Liebster Award

I got nominated for the Liebster award by Sophie-Lauren and Ellie-Rose a few weeks ago, I have done one before but I thought I might as well do it again as it is kind of fun anyway!
The idea is to answer the questions your nominator gives you, then nominate some people yourself and give them your own set of questions, so here goes!

- Why do you love blogging so much?
As cheesy as this sounds, I love sharing inspiration. I am addicted to browsing other peoples blogs, outfit posts and Instagram's and I enjoy the whole styling and writing processes.

- What is your favourite type of food?
Hmm definitely going to have to go with cereal, it is certainly what I eat the most of! Whether it is Shreddies, porridge, Fruit 'n Fibre, Granola... You get the point, I am a cereal addict. Most of the time I can't decide between all these varieties so shove a bit of each in my bowl - crazy!

- What has been your favourite clothing this summer that you seem to be always wearing?
Probably my silk jacket thing from the vintage shop Deep, or my New Look Co-Ord which I thought was an absolute bargain. If this includes shoes then 100% my Mules from Primark. Best. Bargain. Ever.

- Do you have any piercings? If so what ones do you have?
Only my ear lobes unfortunately. I did get the rim of my ear pierced in the centre really randomly but it didn't heal for about 4 months so one day I cracked and took it out. I do want to try again though.

- Who inspired you to start blogging?
Some of my favourite bloggers, such as Lily Melrose. But mainly just my weird will to write things on places, including the internet.
- What would be your dream job?
Something with a bit of creativity involved, whether that be writing, styling... Or something that has a bit of variety and exciting opportunities. I always wanted to work on a magazine, my childhood plan was to be the editor of Vogue. Totally reasonable aim.

- If you could marry any celebrity who would it be?
Dear me, I am really bad with this stuff, the only celebrities I have had a crush on are Rob Pattinson and Orlando Bloom, neither of which I think are that great now. Maybe Orlando though because he seems like a genuinely nice guy, and I'd love to quiz him about Miranda Kerr.

- What is your favourite feature?
Erm I assume this means of my face... When people get asked this in interviews I always think how hard it would be to answer. Perhaps my eyes because they aren't massive but they could be smaller, and in my pea head they do look kind of big sometimes.

- What film would you just weep and weep at? 
The Fault in Our Stars - watched this a couple of days ago and cried more than I have at anything else on a screen. Or in a book in fact. I actually think I cried more than when Dumbledore died.

- If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you'd buy?
Was always going to be a Chanel 2.55 but maybe I have got a bit bored of this idea now... What else could I get... I would probably just go mental in Topshop or somewhere to be honest, high street would still be my addiction.
I am nominating...
Ooh and my cousin Sian who has just started blogging about her year abroad in Aus!
You have to answer...
-Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
-What item would you save from a burning house?
-Where is your favourite place?
-What is your favourite website?
-What is your favourite food?
-What is your favourite beauty product?
-If you got a tattoo (or another tattoo if you have one) what would you get and where?
- Favourite brand/designer?
- Who is your style icon?
- Where would you go on your honeymoon?

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  1. Hi Dear!
    Thanks for nominating me and I'm really flattered! <3
    But I had already did my Liebster award previously,,
    You can check it out :) Hope you do not mind if I'm not doing Liebster award again :)

    Btw I love Topshop too!! <333 And I will definitely go mental in Topshop too!