Clinique Superbalanced foundation - £17
Smashbox Photo Finish primer - £25
Simple Light moisturiser - £2
Bronzer from Boyes - £1.99
W7 Blusher - £1.99
Rimmel brown eyeliner - £2.00
Bourjois brown eyeshadow duo pallette (for eyebrows too) - £5.41
 No7 Intense Volume Mascara - £4.00?
Rimmel concealer - £4.50
No7 Lipstick in Pink Crush - £7
Total = £70.89
I don't spend that much when it comes to makeup, in fact I try to be as cheap as possible unless it is a gift, which the foundation, primer, lipstick and eyeshadow were. When people ask me what I want for my birthday/Christmas I will do some research on some cult beauty products and ask for these. When I am buying for myself I don't splash out too much, I don't know if there is that much difference between cheap and expensive products? But I always take the risk with cheap so I can buy more clothes! Let me know your opinion on expensive vs cheap beauty products and what your favourites are!x


  1. I'm definitely the same, prefer clothes to make up! But lately I've been trying to splash out on both which is a bit dangerous haha. I think the occasional high-end product is a nice treat though :)
    Love your blusher and lipstick! xx

  2. I think I'm probably more of a clothes buyer than make-up products too, although my interest in beauty is definitely growing! I've got a Clinique foundation too at the moment and have been pretty impressed :) xx

  3. Your skin looks really nice and glowing! might have to give the smashbox primer a go as i've not purchased anything from there before! xx

  4. love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  5. Haha, I'll have to do one of these! Looks fun and interesting to calculate how much (in money) I put on my face every day.

    x Michelle |

  6. Interesting post, and such a lovely blog x

  7. i've been looking for a really good mascara and tried both expensive and no expensive, and the cheaper one is actually better!

  8. i dread to think how much my face fave primer is £55 alone! xx

  9. I'd definitely rather save on make up so I can spend on clothes! I tend to think there's probably not a whole lot of difference between cheap & expensive products anyway. The only thing I do splash out a bit on is Bobbi Brown foundation, just because I think my skin/face is the thing I'm most concerned about looking good and I find some cheaper ones can go a bit cakey or feel really heavy x

  10. This is such a cute blog, I love you style Sophie :)

    I have just started blogging and am always looking for new blogs to read -
    get in touch!

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  12. you look like a doll! cute :)

  13. I think I may have to give this a try!
    Really like your blog :).

    Charlotte Xx

  14. Great post :) for me, I only tend to splurge on foundations and mascaras.. they're the most important part of makeup in my opinion!


  15. amazing blog! keep posting! would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?

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  17. I went through random phases where I was really into high quality make up and now I can't believe how expensive my face is when I put on make up sometimes! That top knot looks great on you by the way and I love your ear jewelry :)