OOTD: Silk Trousers & Duster

Trousers: Deep (vintage shop in Middlesbrough)
Crop top: Asos
Duster jacket: Monki via Asos
 Mules: Primark
Jewellery: Dixi & H&M

I am beginning to get a tad sick of jeans and develop an appreciation for the trouser. Unfortunately I am finding it so difficult to find styles that suit me, and although these pajama style ones barely do, I could not resist buying them because I love navy and white and I love that they are cropped and a tiny bit wide. They are kind of leaning towards cullottes but a lot more flattering on a midget like me!

They were a tad difficult to style, what with being navy and everything else I own being black, however I have recently developed a girl crush on Megan Ellaby and her navy and black post has assured me the combination is more than acceptable.

Leeds Festival '14

Hat: Topshop
Jacket: Deep (Vintage shop in Middlesbrough/Newcastle/York)
Top: Missguided
Shorts: Vintage levi's, also from Deep
Wellies: Hunter Originals
 Bag: Asos
Sunglasses: H&M (old)
Rings: Markets/H&M
Scrunchie: Asda

This year I got last minute tickets to Leeds Festival. I originally wasn't sure whether I could make it since I was contemplating going travelling, however, since I got my internship I decided to stay in sunny England. So when Leeds Festival was an option I thought, why not? And I am so glad because for me it was one of the best line ups in years.

I was taken back to my youth with Blink 182 whilst Paramore outdid everyone in terms of putting on a good show. Hats off to Ellie who got plucked out from the crowd by Hayley to do a solo. We also saw Deaf Havana, Vampire Weekend, The Kooks, Queens of the Stone Age, Macklemore & Mallory Knox. 

p.s. Look at Simon trying to emulate the tent... His style icon is a bloody four man tent. Someone save me.

OOTD: Family BBQ

 Cardigan: Primark
Crop: Asos
Skirt: Topshop
Mules: Primark
Necklace: Topshop
Bag: Asos
Rings: Dixi & H&M

Wore this a couple of days ago when the sun was actually warming the earth. I realise the photo's are kind of weird, my boyfriend took them and for some reason has excluded my head from the majority... Quite offensive really. Although I did have a horrible spot on my forehead so it was probably just expert thinking on his part.

I am going to Leeds fest this weekend so let me know if you have any festival style posts, could do with some inspo! Although I already have an over packed case, woops. I realise you aren't even supposed to take cases to festivals but I've done it for years and not yet figured out why. It rolls - it is so much easier than lifting a bag!?

OOTD: White Blazer + Jeans

 Blazer: Primark, Jeans: Topshop (old), Bag: Topshop, Mules: Primark, Top: Primark, Necklace: Dixi

This is what I wore for basically a casual weekend day, visiting family etc and going for lunch with my boyfriend etc, perhaps it is a bit dressy but I am definitely the type to over rather than under dress at every opportunity.

I am wearing the same clothes over and over again, I know, but I am so obsessed with this blazer, and I think it looks really nice over a plain jeans type outfit as well as patterned stuff. I am also loving the mules with jeans combination. 

Can't believe how much of this outfit is Primark, this is very rare for me, but lately it has just been so good. I am having major regrets over not buying the shoes I mentioned in my previous post, they were about £6 and I've seen them in other shops for way, way more. What was I thinking? I am pretty sure they will only be available in size 8 when I go back  because this always seem to be the case with Primark. Someone needs to re-asses how many of us girls actually have size 8/9 feet, you're definitely overestimating Primy! More fives plz.


Normcore Trend Wish List

Crop - Topshop
Ripped jeans - Topshop (£25 in the sale!)
Trainers - Adidas Gazelles
Choker - Ebay, only £3!
Blazer - Topshop
Sports bra - Nike
Trainers - Nike Air Max Thea
Drawstring trousers - Zara

The most prevalent trend I have noticed lately is definitely Nineties Normcore. As far as I am aware it is basically a hipster-ish trend that came about in the nineties and involves everything bland, labelled and normal: trainers, sportswear, suits in muted tones, faded denim etc etc. 

I have enjoyed the nineties trend so I'm not complaining. But on the other hand I am not a trainer or tracksuit person, so although I think they look cool on other people if I bought them myself they run the risk of being left to gather dust at the back of my wardrobe. Do I do it?

My favourite item on this list is definitely the drawstring trousers, they manage to pull off sporty whilst maintaining a certain level of smart, probably the epitome of sports luxe?

OOTD: Date Night Duster

date night outfit fashion blogger

black duster jacket evening fashion blogger

Leather trousers fashion blogger

New Look floral co-ord street style fashion blogger
Top: New Look
Trousers: H&M
Heels: Dorothy Perkins
Duster: Monki via Asos

I am repeating the same clothes so much lately, but I am just loving this top (part of the co-ord in my previous post). I am a big lover of prints and this one seems so modern due to the large pattern and boxy shape and it is mega easy to wear due to the almost monochrome colour pallette. 

