Jumpsuit: Missguided
Dress: Missguided
Skirt: Missguided
Heels: Boohoo
Top: Asos
Hat: Asos
I have recently discovered Missguided and gone a bit crazy with it! It was one of those online stores I would forget about, or not want to buy stuff from it because of delivery/returns costs etc. Luckily I have loved everything I have ordered so far. The jumpsuit, as I mentioned in my previous post, was £24.99 and I actually prefer it to the £48 Topshop one, mainly because it is made of a thinner, more silky material which just seems to suit me better, I am small but curvy and the thick material of the Topshop one seemed to make my hips look wide.
I also love this velvet dress, it is such a nice A/W colour and the shape is so pretty, you can't tell as much when it's on the hanger so I have included a photo from the night I wore it below.
As for my Asos purchases, I got them when there was 25% off, Asos frequently do these discount things and I am an absolute sucker for them. I knew it ended at 8am, so when my boyfriend got up for work at 7:45, I decided to buy things using my phone, without leaving bed, and therefore in a state of 90% sleep. I went back to sleep and when I woke up I wasn't even 100% sure I hadn't dreamt buying them, so I was very excited when they arrived.
To be fair I had wanted this top for a while, since seeing it in the Asos magazine. I thought it looked really All Saints-esque (the shop not the band!) and I absolutely loved the deep V at the back. The woolly hat is actually really similar to a Topshop one I wanted, which is £14, this one is £10 so I thought I'd try it. Unfortunately it is not the same. The reason I liked the Topshop one was because it was really thick which I seem to suit more, I feel like tight hats make me look egg-like. Anyway, I'm thinking I might return this one for that reason.




Christmas Day

This is an idea of the type of thing I think I am going to wear on Christmas day. Christmas day is always a little bit awkward because you have to combine comfort with warmth and looking a bit more dressy than usual, but not too dressy. I have recently bought a Missguided jumpsuit, which was an absolute bargain at £24.99 - it is pretty similar to the £48 Topshop one, I have a post on recently purchased items coming up and it will feature in this.

Anyway, getting back to the point, I think the jumpsuit with a chunky or fluffy grey jumper is the direction I am going to go in. I am loving gemstones at the moment as well, I think they provide the perfect splash of colour in monochrome outfits such as this, and I love purple and turquoise together, they also tie in really well with my favourite lipstick (MAC Rebel).