Halloween: Love it or Hate it?

Once a year, the over-hyped event that is Halloween invades our lives with a predictable plethora of unattractive masks, orange and black supermarket isles and a variety of multi-pack sweet advertisements. For some this is exciting, if you are one of these people who enjoys Halloween it is likely to be because you are, A. Under the age of 16, B. a mother who loves nothing more than making sure your child has the best Halloween costume out there or C. In denial of your ever waning youth, of course, there are also those who, as pointed out perfectly by Mean Girls simply enjoy using it as an excuse to look like a Playboy bunny, or cat in many cases.

Most Halloween haters see the event as an inescapable inconvenience, having to answer your door to children who are going to take the mini packets of sweets you were secretly hoping you would end up eating (or in many cases, already have – woops, turn the lights off, hide behind the sofa, they won’t know you’re in). If you are one of these people, I suggest a meal out at an up-market restaurant between 6 and 8pm. Return home at a reasonably late hour, in which all respectable parents have taken their children home, and eat the sweets whilst watching 8 out of 10 Cats. You will not do better than this.

For those of you in category c, your biggest issue with Halloween will undoubtedly be the painfully difficult decision of finding an outfit. It has to be original, make you look good, not be too expensive (but not look cheap, obviously) and be re-wearable… Someone will have a fancy dress party at some point. This means the internet is your ultimate tool for ideas… But be warned - do not get carried away with googling halloween related things. I once got side-tracked and ended up googling ‘worst Halloween outfits ever’ just don’t do it. A human sanitary towel is not what I wanted to see at 1:15pm on my lunch hour.

I am still in category C, as you can see from the following photos I have been in category C for quite a few years, and am yet to graduate from it.

 There are a few clues in this photo that indicate we are category C people, primarily the amount of effort we have gone to with our outfits and makeup, but also the excessive and largely unnecessary decor (note the skeleton straws).
 Classic cop out cat - sorry.
 The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe: So far into category C by this point that we have lost sight of reality. I am not sure why we thought of this for  a couples outfit now, but drop me an email for embarrassing/weird ideas, you never know, I might come up with something this amazing again. The lion is the finger puppet by the way...
Included because it is one of the few times as a child that my Halloween costume didn't involve a bin bag.

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  1. Nice pictures, I love halloween but we don't celebrate in Spain :/
    Loving your blog, would you like to follow each other via GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow you back!