First photo, left to right: Leather jacket - H&M, Denim Jacket - American Eagle, Dark blue cagoule - TK Maxx, red playsuit - Topshop(old), top - Topshop, Playsuit - Miso at Republic, stripey top - Topshop, black floral top - H&M, Cream jumper, bag - Urban Outfitters, Shorts, vintage Levi's, Top - Topshop.

Second photo, left to right: Bag + belts - UO, watch - Timex, black wafarers - abroad somewhere, round sunglasses - H&M, silver spike necklace - H&M, Rings - UO + Miss Selfridge, bangle - UO, gold necklaces - Miss Selfridge, gold ring - Camden Market.

Wellies - Hunter from TK Maxx.

As you can see I'm having difficulty eliminating what not to take to Leeds! I have ended up packing basically all of this, well yeah all of it! And an extra black tee. I am only going for 4/5 days but I have about 8 outfits - what can I say, I like to have options! I don't feel too guilty about this though because a lot of my clothes are light and don't take up much space. In fact the things taking up the most space are my night clothes (leggings, joggers, vest, cardigan and hoody).

 Don't know whether I'll actually wear this jewellery when I'm there but I'll probably take it anyway, looking at this photo I'm thinking it looks a tad excessive? On a different subject I am soo glad I got this bag in time for Leeds, it is the perfect size and I just love it!

Ooh I will also add that my Hunters aren't dirty (well, apart from the obvious brown muddy bits). This is how they were when I bought them. I wore them for the first time and someone said to me 'OOH I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE HAVE HUNTERS AS OLD AND WORN AS MINE!' and pointed at their VERY old VERY worn, pink turned murkey grey wellies. Um no, these are new and meant to look like this for some bizarre reason, can't complain, they were £40 in TK Maxx, and anyway, this look has actually grown on me!x


  1. Have fun a Leeds, I packed far too much last year! Love all your accesories! xo


  2. Ooh such nice things!
    I wish I was going to a festival this year! :(

  3. I never thought to look for Hunters in TK Maxx, what a bargain!! xx

  4. So jel you're going Leeds! Better to pack too much than pack too little aye? That studded bag is gorgeous xxx

  5. Wow,great clothes! ;) Of course we can follow each other. Now I wait for your turn.

  6. Have a fab time at Leeds! The line-up looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing what looks you put together :) no idea TK Maxx would do Hunter wellies! xx

  7. Love all those prints, looks like a great festival wardrobe! x

  8. Ahhh I'm so jealous you are going to Leeds! I have went to the past two years and I loved it. Sadly this year I didn't get tickets!!! But anyway you are guarenteed to have a ball, the hunters are essential! Last year the excess amounts of mud was not a pretty picture. All your items of clothing look lovely though...jealous of all your classic ensembles. Particulary the watch and Urban Outfitters bag! Lovely blog too btw :)

    Gemma x

  9. Have fun at the festival :) I can see so many lovely items in your pictures, you will look awesome!

  10. Ohh you're making me feel like I should have started packing for leeds already... I made a list today of what I need to buy but its mostly a list of food which doesn't help me really!
    So excited though!
    Kaz x

  11. Hey i nominated you for libster on my page sorry if you already did it xx