My Favourite Bloggers

I remember when I first started blogging, I was inspired most significantly by discovering Lily Melrose's high street fashion blog. All the fashion and style blogs I had stumbled upon in the past featured model-like women in glamorous locations with an expert photographer who shot their Chanel bags to a standard of perfection only previously seen on the glossy pages of Vogue. Everything about them - their expensive designer clothes, chic lifestyle, sunny location - seemed unattainable to a fifteen year old girl from the North East of England, I could not relate. 

However, on discovering Lily's outfit posts featuring pieces mainly from Primark and photographs taken by herself, in her bedroom, I became addicted to checking her blog for updates. She looked just as stylish as the designer New York women but she was relatable. Her lifestyle was not too far from mine and her look was attainable. If you liked Lily's shoes, you didn't have to dream of becoming rich, you just popped down to Primark and snagged a pair for yourself (albeit hoping they had not sold out in your size).

So this is where my love for the high street style blog developed, and through creating my own blog, I have discovered a good few bloggers whose style I really admire.

uk street style fashion blogger georgia luisa meramo
Georgia's style is a mix of catwalk chic and grunge. She created her blog a few years ago, and from the beginning I have always loved her looks. Interestingly her style has visibly evolved along the way. It started out grunge-chic, and through time she has began to appropriate the chic more than the grunge, yet she hasn't lost her signature edge, it still resides in her choices of colour (mainly dark), festival bands and chunky footwear. Most of the time, though, her outfits form a perfect hybrid of the two, and I would definitely recommend her blog for any fashion lover who favours an edgy vibe.
uk fashion blogger chloe taylor
I have only recently discovered Chloe Taylor's blog. She is relatively new to the world of blogging, well very new, she started last month, but I think her style is pretty unique and I love how she mixes masculine and feminine style pieces.
uk fashion blogger erika bowes
Erika's style is on another level to most bloggers. She dares wear what a lot of us would think too extreme, but she wears it first (what she wears now, we will probably all be wearing in a years time) and she pulls it off with ease and elegance.
uk fashion blogger charlotte fashion girl134
Charlotte from is a relatively new blogger, she puts things together really well and I always love her use of colour. I also have hair envy.
uk fashion blogger i dress myself
 Yanin Namasonthi from takes trends and transforms them into stylish, wearable ensembles. She has some key peices such as the All Saints Balfern leather jacket (had to mention this since I have it too and love it) and Lacoste trainers (as pictured) but largely mixes these with high street clothing to make for on-trend inspiration.
uk fashion blogger sara luxe
Sara Luxe from is another fave. Monochrome is massive at the moment and appaz set to be in 2015 (according to Grazia) and this girl has it nailed. Most people might think black and white is boring, but not when styled like this. No offence to New Balance but only when seeing them on Sara have I felt inspired to purchase.
uk fashion blogger charmaine charmainescloset
Charmaine from is, like me, a sporadic blogger but when she does blog it is good. I love her style, she always gives me inspiration for new ways of putting things together. On top of this she seems to have an unbeatable skill for finding the nicest things ever in Topshop.

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OOTD: Baggy Jeans & All Saints Jacket

street style ootd baggy jeans topshop mom all saints balfern
streetstyle baggy ripped jeans
Jeans: Topshop
Top: Primark
Jacket: All Saints
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Michael Kors (Sophie)
Necklace: Topshop

As I mentioned in a previous post, baggy jeans are slowly taking over from the long reigning skinny in the most popular jeans stakes. The transition itself, however, is a frightful one. For as long as I can remember, I have worn skinnies, well, when I think properly I recall some bootleg 90's styles, but basically, for the past decade at least, skinnies have been the style of choice. Going from this 'as tightly fitting as possible' aim, to so baggy you can't even feel them, is scary. For the past year I have taken Mom jeans into the Topshop changing rooms, tried them on and left them with the notion that I could not possibly step outside in something so hideously unflattering, come to think of it though, this is highly likely to have been the thought on our minds when we made the transition to skinnies.

I have finally decided with the billionth try-on, that they are not as bad as I thought and I will risk them since they look nice on other people. 

OOTD: Seventies Inspired

uk fashion blogger street style all saints leather
fashion blogger seventies style outfit
fashion blogger seventies style outfit
Street style michael kors sophie bag
Jacket: All Saints
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: New Look
Top: Topshop
Necklace: Topshop
Hat: Topshop
Bag: Michael Kors (Sophie bag)
Watch: Casio
Lipstick: Revlon Black Cherry

I am really loving the seventies trend that is slowly enveloping the fashion/blogger world at the moment. Hand in hand with this has come an obsession with Rachel Zoe, the super stylist who you will probs remember as the woman who transformed Nicole Richie from slightly trashy (lets be honest) to a massive style icon. 

If you follow me on Pinterest you will see that I have been pinning her/repinning her pins a lil bit excessively today. Zoe's style is very much seventies inspired, lots of draping, large sunnies, wraps, flares, hats etc. This outfit is largely inspired by her, obviously given my own twist. 

Another thing I feel I should mention is the fact that I have quite clearly made some expensive purchases, i.e. the Michael Kors bag and All Saints Balfern jacket. They are things I have wanted for ages, the bag is a Christmas present (except I could not wait, and used the excuse of wanting to get the most value out of it) and the jacket is a Christmas present from me to me for working, on the plus side I have since received a Christmas bonus which I feel kind of validates the whole jacket thing.

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To Lob Or Not To Lob?

lauren conrad celebrity lob bob

For a while now I have wanted to cut my hair. Having been growing it for the past five years I am now pretty sick of the whole long hair thing.I love long hair, but we can't have our hair in the same style for our whole lives can we? A hair cut is often the most dramatic thing we can do to change our look and potentially our happiness (both for the good and bad, depending on how much you like the result).

