December Wish List and My Thoughts on Style

Cape: Asos
Shoes: Missguided
Jeans: Asos
Glasses: Asos
Flares: Rokoko via Asos
Coat: Missguided

Once again, I have arrived at that time in my life where I have a strong desire to throw out everything in my wardrobe and start afresh. Admittedly, I have given it an attempt, albeit without much commitment. A total of five items (out of hundreds, honestly) have been relegated to the charity bag.

 I would say 70% of my wardrobe consists of items which haven't been worn in at least a year. So why can't I throw them? This need to hoard, I think, comes from the nature of today's fashion, trends seem to be coming around faster and faster, it was the 90's last week and the 70's this week... I have held on to that Naughties bodycon skirt for so long, I might as well keep it - the likelihood is I'll only be buying it again in a month.

Regardless of fashion and trends, style is more important, and at the moment I am definitely in the mood for a style revamp, and so is the fashion world. The way we put clothes together is changing. For years we have worn tights, tights with shorts, tights with skirts, well fitting items, feminine yet youthful silhouettes. Now, what seems to be prevailing is masculine designs and oversized shapes. the skinny jean has, (although we are all finding it very difficult to move on) admittedly had it's day. The skin tight jeans are no longer prevailing in the world of fashion, but rather, the baggy boyfriend jeans are asserting their authority, being seen on celebrities, bloggers and fashion editors world wide. 

Similarly, the long ridiculed flares are making a come back, and I admit, I like them. Flattering, pretty, difficult to style perhaps, but nevertheless carrying their own unique beauty. 

The introduction of these new shapes in the world of fashion brings a challenge to our sense of style. Without realising it, for years I have had a uniform of chunky ankle boots, tights and something short, pulled together by a biker jacket. Now, I am wanting to incorporate these new shapes and styles into my wardrobe, and it is proving more terrifying than I predicted, but that's why fashion is fun. We could build a perfect wardrobe and keep re-wearing it for the rest of our lives, maybe introducing a new top or piece of jewellery here and there - but where is the challenge in that? 

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