Boots - £20 Primark
Crop top - £7 Asos
Disco Pants - Asos £30(?)

I've been spending lately, woops. Not a lot though, I think these are all quite good bargains anyway. I've wanted some shoe boots for ages because the only heels I really have that I wear are my flatforms and I sometimes think they're a bit innapropriate and don't go with everything (I still love them though!). As for the crop top I got it to go with a skirt which I've had for a while but haven't really thought of anything else to wear it with yet. And the disco pants! I've only posted a photo of the bum because I've just done this post featuring them, but I neglected to include a photo of the back. As I said in the other post, I like the pockets on these and I like that they're a bit less shiny than the originals.


  1. The boots look amazing!:)
    xoxo Maria

  2. I love this post and your blog! I'd love you to enter my prize giveaway! Keep in touch, B xx

  3. Those boots look really good for Primark! Looking forward to seeing what you team them with in outfit posts. I really want some disco pants :) xx

    1. Thanks! I've already worn them with a dress from UO, I actually really liked the combination but forgot to take a photo! Might have to shove it all on again x

  4. Those boots are gorgeous! x

  5. you did some good shopping, we love it!!


  6. lovely boots!

    Jenny /

  7. The boots are awesome and the pants look super cute too.
    Spending isn't soooooooo bad ;)

  8. top is so nice *.* i'm your new member xx


  9. Great purchases! Cool boots, and the disco pants are to die for! You have a nice blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


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  10. I love those boots :)
    awesome post!

  11. Wow, great post! I love the boots! :3

  12. I have them boots :) they are so comfortable aswell! i have now seen them in a deep red that i want!

    I love your blog and have also nominated you for the liebster blog award :)
    Follow this link

    Eve x

  13. love love those boots :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae