July Wish List

1. New Look, 2. Asos, 3. Asos, 4. Topshop, 5. Topshop, 6. Asos, 7. Topshop, 8. Topshop, 9. Asos, 10. Topshop, 11. Nike, 12. Topshop, 13. New Look, 14. Asos, 15. New Look

As you can probably tell, I want new shoes. I am loving mules at the moment, as well as pointed boots, and flats... And heels. I am also considering jumping on the chunky slider bandwagon, although I have some of Asos' Feodore sliders (these), I don't feel like they are appropriate for general day wear, perfect as a flip flop replacement, but not high quality enough for much else. Not that I am complaining, they were cheap enough! I love the texture and edgy look of these sliders though, they really caught my eye. 

Chunky knits and roll necks are an Autumn/Winter trend that I definitely want to be involved in, if only because I hate being cold. I really like New Look's offerings, the cropped roll neck looks really Zara-esque and the orange chunky knit is just so bright, I love it.

A large rectangular clutch has been on my wish list for a while, ever since seeing someone don the Michael Kors version in Look magazine's street style pages. As has a new backpack, I have a nice leather Topshop one that I used for uni but it is a bit too big for normal daywear and I really like the structured and drawstring styles.

I also want some trainers, I have for such a ridiculously long time, but I haven't yet been able to justify the expense. Why are they all £70 plus?!  

Doubt I will be able to afford any of the above, but one can dream!


Photos courtesy of instyle.com, alexanderwang.com, dailymail.co.uk and julesb.co.uk

Thought I'd share some Alexander Wang love, he is speedily becoming the most distinctive designer out there. His new collections are so on point, somehow he gets it right every time. Wang's pieces have that extra bit of attitude and edge that I find so appealing in clothes, his pointed boots for example; if only they were in my budget. I think the reason for his appeal is that he sticks by his own distinctive personal style and adapts new trends to this, rather than the other way around, I feel his opinion of what he likes comes first. 
So this is why I love Alexander Wang.

Oh and obviously:
(Wang's niece Aila - possibly the cutest thing ever)

OOTD: Duster Bluster

Duster Jacket: Monki via Asos
Cami: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Topshop (old)
Rings: H&M/Dixi
Necklaces: Dixi

For some reason, unknown to even myself, I decided to attempt some outdoor photos on this highly windy Friday afternoon. I think outdoor photos look better and generally more professional than indoor ones, but alas, if you see some of the beauts that I did not include in this post you may well disagree. They consist of me scrunching my face up whilst my hair appears to be being blown off my head, attractive I know.

So anyway, this is what I wore for my lunch date today, the English weather, unpredictable as usual, was sunny and calm one minute, rainy and windy the next, so deciding what to wear had to be tactical. I went for the warmth of this long duster jacket because I am a wimp who would rather eat raw celery sticks (ew) than sit in a chilly environment. These boots are also pretty acceptable for most weather situations, simply because they are so confusing, they are boots (an item designed for keeping feet protected in wintery, snowy and wet weather) and yet they have a cut out, which, as beautiful as it is, counteracts their practicality in winter. This means you can wear boots in summer and if someone says omg you are wearing boots in summer how ridiculous, you can point out that they very clearly summer boots obv.

OOTD: New Jacket!

Silk Jacket: Deep
Jeans: Topshop
Sandals: Asos
Crop top: Asos
Necklace: Dixi
Watch: Casio
Rings: Dixi and H&M
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters

Looking moody as usual in my outfit snaps! I haven't done a proper 'What I wore today' post in quite a while but this jacket was really calling out for it. I love patterns, colours and kimono type garments so I fell in love with this jacket straight away! It is from a cute little vintage shop called Deep, which also means that not everyone will own one, to me this makes it even more appealing. I love Topshop but you can never get something unique there, let's be honest.

I am hoping the weather stays this nice so I have a chance to wear outfits like this, I'm loving the white trend but these jeans and sandals do not mix well with rain and mud! I found this out the hard way when I wore the jeans to an, unfortunately more muddy than I anticipated, Sonisphere festival. Luckily my mother was on hand with her well practiced cleaning skills when we arrived home.

p.s. I have joined Lookbook.nu

New Season Wish List!

Red maxi dress - Asos
Navy trousers - Saks Fifth Avenue
Red mini dress - Nasty Gal
White sheer smock - Asos
Folk embellished tee - Topshop
Backpack - Topshop
Mules - Next
Sunglasses - Asos
Boots - Topshop

There are so many things on my wish list at the moment, in all honesty this is simply a snapshot. Red was a prominent colour in the Autumn/Winter 2014 collections which made me realise that I never buy clothes in this colour... I do like it so I am not entirely sure why I don't own anything red. Perhaps I feel it is too bold for me or doesn't suit me, either way I am now full on lusting after a red dress. I think there is something sophisticated, elegant, and yes, bold, about a red dress. It is always eye catching and stylish whether it is in fashion or not. 
I love this Topshop tee, I think it would look great worn with jeans, boots and a leather jacket or gilet. Folk is also a massive A/W trend so this is a great excuse to invest now!