) it is basically his point of view on different aspects of society/humans such as lying, love, husbands etc etc. Ideally I'd be reading 50 Shades of Gray, I feel soo left out! Although I've heard mixed opinions - let me know yours. On the plus side, my bookmark lightens it up!

August's Vogue. I loved the cover of this months and now have a new found girl crush on Emma Stone. She seems so witty and down to earth, enjoyed her interview so much, partially because it was done by the multi-talented Alexa Chung.

Superga vs Converse. What do you think? (Excuse my old and scruffy converse, they were originally as white as the Superga).

The nail varnish I wore this week, Rimmel Sweet as Sugar and Rimmel Disco Ball. They're from the 'I ♥ Lasting Finish' range, I wasn't too impressed to be honest, the pastel blue was difficult to apply and has chipped straight away :(. They were two for £4 in Boots though so at least I didn't pay full price!


First photo, left to right: Leather jacket - H&M, Denim Jacket - American Eagle, Dark blue cagoule - TK Maxx, red playsuit - Topshop(old), top - Topshop, Playsuit - Miso at Republic, stripey top - Topshop, black floral top - H&M, Cream jumper, bag - Urban Outfitters, Shorts, vintage Levi's, Top - Topshop.

Second photo, left to right: Bag + belts - UO, watch - Timex, black wafarers - abroad somewhere, round sunglasses - H&M, silver spike necklace - H&M, Rings - UO + Miss Selfridge, bangle - UO, gold necklaces - Miss Selfridge, gold ring - Camden Market.

Wellies - Hunter from TK Maxx.

As you can see I'm having difficulty eliminating what not to take to Leeds! I have ended up packing basically all of this, well yeah all of it! And an extra black tee. I am only going for 4/5 days but I have about 8 outfits - what can I say, I like to have options! I don't feel too guilty about this though because a lot of my clothes are light and don't take up much space. In fact the things taking up the most space are my night clothes (leggings, joggers, vest, cardigan and hoody).

 Don't know whether I'll actually wear this jewellery when I'm there but I'll probably take it anyway, looking at this photo I'm thinking it looks a tad excessive? On a different subject I am soo glad I got this bag in time for Leeds, it is the perfect size and I just love it!

Ooh I will also add that my Hunters aren't dirty (well, apart from the obvious brown muddy bits). This is how they were when I bought them. I wore them for the first time and someone said to me 'OOH I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE HAVE HUNTERS AS OLD AND WORN AS MINE!' and pointed at their VERY old VERY worn, pink turned murkey grey wellies. Um no, these are new and meant to look like this for some bizarre reason, can't complain, they were £40 in TK Maxx, and anyway, this look has actually grown on me!x


 Playsuit: Republic
Jacket: H&M
Bag: UO (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes: Topshop
Belt: UO Renewal
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood
Rings: UO, turkish bazaar
Necklace: UO

Today was another day in the office which I'm not complaining about because I love earning money! I feel like my outfits are a bit samey, I don't always wear tights and leather jackets I promise! I just love the look at the moment. I do have the odd pair of jeans and cardigans and what not, which I will include in an outfit post at some point. I just find playsuits and dresses soo easy and nice to wear!

I have included a photo of my Viv Westwood earrings in this post as I mentioned I would in the last. Taking a good photo of them was a much harder task than I anticipated! I took about 6767289 to get this one, none blurry, not-so-bright-you-can't-see-them snap. This is pretty accurate to their real life colour I guess, although they are slightly pinker, closer to my nail colour which you can see in the above photo of my bag. Sorry if you're wondering why I am needing to describe the colour with so much detail, I just think it is so pretty that I want to do it justice. So that's why that photo is plonked on to the end, moving on to my new purchase!

The new purchase is my bag (in case the tag didn't give that one away enough). I really needed a new going out/small day time bag as I've been using the same heart shaped Topshop one for centuries and it looks so scruffy now! So I splashed out £28 on this little thing. I ordered it online because there isn't an Urban Outfitters near my home, which I thought was really risky because you have to pay delivery and pay for returns argh! But I did my research and got the measurements of the bag so I'd know exactly what it would look like, and found a delivery price reduction code which meant it only cost £1 woop! (the code is SHWEET, and may still be working!). It arrived this morning and luckily I really like it! It looks expensive, is the perfect size and also has a removable strap so it can be a clutch! This bag will definitely becoming to Leeds Festival with me! Hope you all had a good day :) x


Playsuit: Shop in Newcastle airport.
Boots: River Island
Jacket: Topshop.
Rings: Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge.
Watch: DKNY
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood.
Hamsa hand necklace: Urban Outfitters.

