Jeans - £40, Topshop.
Jumper - H&M (cheapish, can't remember)
boots - River Island (old)
Watch - Marc Jacobs, £200ish
Hat - a hat shop in durham, £12.
Ring - Camden Market, £6.
Ring chain thing - Topshop sale, think about £5.
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins sale, £5ish also.
Bag - Christmas present (from some shop in Italy).
Scarf - Urban Outfitters, £16
Jacket - Topshop, old.

Didn't realise I was wearing so much until I came to writing the above list! I wore this to go shopping, or 'returning' even. I say returning because I have bought so much in the sales, with the notion that I'd decide what I wanted to keep at a later date, but unfortunately (for my bank account) it has been very difficult to decide and as it turns out I am not taking that much back.

I'd just like to point out that the jeans I am wearing are supposed to be blue although they are very dark! I'm hoping they'll fade when washed...



Top - Topshop sale - £25
Skirt - Topshop - £38
Boots - River Island, old.
Watch - DKNY
Bracelet and ring - UO

Hope you had a great Christmas!


Uni is going so fast, I am already half way through my degree! Which is both upsetting, exciting and scary, I'm feeling quite nostalgic looking through these photo's, definitely going to miss it when it's over and I have to enter the real world. I've been researching possible jobs because I want to get some work experience before I graduate, I think I'd definitely like to do something in fashion but not sure exactly what. I have looked at marketing, advertinsing, pr and journalism but obviously the latter is very difficult to get into, so although I have wanted to work for a magazine for years I'm just not sure how to go about it and whether it is a sensible choice. Anyone out there know how interns afford to live in london?!
Let me know what your aims are or any thoughts you have on this!


Jumper - £14.99, TK Maxx
Jeans - £40, Topshop
Boots - £12, River Island (sale, old)
Necklace - H&M old.
Coat - £75, To-pshop

I have finally splashed out on a coat! I am normally a jacket person, and have never really felt the need for a coat anyway because I drive everywhere so am rarely outside for long. However I have caved and bought one this year because Newcastle has surpassed itself in the freezing stakes. Could not cope at uni without this beautiful fur lined camo jacket! Seriously it is the warmest thing I've ever worn, definitely beats faux fur.
I have also recently bought these jeans from Topshop, they are exactly what I was looking for - high waisted, skinny and off-black. Now all I need is some blue versions, unfortunately all of which I've seen so far seem really dark, as in almost black?! Please don't fail me Topshop. :(
And finally the jumper is also a new purchase, it is a medium so a bit too big for me but I'm hoping it looks like it is supposed to be oversized... Anyway I thought this was a bargain!
Hope you're all having a good Christmas, I'm finally finished work/uni (until boxing day waa). At least I'll have some money to spend in the sales though!


red aztec shirt - £30, Urban Outfitters.
 blue shirt - £32,Urban Outfitters.
black midi skirt - £20 Topshop
black leather belt - £9, Asos
Fake leather skirt -£26, Topshop
Spike Necklace - £18, Urban Outfitters
There are so many things I want at the moment! I love patterned shirts but don't actually have any :( however I tried on a vintage one from the Urban Outfitters sale and although it was huge (not kidding, the sleeves had to be rolled up A LOT), I really liked the look of it with high waisted jeans/disco pants. I couldn't find the vintage ones online but came across these when I was looking which are triple the price (it was £10) but so nice! I especially like the idea of the red one, so eye-catching! I also came across a full length jersey skirt in the UO sale but didn't have time to try it on because the shop was shutting and now it isn't there, So upsetting! I have found this black one from Topshop which obviously isn't full length but I still like it, and my shortness probably means it will be full length on me anyway. As for the leather skirt,belt and necklace... I have seen people wearing leather (or pleather) skirts casually during the day and really like the look, they seem so adaptable. Still want a black belt, have always wanted a black belt, must buy a black belt. Aaand my gold spike necklace broke and I am missing it a lot, I think this one looks really cool though and would look nice with a shirt!

Ooh almost missed out these two:

Fur cossack hat - £12.50, Asos.
Hair band - £10, Topshop