red aztec shirt - £30, Urban Outfitters.
 blue shirt - £32,Urban Outfitters.
black midi skirt - £20 Topshop
black leather belt - £9, Asos
Fake leather skirt -£26, Topshop
Spike Necklace - £18, Urban Outfitters
There are so many things I want at the moment! I love patterned shirts but don't actually have any :( however I tried on a vintage one from the Urban Outfitters sale and although it was huge (not kidding, the sleeves had to be rolled up A LOT), I really liked the look of it with high waisted jeans/disco pants. I couldn't find the vintage ones online but came across these when I was looking which are triple the price (it was £10) but so nice! I especially like the idea of the red one, so eye-catching! I also came across a full length jersey skirt in the UO sale but didn't have time to try it on because the shop was shutting and now it isn't there, So upsetting! I have found this black one from Topshop which obviously isn't full length but I still like it, and my shortness probably means it will be full length on me anyway. As for the leather skirt,belt and necklace... I have seen people wearing leather (or pleather) skirts casually during the day and really like the look, they seem so adaptable. Still want a black belt, have always wanted a black belt, must buy a black belt. Aaand my gold spike necklace broke and I am missing it a lot, I think this one looks really cool though and would look nice with a shirt!

Ooh almost missed out these two:

Fur cossack hat - £12.50, Asos.
Hair band - £10, Topshop


  1. Great picks! Love the red aztec shirt :) think it would go pretty well with the leather skirt! The girl wearing the blue shirt went to the same high school as me- its weird seeing her when I look on the UO website! xx

  2. really like the hair band from topshop xx