Holiday Outfits #2 (far less white crop top repetition)

Outfit #1
Black cami - Primark
Short red skirt - Topshop
Black heels - New Look
Silver bag - Asos
Necklace - Topshop
Rings - Topshop, markets, H&M.
Outfit #2
Crop top - Missguided
Skort - Primark
Sunglasses - H&M
Sandals - Asos
Necklace - Dixi
Outfit #3
Skirt - Primark
Top - Missguided
Heels - New Look
Outfit #4
Shorts - Ark
Top - Asos
Necklace - Topshop
Outfit #5
Top - Missguided
Shorts - Vintage Levi, from Deep (Newcastle and Middlesbrough)
Kimono - Primark
As you can see I have had a bit of a Primark spree. I find Primark really weird. My relationship with the store is somewhat bipolar, honestly there is no other way to describe it. Sometimes I walk through the doors and want to die, other times so many things catch my eye that I could stay until either hunger or  my bladder forces me to leave. This is what happened last time I ventured there, and it resulted in a lot of the above clothes.
For a start, one of the best purchases has got to be the maxi skirt, my flatmate got it first and it really caught my eye. I wasn't planning on copying, honestly, but when I saw a lonely size 8 waiting to be loved (and the price tag - £8!) I just couldn't resist. So many people complimented me on it and asked where it was from, I probably should have lied and said some vintage boutique to make myself sound more mysterious and cool, but I was far too proud of the bargain price to keep it to myself.
The kimono is another favourite, in fact it may trump the skirt because it saved me about £30. I bought one of Topshop's lovely yet extremely overpriced versions, only to come across this and immediately have to go through the returns process.

There were so many other things I wanted to buy but either couldn't carry or they weren't in my size. So the moral of this blog post is; go to Primark asap before it gets crap again.

OOTD: Holiday Outfits #1

White crop: Asos
Kimono: was a blouse, TK Maxx
Bag: Asos
White sandals: Asos
Black heels: New Look
Leather shorts: Arc
Rings: Dixi and H&M
Necklaces: Dixi, Topshop and River Island
Lipstick: Mac Rebel
Leopard shorts: Primark
Blue shorts: Topshop
I am back from my blogging hiatus. It is fair to say I have taken a significant break on the blogging front, apologies to those of you that actually read this! I have been finishing my degree and trying to savour the last few weeks of Uni, which I have been feeling somewhat emotional about. Although I am really happy to have my degree under my belt, the idea of the end of three years of living in the best city in the north (woo Newcastle) with some of the best friends I could have wished for is making me very sentimental and emotionally unstable. Uni life is so crazy and unpredictable, you make the closest friendships and learn so much, I would genuinely recommend it to anyone. You also get to put off full time work/real life for an extra three years which is another obvious plus.
Anyway, I am going to stop this sentimentality before I end up crying my makeup off and depressing people. I have just got back from Majorca where I took A LOT of outfit photos, I thought it would be a nice post to restart blogging with. We went to a place called Paguera near Palma, the resort itself wasn't amazing but our hotel definitely was, and it was all inclusive so we basically never left. We did however make it to Palma one day which is just the prettiest city ever, this and the designer shops have resulted in me developing a desire to live there. I took a few photos for instagram, if you are at all bothered about seeing them my ig name is sophiespaldin - creative I know.
I obviously have way more outfits but will put them in another post so it doesn't look silly.