I have had my hair cut a few inches shorter recently, I wimped out at the hairdressers and didn't get it anywhere near as short as I wanted, so I am now having to go back again, and probably again after that because I will have wimped out and only got an inch off - but at least this is a way of easing myself into it. I think the main issue is I am not sure how short I want it exactly, I like all of the above, but I really like the mid length bob too or 'lob' (long bob). Quite a few celebrities (Lauren Conrad and Emma Stone to name a few) have been sporting this style and I think it looks really good on them.

All photos sourced from Tumblr and Pinterest

December Wish List and My Thoughts on Style

Cape: Asos
Shoes: Missguided
Jeans: Asos
Glasses: Asos
Flares: Rokoko via Asos
Coat: Missguided

Once again, I have arrived at that time in my life where I have a strong desire to throw out everything in my wardrobe and start afresh. Admittedly, I have given it an attempt, albeit without much commitment. A total of five items (out of hundreds, honestly) have been relegated to the charity bag.

 I would say 70% of my wardrobe consists of items which haven't been worn in at least a year. So why can't I throw them? This need to hoard, I think, comes from the nature of today's fashion, trends seem to be coming around faster and faster, it was the 90's last week and the 70's this week... I have held on to that Naughties bodycon skirt for so long, I might as well keep it - the likelihood is I'll only be buying it again in a month.

Regardless of fashion and trends, style is more important, and at the moment I am definitely in the mood for a style revamp, and so is the fashion world. The way we put clothes together is changing. For years we have worn tights, tights with shorts, tights with skirts, well fitting items, feminine yet youthful silhouettes. Now, what seems to be prevailing is masculine designs and oversized shapes. the skinny jean has, (although we are all finding it very difficult to move on) admittedly had it's day. The skin tight jeans are no longer prevailing in the world of fashion, but rather, the baggy boyfriend jeans are asserting their authority, being seen on celebrities, bloggers and fashion editors world wide. 

Similarly, the long ridiculed flares are making a come back, and I admit, I like them. Flattering, pretty, difficult to style perhaps, but nevertheless carrying their own unique beauty. 

The introduction of these new shapes in the world of fashion brings a challenge to our sense of style. Without realising it, for years I have had a uniform of chunky ankle boots, tights and something short, pulled together by a biker jacket. Now, I am wanting to incorporate these new shapes and styles into my wardrobe, and it is proving more terrifying than I predicted, but that's why fashion is fun. We could build a perfect wardrobe and keep re-wearing it for the rest of our lives, maybe introducing a new top or piece of jewellery here and there - but where is the challenge in that? 

OOTD: Longline White Blazer

longline white blazer new look street style
Top: Topshop
Jacket: Primark
Jeans: Topshop (Joni)
Boots: Asos
Necklace: Topshop
Ear cuff: Dixi
Rings: Dixi & H&M

I realise these photo's are terrible quality, I could do with some proper camera equipment (hint hint Santa).

I am really enjoying my jewellery lately, I have bought some rings and ear cuffs from Rock 'N Rose and Dixi and I have started wearing my chunky silver DKNY watch again. I have favoured my dainty Casio for a while but I think this watch has statement appeal and a fashionable masculine vibe which is nice for a change.


LIFESTYLE: A Weekend In Edinburgh

edinburgh castle in the winter blogger

1. A pretty picture of Edinburgh castle
2. A pretty picture of the view from outside of the castle (didn't want to pay £16 to go in, so took photos to make it worth the journey up)
3. A picture of me in front of a blue man of which there are many in this city. Not sure who this particular blue man was, probably should have read the plaque.
4. Me dressed as a roman girl, as you do.
5. Simon in the best Starbucks ever - you can't see very well but through the window there is an amazing view of the castle.
6. Embarrassing mirror shot of Simon checking himself out.
7. Princes Street at night.
8. The Witchery restaurant.
9. Simon looking creepy inside The Witchery (but look at our desserts, yum. We had to get the same to avoid jealousy).
10. the castle
11. The castle...
Going to skip a few, they're pretty self explanatory.
15. Fiery cocktails in the nicest bar, La Monde.
16. Me posing (with Simon's cocktail because it was on fire, not that you can tell anyway).
17. The Christmas tree in The Dome, the best place to go at Christmas time ever.

If you are planning a weekend away around Christmas, I would definitely recommend Edinburgh. As well as the shops, Christmas markets and beautiful city, it also contains some of the nicest, most authentic bars and restaurants I have ever been to. We went to The Witchery for food which is the most magical place, despite it's price. For drinks we went to The Dome and La Monde which both have the best up market bar vibes. The Dome is more restaurant/bar whereas La Monde is more club/bar, but both amazing and just look at the tree in The Dome! We also did the ghost walk which was interesting.. More for the history than the fear factor - you get to go below the city into the vaults! The museum was also good for a cheap attraction (well, it was very cheap since it was free and kept us away from the shops for a good couple of hours).

P.s. may or may not have got the photo numbers right but in a bit of a rush so you get the jist.

OOTD: Backpack, Patterned Shirt & Shearling

Boots: Asos
Jeans: Topshop
Jacket: Missguided
Shirt: Topshop
Backpack: Topshop

Due to the fact that I usually take my suitcase anywhere, no matter how long the stay or how impractical the terrain (yes I take it to muddy festivals), I was overwhelmingly shocked at myself when I managed to streamline my overnight belongings enough to fit in this Topshop backpack. Admittedly, this is because I wanted to shop the next day and I will do anything to be able to spend my money on clothes, but still, it is an achievement right?