Okay so this is yesterdays outfit which I didn't have time to post! I got a text on Monday from the company I do casual work for asking if I'd come in, I was so happy to have the opportunity to earn more money it was a bit sad really! So of course I said I'd go in the next day and have been working there today as well and hopefully will be for the rest of the week woop more clothes money! So this is what I wore, it's only a little casual office so there are no dress rules or anything (in case you were wondering). However this was still a bad outfit choice for weather reasons. Bipolar British weather struck again, I realised the leather jacket was a bit too much because it did look warmish, so before I went out I swapped it for a lovely Topshop cardigan which I kind of forgot I had and actually looked really nice with this outfit, I'll have to include it in a post soon. Anyway, further outfit transformations which occured during the day (when I got home obviously, I didn't strip in the office) were my tights being removed and my boots being replaced for spiked loafers. So basically I had an entirely different outfit on by 5pm.

The weather was so nice that me and my boyfriend went for a walk in the evening which was really nice, we also went to blockbuster and rented 'The Vow', 'The Awakening', 'Chalet Girl' and 'Beastly'. All my choices as you can probably tell. The only one my boyfriend was keen to watch was The Awakening, I'd reccommend this film, it sounds like a horror but I'd say it's more of a thriller, which means I like it because I prefer thrillers. I did think it was scary though don't get me wrong!

P.S. In the last photo I'm trying to show my Viv Westwood earrings but clearly it didn't work:( I really like them though so will incorporate them in a post to show you at some point! Theyre small with a light pink heart in the orb bit (such a bad description I know). 


Playsuit: Asos
Belt: Vintage from Urban Outfitters
Jacket: H&M
Boots: River Island
Cuff: Urban Outfiters
Rings: Urban Outfitters + Miss Selfridge
Bracelet: Accessorize (part of set)
Watch: DKNY

This is what I wore last night to go to the pub for the pub quiz (The wild life I lead). I felt it was a little dressy but I'm running out of casual clothes lately, I think this is a good excuse to go shopping! Either way, I love this Asos playsuit, I had to order it two sizes two big because they had ran out of the smaller sizes! So without the belt it looks absolutely riduclous. I also have to safety pin the keyhole bit at the front, but it is well worth all this effort because I love the colours and pattern. It is also very versatile, I wear it for nights out and suring the day with a jumper. I think out of all my clothes I'd definitely rate this outfit as the most awkward to go to the toilet in! Hope you all had a good night and have more practical clothes than I do! What are your thoughts on clothes and practicality?


Simon in Whitby, I love porridge and fruit, yummy Tapas, exciting reading!(not), gym outfit, addicted to these mini magnums, Whitby, the evidence of the lightening spray working(on this one strand).


 I am having a wardrobe clear out, usually I am such a hoarder! But my wardrobe is seriously getting packed now so something had to change! These are just some of the things I am selling, apart from 2 coats everything is starting at 99p so please check it out if you're interested. Haven't put some of the above on yet because I have soo much so if there's something you're interested in  which isn't on yet let me know! The stuff I'm selling is from  Topshop, River Island, H&M, American Eagle Outfitters, Primark, Forever 21 and more that I just can't think of right now!xx

Oh and the stuff I'm selling varies from size 6-10!



 Clinique Superbalanced foundation in 11 Sunny
W7 blusher in Baby Pink
Royal Cosmetic Connections bronzer
Barry M Dazzle dust in black
Benefit 'That Gal'
Laura Geller Neapolitan
Rimmel concealer in Soft Honey
No7 Lash 360 mascara
Topshop Gloss Stick in Glisten
Topshop crayon in Equinox

Apart from my eyes and lips this is basically my every day makeup. I love a good bargain and the blusher and bronzer here definitely are! As I have said in a previous post I usually use a Rimmel bronzer but thought I'd try and find a cheaper one which is just as good - an I think this is it! It is pretty similar to the Rimmel one; the right shade and not too glittery. I use this bronzer basically all over my face because my face is paler than my body, and I like to look like I have a 'healthy glow'. I also use some on my neck and collar bones - and even sometimes chest if it's on show! Just to make sure my face colour blends into that of my neck and body.
I only really use the bronzer in the Laura Geller compact and that is to contour, I find this darker, browner, more matte type of bronzer is better for contouring.
I've just started using the No7 Lash 360 mascara and I'm not initially over keen, it doesn't seem to give much impact... I will do a Mascara review soon and let you know my favourites.

