To Lob Or Not To Lob?

lauren conrad celebrity lob bob

For a while now I have wanted to cut my hair. Having been growing it for the past five years I am now pretty sick of the whole long hair thing.I love long hair, but we can't have our hair in the same style for our whole lives can we? A hair cut is often the most dramatic thing we can do to change our look and potentially our happiness (both for the good and bad, depending on how much you like the result).

I have had my hair cut a few inches shorter recently, I wimped out at the hairdressers and didn't get it anywhere near as short as I wanted, so I am now having to go back again, and probably again after that because I will have wimped out and only got an inch off - but at least this is a way of easing myself into it. I think the main issue is I am not sure how short I want it exactly, I like all of the above, but I really like the mid length bob too or 'lob' (long bob). Quite a few celebrities (Lauren Conrad and Emma Stone to name a few) have been sporting this style and I think it looks really good on them.

All photos sourced from Tumblr and Pinterest


  1. I used to have really long hair and took the plunge and had it cut super short like in the top photos and it was the best decision I've ever made! Just go for it and if you don't like it, then it's only hair and will grow back! Good luck!

  2. I really like these styles, they're so classy. I'm still going through the 'I want to grow my hair' phase but I can understand wanting a change x
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  3. I'm still in debate wether to go back short again too! But I know if I do I'll want long hair again!