Jumper - £14.99, TK Maxx
Jeans - £40, Topshop
Boots - £12, River Island (sale, old)
Necklace - H&M old.
Coat - £75, To-pshop

I have finally splashed out on a coat! I am normally a jacket person, and have never really felt the need for a coat anyway because I drive everywhere so am rarely outside for long. However I have caved and bought one this year because Newcastle has surpassed itself in the freezing stakes. Could not cope at uni without this beautiful fur lined camo jacket! Seriously it is the warmest thing I've ever worn, definitely beats faux fur.
I have also recently bought these jeans from Topshop, they are exactly what I was looking for - high waisted, skinny and off-black. Now all I need is some blue versions, unfortunately all of which I've seen so far seem really dark, as in almost black?! Please don't fail me Topshop. :(
And finally the jumper is also a new purchase, it is a medium so a bit too big for me but I'm hoping it looks like it is supposed to be oversized... Anyway I thought this was a bargain!
Hope you're all having a good Christmas, I'm finally finished work/uni (until boxing day waa). At least I'll have some money to spend in the sales though!

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  1. ohh, i like your jumper a lot;}nice pop of colour:}x