I decided to test out my two Topshop makeup items together today because when I bought them I pictured they would look good together but am a but undecided. I don't think I suit pale eyes?! Which is a shame because I love the bright lips/no eye makeup look. I really like the 'Equinox' crayon, it literally is basically a gold crayon, you could write with it. But I decided to put it on my eye lids. It stays in place and not only works as eye shadow but I also put it under my eyes (just around the lash line) because I like the look of it and it seems to brighten my eyes. I'd definitely recommend this as a quick and easy answer to metallic eyes.
As for the Gloss Stick I am not overly keen. The colour is nice and it smells lovely, but I guess what I don't like about it is the fact that it's glossy, I probably shouldn't have bought the gloss stick! I just  don't think the gloss is very flattering - but perhaps if you have full lips it would be. It is also not ideal if you are going to be in photo's because in every photo of me wearing it I really don't think you can tell that I'm wearing lipstick that much!


Shirt: Topshop(old)
Shorts:reworked levi's from a vintage shop.
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Camden Market somewhere.
Necklace: Miss Selfridge.

This is what I wore today, the title is down to the fact my mum asked me if I was a goth. I wasn't sure what my plans were but I ended up helping my boyfriend paint his room white - not good in all this black! Paint got everywhere including in my hair and on my shoes, however I saved the majority of the outfit by wearing a bin bag (sexy, I know). I then went to the opticians to get my eyes tested for new contact lenses. Totally forgot about the part where the optician turns your eyelid inside out, freaked me out so much I kept blinking so she had to do it again and again, poor woman. Soo embarrassing. Anyway, then me and my mum popped to the shops where I tried on lots of wonderful clothes I couldn't afford, including the embellished shorts and jumper from this wish list post. I liked the jumper but it's a tad expensive for what it is and I loved the shorts, still considering going back to get them but there was only one pair in my size! Argh! My mum put me off by pointing out 'you could only really wear them on nights out', even if I wouldn't get much use of them, they're just so pretty!:( versatility is surely not everything!

Anyway, I hope you can see that the ends of my hair are lighter (I've been using the John Frieda 'Go Blonder' spray). Admittedly it isn't that obvious in this photo but it is in some others, I swear I'm not imagining it. Hope you all had a good day!


Top: H&M
Jacket: American Eagle
Playsuit(looks like shorts): Newcastle Airport shop, don't know the brand!
Necklace: H&M
Rings: Miss Selfridge and Urban Outfitters
Cuff: Urban Outfitters
Boots: River Island

I feel this is pretty similar to my last OOTD post, which I didn't realise until I saw the pictures together! Today I went shopping, well supposedly window shopping, with my cousin. We spent the majority of our time eating and talking but I did buy something (woopsie!) which you can see in the previous post. It was BOILING today and so sunny, why is English weather so bipolar?! We almost both went out in jumpers/coats! Which just would not have been ideal. Also found out yesterday that we got tickets for Leeds Fest! So excited! Need to decide what clothes to take! Hope you all had a good day too :)

P.S. Didn't realise my top was so creased!


Dress: Topshop
Boots: River Island
Bag: Vintage
Glasses: H&M

So I'm not meant to be spending money at the moment but founf this dress in the topshop sale for £18, I love drop waist dresses lately and thought this was quite a cute, bargain one. Got it home and tried it on with my own things (as you can see ^^) and can't decide whether or not it is a keeper! I LOVED it when I tried it on though. What do you think??

The Liebster Blog Award

Hi everyone! I've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the darling Dani from floraldanielle.blogspot.com! She has an amazing blog including some very useful posts on great Ebay bargains so I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already! I hadn't heard of this award before now but apparently there are 5 simple rules...

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. The rules are simple:

1. Post a link to your nominator's blog with some information about him/her on your blog.
2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
4. Follow your nominator.
5. Notify the blogs you nominated.

11 Facts:

1. I'm short (5'2.9" - emphasis on the .9!!!)
2. I go to Uni in Newcastle.
3. I enjoy a good Newcastle night out (not Geordie Shore style don't worry!)
4. I love plain chocolate but just ate some with a mysterious hard crunch in and now feel a bit queezy.
5. I wear Clarins Eau des Jardins perfume.
6. I am supposed to be saving but bought a dress from the Topshop sale today(I'll do a post on it!)
7. I have been growing my hair since 2009 when I got a bob.
8. I work as a waitress at a football club.
9. I have had a Vogue subscription for the past 3 years and keep them all.
10. I tried out every hobby from horse riding to keyboard playing but was terrible at them all.
11. I will try any type/form of food.

