Flares: Street Style Inspiration

The seventies are back with a vengeance. In the midst of vintage tee's, bolero jackets, slinky scarves and platforms, flares are taking the lead with a distinctive 'look at me' attitude.

Why is the flared trouser so easily reinstated into our skinny-jean favoring wardrobes? Unlike the Mom jeans of 2014 and the skinny jeans of, well, the past 10 years, the flare is the ultimate power player. No one can call the flared trouser 'humble', even styled in a minimalist fashion, the flare makes a bold statement. The woman wearing the figure flattering flared trouser is elegant, powerful and fearless. This is the vibe of 2015's female.

So, obviously persuaded by my introductory rambling on the power of the flare, the next step involves the crucial decision of which to buy and how to style them. There are so many I like out there, but I am yet to choose which to go for. The main thing to bear in mind is that there are three predominant style tribes when it comes to this trend: Minimalist Modern, Blue Denim and Boho Folk. 

Minimalist Modern
Flares street style 2015 minimalist

- Must be at least 80% one colour (namely black or white). You can (as Natascha from Natascha Elisa has done) carry a printed or contrasting accessory, but note: as soon as she puts that coat on, the outfit no longer fits in this category.
- None denim materials preferable. Think something that would 'swish' or crease easily, and you're there.
- Do not overdo the accessories. Less is more.

Blue Denim
blue denim flares street styleRules:
  • Preferably indigo denim, but if like Kate Moss you can pull off anything, then whatevs.
  • The more extreme the flare the better, think bell bottom rather than subtle graduation.
  • If you're going for a full-on 70's vibe with this, pair with a blouse or fur. Or both.

Boho Folk
patterned flares street style

  • Must be printed.
  • Pair with a top as plain as possible.
  • Hair should generally be styled in relaxed waves or plaits.
  • Toughen up with a leather or denim jacket if you're feeling too airy fairy.

Images sourced from: Pinterest, Free People & Who What Wear 


  1. Love this trend! Wish I could pull off flares, they look so nice, especially when done in a modern, more minimal way :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Those flares, bottom right: Incredible! x