The majority of this is from Topshop (been browsing the website a tad too much!). The only things which aren't from Topshop are the belt (Hugo Boss), dip-dye top and bag (Urban Outfitters). I was planning on checking out the Topshop sale items but wandered onto the rest of the website as well (woops).

Love this dip-dye jumper, I was  a bit unsure at first but every time I look at it I like it more! I was originally looking for a bright coral knit or something along those lines, but fell in love with these two Topshop ones.

The dip-dye top is from Mango, I saw it in the shop a while ago but they only had it in Large, which I did try on but it was just to big :(. It is also sold out in all but XL online so if anyone wants to sell me a small I'd be very happy!

I have wanted leather shorts for a while, I like these Topshop ones but may look around for some cheaper versions. I have seen some good H&M ones on peoples blogs so might check there.

The skirt really caught my eye but don't know what it would look like in real life. I would definitely have to try this on, it's one of those things which could possibly look a bit frumpy.

LOVE these boots, don't know what else I can say really, just want to own them!

This Urban Outfitters bag seems pretty ideal, I have been looking for an appropriate small(ish) black bag to replace my really really really old Topshop heart shaped one for a while and this seems to fit the bill. It looks expensive (from this image, I haven't seen it in person), and also converts to a clutch which is always a plus! (it has an over the shoulder strap which you can see on the other photo's).

I've wanted leopard print shorts/skirt ever since seeing someone wearing them with a black top in the 'street style' section of a magazine, sounds simple but it really caught my eye and I loved the outfit! I did buy a leopard skirt before though and ended up taking it back because I didn't think it was very versatile/thought it might look a bit cheap but I've definitely changed my mind!

Collar tips - I've wanted some for a while and these are my favourites although they are quite expensive so I might check Ebay. I just think they'll be perfect for updating a few different pieces of clothing without splashing out too much (well, if I don't get these ones).

These shorts caught my eye, I like the colour and thought they looked expensive but my boyfriend didn't seem too keen, man repellers? Or just plain ugly? Not that I tend to take his advice anyway, dread to think what I'd be wearing if I did!

Never really considered getting a black jumper but I really like the way this has a wide(?) knit, I imagine it would look great with a white tee underneath, nice jewellery and a pop of bright nail varnish.

I've wanted this hand chain for aages, but again, may turn to Ebay to look for something similar because I can't bear to splash out so much on it in these tough times!


  1. I am so in love with most of these items!
    Particularly the lace skirt! :)

  2. Love the outfit choices gun,

    I'm doing a Ysl ring giveaway on my blog. Follow if you like x

  3. The white lace skirt is lovely!


  4. I'm eyeing off that tye dye jumper too! Love it!


    1. It's so pretty! I'm not supposed to be spending but am going to the shops tomorrow and definitely think this may tempt me! Let's hope it's not there!x