I've nominated these 11 bloggers for the Liebster Blog Award:

1. Rebecca from ARRCEEBEE.blogspot.com
2. Thalia at fashiongalaxiesxo.blogspot.com
3. Ellie from elisebeautyx.blogspot.co.uk
4. Abbie from alittleebitofeverything.blogspot.co.uk
5. Laura from indiansummeronline.blogspot.co.uk
6. Christine from chriissydollxo.blogspot.co.uk
7. Chelsea from cupcakesandcocainexo.co.uk
8. Ella from helloellaxo.blogspot.co.uk
9. Zara from zarasilverlining.blogspot.co.uk
10. Becca from beccaandbeauty.blogspot.co.uk
11. Melissa from bonjourbeaut.blogspot.co.uk

Congratulations to all the nominees!


Top: topshop
Jacket: American Eagle
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Converse
Jewellery: Topshop and Miss Selfridge

Still not too sure of this outfit, it is made up from old clothes which may be why, for some reason I never feel right in old clothes?! I wore it today to go to Whitby with my boyfriend - it was meant to be the best weather of the week! It was really warm (thank god since I had bare legs!) but the sun only peeped through a few times, it was a great day though, we had fish and chips, walked the 150 steps (ouch!) and topped it off with a lovely ice cream. I am soo tired now though having got up at 7:30 to give my mum a lift to work and go to the gym! I will definitely sleep tonight! Hope you had a great day too. :)


Just thought I'd do a post to express my love for products that actually work and which I've been loyal to! My 'desert Island products' would definitely be from the contents of the above image.

Dove Summer Glow: Basically I think Build up tanning products are such a good invention. I've been using them for years because not only do they make my skin nice and soft but I also get a tan - bonus! A lot of people don't seem to like them and prefer 'proper' fake tan such as sprays and mousses, although you don't get a really really dark tan straight away you can easily build it up and I think it looks more natural than actual fake tan, it also doesn't peel off or go patchy. I only use it occasionally when I feel like I need it but it works pretty quickly and doesn't take any extra effort than applying normal body moisturiser. I'd definitely recommend this Dove one, it is one of the best smelling and has a really nice formula (Johnson's tended to go lumpy).

Next Paradise perfume: Even though this perfume is so cheap I never get sick of the smell, I prefer it to most - well basically all - of the high end perfumes I have had the privelege to sniff. I love floral, summery scents and this is just the best in my opinion! Unfortunately this one has ran out and I haven't bought another one since because I thought I'd try something new, so at the moment I'm wearing 'Eau des Jardins' by Clarins which I love but perhaps secondly to Paradise, and Paradise is so cheap so I'll definitely be buying it again... Hope they still sell it? I'm sure last time I went in Next I couldn't find it!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: This one is 'Reconstructor' but all the different versions are great! I've tried lots of Hair masks such as Avon ones (they do a really nice fruity scented one!), Percy & Reed, James Brown etc, I can't remember the rest but I'm sure I've had lots of samples from magazines! I always go back to this one, most of the time I really can't tell if a hair mask has improved my hair or not but I always can with Aussie, it feels so soft afterwards, which is great because my hair is naturally quite frizzy. This is definitely one of my essentials!

Barry M nail paint in Raspberry: I love everything about this nail varnish. I have had it years, it is my most over used nail colour, yet it is still in great condition (no gloopiness!) which I think is part of the reason I use it so much; because it is so easy to apply. I also LOVE the colour, it is red but not too bright. Even though the quality of this nail varnish is so good I'd be wary about buying Barry M again because my Coral one went gloopy straight away! I think I have managed to rectify it slightly by putting a few drops of nail varnish remover in which I heard helps, it definitely seems to have helped anyway!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: My favourite Primer. I haven't tried LOTS of primers, in fact I've only tried Loreal Studio Secrets and Benefit That Gal which I can remember, but Studio Secrets always gets really good reviews. I think it depends what you want from a primer, I think Studio secrets is good for oily/shiny skin or large pores. That Gal is ideal for getting a 'Millie Mackintosh' style glow, but it can give a bit of a sweaty look in photo's. Photo Finish however is somewhere in between them both, it gets face shine/glow just right and actually does look great in photos (my skin is probably classed as normal or normal/dry). It is quite expensive but I've had mine almost a year and it doesn't seem to be running out too drastically, you only need a 'pea sized amount' as the makeup counter girl informed me!

