Trousers - £10
Scarf - £16

I was walking past Urban Outfitters on my way home from the bus stop when I noticed there was a HUUGE queue outside, so when I realised this was because there was 20% student discount, obviously I had to go in. This is on today from 3:00-8pm just to let you know!
I ended up buying these cullotte style trousers, even though I've never really been a massive fan of this style?! Really like the pattern though and they fall quite nicely, more like a maxi skirt really (but shorter). I imagine they'd look nice with converse, a tee and a leather jacket, and I have wanted trousers for a while, but skinny ones so they don't exactly fit that bill... But anyway that is my excuse! As for the scarf I have wanted one for quite a while in this style so no guilt here! Altogether with the discount I only spent £21.80!

My wish list at the moment is rather long and neither of the above were very high on it, but hey ho.
It is something like this:
-White shirt
-Flat boots
-Patterned shirt


  1. The scarf is gorgeous! wish I lived closer to an Urban Outfitters. Although my bank balance would hate it haha.xx

  2. Love that scarf!!


  3. I have a tribal print scarf that looks a bit like that, it goes with just about everything; can't wait to see how you style it :)


  4. Love both the trousers and scarf! My city was doing a student shopping discount night last night too (went a little bit over-board in Boots!) looking forward to seeing how you style both items! xx

  5. It really is hard to pass up a sale at UO!!! They keep sending me emails lately and telling me that there are big sales going on right now so I've been avoiding areas that have UO stores like the plague so I don't get sucked in!

  6. They're pants?! Okay they just got 1000 times more awesome.
    Love it <3

    The Lovelorn

  7. Bargain! great items. i need to go shopping!! x