Shoes - Asos
Pini - Topshop
Jumper - Topshop
Nail Varnish - Topshop
Heels - New Look
Backpack - Motel
Watch - Casio

I'm loving iridescent colours lately as you may be able to tell. I also love black acid wash denim and in the form of dungarees/pini's I think it is so nice. I Need a Topshop fluffy jumper, I think this is no. 1 on my wish list. I like this pink one but don't know whether I should get one in black because it would be more practical, in that it would go with more. 


Skirt: Topshop
Grey check dress: Asos
Blue tartan dress: Topshop
Grey pini: Asos
Smock: Asos (obviously!)
Tartan pencil skirt #2: Asos

This wish list is completely devoted to the check print because I need something in this print! It has a great Autumn/Winter vibe. I've got the typical checky shirt which most of us probably have, stashed at the back of our wardrobes somewhere. As well as re-wearing this for A/W I want some check print in one of the many new forms I have seen around, pini's, dungarees, trousers, pencil skirts, and the more obvious dresses. I have in fact just ordered the Asos pencil skirt from this post because it is reduced to £6.50! I'm a bit unsure about the 'wasp waist' but I'm hoping I will like it when it arrives because it will be such a bargain. I can imagine it can be easily dressed up (heels and a crop) and dressed down (boots and leather jacket).


Hat: Topshop
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Deep Vintage Newcastle (Levi's)
Sandals: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Topshop
Bracelets: Urban Outfitters and Ebay
Rings: H&M
Watch: Timex

So I've worn this top in a few previous posts including here and here. I really think stripey tops are a classic style and everyone should own at least one, stripes are in fashion at least one season each year it seems. I know it is really old but it is back in stock so if you like it you can still get it. I haven't worn my hat on many occasions so far because frankly I'm scared. Having never really worn a 'proper' (as in, not woolly/straw) hat before it is hard to get used to and I am very conscious of it, however I do love the look of it and think (or hope) it makes a statement in a good way.


Dress: Topshop
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Topshop
Jacket: H&m
Bag: Topshop

Hey! I've just got back from a mini-cruise to Amsterdam, I've never slept on a boat before but it was definitely an experience! ! I either have sea sickness which only shows at certain times or I was poisoned by raw fish... Or I guess I could have ate/drank too much. Hmm. Anyway, Amsterdam itself was soo pretty, and cute (in its own seedy little way). Yes I visited the red light district, more quaint than I imagined! There were tiny little streets with very old fashioned looking red lights, and very intimidating looking women. Anyway, the outfit above is one of my favourites, I think I need to buy more dresses because I just love the combination of chunky boots/jacket/dress, I'm hoping to get one or two from motel because there's 25% student discount and £10 off as well at the moment, so might as well make the most of it. The Topshop Arabel2 boots are a new purchase, I originally bought the river island chunky, cut-out boots but being petite they were a tad too chunky and I can too with the heel that the Arabel2's provide.

P.s. impulsively decided to dye my hair darker (Garnier Herbashine, medium brown 500) this translates to black. Or at least the front sections are black, the rest may pass as medium brown (my mum is a pro hair-dyer). This is why I have it up in all these photos, I look like a witch with it down.

Here are some Amsterdam snaps:


Top: Asos
Disco pants: American Apparel
Necklace: H&M
Rings: H&M
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Topshop
Jacket: Levi via Ebay
Bag: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

I haven't genuinely participated in Come Dine With Me unfortunately. My friend cooked us dinner, no one cooked in return and we only kind of rated her. So nothing remotely like CDWM really, we didn't even have number cards. However it was exciting regardless, she cooked up an amazing parmo with homemade chips which is always an exciting eating experience for a Teessider.



Had a lovely couple of days in London seeing Iron Maiden and doing touristy things!  I have since decided I want to live in Camden...