Rimmel Bronzer: As you may be able to tell, disaster occured and I dropped it :(. But as you can also probably tell it was quite old anyway. I have been using bronzer since I was about 12 because my face has always been somewhat paler than everywhere else. At first I used the Avon one which was good and was £2.50, but then I got into using this which is about £5, when I dropped it I was going to buy another one but thought I'd look around for a cheaper one, in doing this I've wasted £10 and failed to find a better one. I am using a really cheap £1.99 one at the moment which isn't actually that bad but it does tend to go on a bit patchy so I would definitely recommend the Rimmel one. P.S. Is it just me or are bronzing pearls awful?

John Frieda Frizz Ease: Been using serums ever since I was 10 and my Nana wowed me by putting Nicky Clarke's on my hair, couldn't stop stroking my own hair - probably looked a bit strange! I re bought Nicky Clarke's for a while but ended up swapping to this one, can't remember why. Anyway, this is pretty similar to Nicky Clarke but perhaps a bit better, I use it almost everyday, some more than others - my hair can be pretty frizzy and out of control at times!

Gliss Shine Tonic: This is the best shine spray I have tried - it gives such a visible difference and is an aerosol so is easy to apply - it goes on evenly and all over - perfect!

Exfoliating gloves: SO much easier and cheaper than buying and rebuying scrubs, and they really seem to make my skin much softer, and rub off any fake tan disasters (not build up! I mean when I use a spray/mousse, specifically St Moriz).

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser: I have tried Elemis, No7, Avon, Olay, and whatever else I've 'borrowed' from my mums vast amount of products. But for me this tops them all, it isn't sticky or too thick, it doesn't make you look oily or shiny, it does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak) it hydrates, in a light manner. I need a new night cream but in the mean time have been wearing this to bed and am seriously questioning whether I need one because my skin looks really bright and moisturised when I wake up, I'd definitely recommend.

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub: My skin is as I said earlier probably classed as normal. I get the occasional spot but my main concern is blackheads on my nose - I hate them! I've tried nose strips which I find work a bit but this scrub genuinely makes a visible difference and sustains it over time if you use it every day - it's the only thing I have found which really works!


The majority of this is from Topshop (been browsing the website a tad too much!). The only things which aren't from Topshop are the belt (Hugo Boss), dip-dye top and bag (Urban Outfitters). I was planning on checking out the Topshop sale items but wandered onto the rest of the website as well (woops).

Love this dip-dye jumper, I was  a bit unsure at first but every time I look at it I like it more! I was originally looking for a bright coral knit or something along those lines, but fell in love with these two Topshop ones.

The dip-dye top is from Mango, I saw it in the shop a while ago but they only had it in Large, which I did try on but it was just to big :(. It is also sold out in all but XL online so if anyone wants to sell me a small I'd be very happy!

I have wanted leather shorts for a while, I like these Topshop ones but may look around for some cheaper versions. I have seen some good H&M ones on peoples blogs so might check there.

The skirt really caught my eye but don't know what it would look like in real life. I would definitely have to try this on, it's one of those things which could possibly look a bit frumpy.

LOVE these boots, don't know what else I can say really, just want to own them!

This Urban Outfitters bag seems pretty ideal, I have been looking for an appropriate small(ish) black bag to replace my really really really old Topshop heart shaped one for a while and this seems to fit the bill. It looks expensive (from this image, I haven't seen it in person), and also converts to a clutch which is always a plus! (it has an over the shoulder strap which you can see on the other photo's).

I've wanted leopard print shorts/skirt ever since seeing someone wearing them with a black top in the 'street style' section of a magazine, sounds simple but it really caught my eye and I loved the outfit! I did buy a leopard skirt before though and ended up taking it back because I didn't think it was very versatile/thought it might look a bit cheap but I've definitely changed my mind!

Collar tips - I've wanted some for a while and these are my favourites although they are quite expensive so I might check Ebay. I just think they'll be perfect for updating a few different pieces of clothing without splashing out too much (well, if I don't get these ones).

These shorts caught my eye, I like the colour and thought they looked expensive but my boyfriend didn't seem too keen, man repellers? Or just plain ugly? Not that I tend to take his advice anyway, dread to think what I'd be wearing if I did!

