New Year, New Wardrobe: Spring/Summer '15 Catwalk Edit

With the new year firmly placing its influence on our mentalities, the general vibe in society is once again taken over by a 'new year, new you' approach. Monday evening saw my usually sparse gym filled with more bodies than had probably crossed the doors in the past six months.

Like the mince pies we have overdosed on over the past month, that have led to this manic rush to the nearest treadmill, the majority of us have also overdosed on something else: shopping. I, for one, hold my hand up and admit that I have overdone the Asos scrolling and the Topshop hunting. Many nights when, if the internet did not exist, I most certainly would not have been conscious, I have sat, eyes wide and almost unseeing (but seeing enough to notice if a pretty coat came along). I have scrolled, and scrolled, and scrolled through the many, many pages of the Asos sale (there are far too many!), wishing that I could just give up and fall asleep but knowing deep down that there were ten more pages of items that, yes, I probably wouldn't end up buying, but couldn't let go unbrowsed.

So, my point is, I am craving a wardrobe detox. Since I am a shopping addict, my wardrobe detox is not happening in the form of not spending for a while, because that would be boring. Rather, I am going to invest in some key trends from the SS15 catwalks (and get rid of all my old rubbish). For this reason I have thoroughly researched the trends set to be popular, and this is what I have found...

The seventies revival is by far one of my favourite trends for this year. Almost Famous is one of my favourite films (in case you haven't seen it, it depicts the lives of some sixteen year old groupies in the seventies). I have always secretly wanted to be them, with their hippy/disco crop tops, fur bolero jackets, flares and John Lennon style sunnies. So the fact that all these things are now acceptable to wear irl, is beyond exciting for me.
ss15 seventies trend flares platforms highstreet
1 - Motel via Asos
2 -Topshop
3 - Milk It via Asos

Suede is no longer the 'bag and shoe material', it should now be worn as a skirt, a top, a dress, a coat... Basically, anything and everything - as it was on the Derek Lam catwalk. It is also a lot cooler, albeit more daring too, if you wear it in pastel colours, which are infrequently adorned by the neutral favouring fabric. Until now...

ss15 trend suede highstreet fashion blog
(Thanks to Asos, you can be as bold as anyone's eyesight will permit in this yellow skirt)
1- Topshop
2- Asos
3 - Topshop
4 -Topshop

Denim, like suede, has a new lease of life this season. Last year the denim jacket was brought back to our collective conscious thanks to the 90's revival. Now however, not only are we seeing denim jeans and denim jackets but designers this season are introducing us to the idea of denim tops, dresses and jumpsuits. Prepare yourself: the double denim controversy has been escalated. Say hello to triple, or even quadruple, denim...

ss15 trend double denim fashion blog

The New Tailoring
Tailoring is here to stay, but the rules are still rigid with regards to how we wear it. It can't be worn in a 'work wear' way. Most designers seem to demonstrate this by styling it with a lot of bare skin. Acne and Elizabeth and James combined the plunging neckline trend with tailoring to make for a rather risque take which kicks its boring, prudish image firmly out of the fashion worlds consciousness.
ss15 trends tailoring trousers blazers
1 - Topshop
2 - Asos
3 - Zara
4 - Weekday via Asos

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  1. Great post! Pretty much agree with every trend you mentioned!

  2. The 70's trend is my fave as well - I love all the flares aha!

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  4. Really love your picks! and all those denim outfit, nice picks!

  5. super post:) xx

  6. Love all these trends, my favorite is defiantly the 70s and 'The New Tailoring' trend!

  7. Love all the trends,especially the 70's! Would never be able to pull it off but definitely eager to try the New Tailoring, maybe with some nice trainers and a crop top to make it more casual and edgy x
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