Christmas Day

This is an idea of the type of thing I think I am going to wear on Christmas day. Christmas day is always a little bit awkward because you have to combine comfort with warmth and looking a bit more dressy than usual, but not too dressy. I have recently bought a Missguided jumpsuit, which was an absolute bargain at £24.99 - it is pretty similar to the £48 Topshop one, I have a post on recently purchased items coming up and it will feature in this.

Anyway, getting back to the point, I think the jumpsuit with a chunky or fluffy grey jumper is the direction I am going to go in. I am loving gemstones at the moment as well, I think they provide the perfect splash of colour in monochrome outfits such as this, and I love purple and turquoise together, they also tie in really well with my favourite lipstick (MAC Rebel).



  1. Love this outfit! I'm at work on Christmas Day so no doubt I'll be dressed as Santa or something ha

  2. This is seriously the perfect winter outfit, would look gorgeous on christmas day!

  3. This outfit is gorgeous! I wish I was able to plan mine - I'm also working Christmas Day. Sucks to be poor.