Never really considered getting a black jumper but I really like the way this has a wide(?) knit, I imagine it would look great with a white tee underneath, nice jewellery and a pop of bright nail varnish.

I've wanted this hand chain for aages, but again, may turn to Ebay to look for something similar because I can't bear to splash out so much on it in these tough times!


Skirt: Asos
Top & necklace: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Boots: River Island
Cross ring: Miss Selfridge
Ring, Earcuff & cuff: Urban Outfitters
Watch: DKNY

I've only ever worn this skirt once, and it was on holiday, but yesterday the sun decided to make an appearence and I remembered I owned it! I love this skirt so much because the colours are so nice, and unlike some other floral maxi's I have tried on it does look quite expensive. Although I did have to get it taken up because it was far too long (thanks Nana!), so it has lost it's shape a bit which is slightly dissapointing, the bottom used to flare out a lot more, but I'd rather own it misshapen than not at all! As I said in the previous post, I'm going through a bit of a silver jewellery phase at the moment so I'm wearing the same jewellery! But I don't think gold would suit the colours of this outfit anyway. I think this is definitely my favourite way to wear floral at the moment - slightly grunged up with spiky jewellerry and a leather jacket!

OOTD: What I Wore for a Night at the Pub/Local Festival...

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Vintage Levi
Belt: Vintage from Urban Outfitters
Necklace: H&M
Watch: DKNY
Rings: Miss Selfridge and Urban Outfitters
Cuff: Urban Outfitters
Ear cuff: Urban Outfitters

As you can probably tell I went on a bit of a jewellery spree at Urban Outfitters a while ago! I usually wear gold jewellery but decided to experiment and branch out to a bit of silver. I love Urban Outfitters' silver jewellery because at the moment I am loving the more 'distressed metal' look rather than shiny bright silver/gold. You can't really tell from these photo's but the jewellery on my right hand has this look and the rest is more, erm 'shiny' for want of a better word!

I wore my favourite magenta pink shade of lipstick but unfortunately I think it had rubbed off a bit by the time I took these photo's, or you just can't see it that well which is a bit upsetting, I will post a couple of my favourite make up looks soon though!
P.S. Don't know why I look so serious/angry in the last photo!

P.S.S. I have also just joined lookbook, this is my second look :) here is the link (was going to include a 'hype' button but can't figure out how - I'm new to this!)



Shorts - Vintage cut off Levi's
T-shirt - H&;M
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Superga
Earring - Urban Outfitters
Necklaces - Miss Selfridge
Rings - Topshop and Camden Market.
Watch - Timex

This is what I wore to see my boyfriend and walk his dog with him, little bit overdressed perhaps? I love the mix of denim, leather and leopard and this is also quite a 'classic' look for me, a lot of what I am wearing here I would consider as wardrobe must-haves, but I will save these thoughts as I am going to do a post on it soon. I got the Superga's (the shoes) after a long and seemingly never ending debate with myself over whether to get new converse or branch out and go for the more under the radar Superga's. I feel that converse have become, if it's possible, almost 'too popular' now, EVERYONE seems to have them, which - although I'm sure I will have a never ending love for them (having had mine since I was about 11) - it kind of takes the 'shine'? away, if you know what I mean. They just don't feel as cool/special anymore (they felt like this when I was 11, sad I know). I will still wear my good old converse though and will probably get some new ones anyway because at the moment I have white hi-tops, which don't get me wrong, I love, but my feet are slightly out-of-proportionately-large in comparison to the rest of me (clown feet) and I don't think Converse hi tops help with this. So I will get the other ones (low tops?) which I also think are more versatile. I will probably always go for white because I think it goes with everything.

On a more serious note, I think I should get a more casual jacket such as a green military jacket. I am aware this just does not look dog walking appropriate which leads me to wonder what I own which is dog walking appropriate... NOT A LOT. Then again, not owning a dog myself and having only walked my boyfriends dog, well accompanied him while he walked his dog, once in over two years of being together I don't know if it's necessary for me to own a dog-walking-appropriate jacket. Also I was going to buy this one from Urban Outfitters the other month due to the fact I was thinking about getting one anyway and it was in the sale for £20 but I hesitated, disaster struck and it got put back up to it's normal price of £75. FML. So I don't know if it is the right thing to do but I am now refusing to purchase one unless it is as good and as cheap as said jacket.

So I am back to square one with wanting to get out of my leather jacket rut but not knowing which direction to go. I do love leather, I just need variety!