I bought these leather trousers from H&M years ago for probably around £20 and they have been so worth it. They are easy to style and I think they are a staple that will always be on trend. Plus these versions are quite good I think, they actually look kind of expensive and have a nice little zip detail at the ankles, claps for H&M.

I realise the photos are terrible quality, my dad failed at his photography duties on this occasion.

Officially Boarded the Co-ord Bandwagon

new look floral co-ord street style fashion blogger

co-ord street style fashion blogger

topshop leather backpack street style outfit fashion blogger

topshop long white blazer street style outfit fashion blogger
Blazer: Primark
Co-ord: New Look
Mules: Primark
Backpack: Topshop (old)

I never know how many photos to include in a post, this seems a teeny bit OTT and vain but on the other hand I personally love it when bloggers include copious amounts of photos of the same situation, so lets roll with it, I know you want to see those mules from every angle.

I am actually obsessed with them, I'm not going to lie, I think I have pretty much worn them every day since the happy, happy day of purchase. They have the added benefit of allowing my white nail varnish to peep through which makes me doubly happy because this is my second major obsession of the moment.

Hope you enjoy the last photo, I'm not sure what is going on. It looks like I can't manage to balance on my own feet, which, as someone who knows oneself quite well, I do believe may well be the case.

p.s. has anyone else had an issue with Photoshop where you re-size a photo, save it, then open it in blogger to find it is most definitely not that size?! For some reason the program has decided to do this to me today which has drove me a minimal amount of insane.

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OOTD Neon Weekend Dressing

Top: New Look
Jeans: Topshop Leah
Sandals: Asos
Bag: Topshop
Necklace: Topshop
Rings: Dixi & H&M

Not too sure of this outfit anymore... I am definitely favouring monochrome these days - never thought I'd be that person as I've always loved colour! I would have preferred this with a white bag to tie in with the sandals, the black bag seems a bit misplaced. Unfortunately I don't have a white bag... Yet. This may well be my next purchase.

Anyway if nothing else, this post features a lovely photograph of Hartlepool marina, enjoy!

Primark & New Look Haul

new look floral co-ord fashion blogger
New look floral skort co-ord
White longline blazer primark fashion blogger
long grey cardigan primark
floral blouse primark fashion blog
floral blouse primark fashion blog
Co-ord: New Look, everything else Primark!

I haven't been shopping in an age due to lack of funds, but I simply could not hold off any longer. I got to the point where I felt like I might explode if I didn't buy new clothes, so for health reasons I decided it would be wise just to do it.

 I bought a lot more than I originally planned, my plan was to look around, not really buy anything, then in a week or so if I still wanted a couple of items I had seen I would allow myself to buy them... Unfortunately, Primark was just too good. They have certainly upped their shoe game for one, how much to these mules look like copies of the Topshop ones I featured in this wish list post?! They also had some quality-looking, chunky soled, slip-on plimsolls which I definitely should have bought... Regrets. 

On top of this, the white longline blazer is something I have wanted forever, New Look did a really nice version but it was NEVER in store in my size. Then I purchased the Missguided over-sized white blazer but I had to return that - I need to learn that I am too small to pull off anything 'over-sized' or 'boyfriend', cry. So when I found out Primark did this for a whopping £17 (top price bracket for Primy), I could not resist.

The New Look Co-ord (yep I'm finally on the bandwagon) was an inadvertent purchase, honestly. What happened was, I returned a top which, apparently, was in the sale so I could only get a credit note. I thought fair enough, I'm bound to buy something from NL in the future. The New Look credit note, however, is in flimsy receipt paper form. New Look are actually terrible for this. So rather than worrying for the next few months about accidentally throwing the credit note out along with my receipts, I thought I'd better just buy something there and then, so tactical of you New Look. In the end I came out of New Look £17 down rather than £12.99 up as I had originally hoped. Luckily I am happy with this purchase, I have wanted a co-ord for ages but have found finding one I like, with both pieces in my size, a nigh on impossible task.

I might have to return the floral shirt. I promised myself I would not purchase any more floral, as you can see I have failed miserably. It is just so pretty I couldn't resist. 

Post-Uni Life (Via Instagram)

I compiled this post a while ago but didn't click publish for some reason, silly me. So if you want to see even more recent posts there are tons on my instagram now (@sophiespaldin) not that you do. Anyway, this is basically a visual summary of what I have been up to since leaving uni; graduating, eating, holidaying and festival attending. Oh and let's not forget buying clothes and taking mirror selfies in them!

Since this post compilation I have also secured myself an internship at retailer Jules B, so the work has started now, but I am loving it because its a field I really want to work in.