LIFESTYLE: A Weekend In Edinburgh

edinburgh castle in the winter blogger

1. A pretty picture of Edinburgh castle
2. A pretty picture of the view from outside of the castle (didn't want to pay £16 to go in, so took photos to make it worth the journey up)
3. A picture of me in front of a blue man of which there are many in this city. Not sure who this particular blue man was, probably should have read the plaque.
4. Me dressed as a roman girl, as you do.
5. Simon in the best Starbucks ever - you can't see very well but through the window there is an amazing view of the castle.
6. Embarrassing mirror shot of Simon checking himself out.
7. Princes Street at night.
8. The Witchery restaurant.
9. Simon looking creepy inside The Witchery (but look at our desserts, yum. We had to get the same to avoid jealousy).
10. the castle
11. The castle...
Going to skip a few, they're pretty self explanatory.
15. Fiery cocktails in the nicest bar, La Monde.
16. Me posing (with Simon's cocktail because it was on fire, not that you can tell anyway).
17. The Christmas tree in The Dome, the best place to go at Christmas time ever.

If you are planning a weekend away around Christmas, I would definitely recommend Edinburgh. As well as the shops, Christmas markets and beautiful city, it also contains some of the nicest, most authentic bars and restaurants I have ever been to. We went to The Witchery for food which is the most magical place, despite it's price. For drinks we went to The Dome and La Monde which both have the best up market bar vibes. The Dome is more restaurant/bar whereas La Monde is more club/bar, but both amazing and just look at the tree in The Dome! We also did the ghost walk which was interesting.. More for the history than the fear factor - you get to go below the city into the vaults! The museum was also good for a cheap attraction (well, it was very cheap since it was free and kept us away from the shops for a good couple of hours).

P.s. may or may not have got the photo numbers right but in a bit of a rush so you get the jist.

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