Brits & Oscars 2015: Personal Picks

If we disregard Madonna's capetastrophe for a moment, we can take time to appreciate some of the more successful ensembles of the awards season. Celebs and stylists seem to up the ante with each awards show; the BAFTAs were okay, the Grammy's were a little bit better and the Oscars and Brits were next level. 

With the Oscars comes die hard designer styling and with the Brits comes classic  Brit cool. Which is your favourite?
awards season 2015 best dresses
Awards season best dressed 2015

Lust List

uk fashion blog wish list 2015
Sleeveless duster jacket: Missguided, pointed flats: New Look, culottes: New Look, Bag: Asos, Boots: Topshop

I have already done a wish list post this month, but with there being so many things out there that I want to buy, here I go again. I am slightly obsessed with the pared back, modern trend at the moment. I already own a few duster coats/jackets and wide leg pants but I am yet to get my hands on culottes, and a pair of nice flats is something my wardrobe has been lacking for quite some time! 

I first saw these white, New Look versions on one of Lily Melrose's Youtube hauls. In the vid she rightly points out that New Look's online shoe collection is far better than it ever is in store, so I had a bit of a browse and found about ten pairs I wanted to buy that I definitely have never seen in store!

OOTD: Casual Weekend Wear

casual weekend outfit fashion blog
casual weekend outfit fashion blog
duster weekend outfit fashion blog

 Top: River Island, jeans: Topshop (Joni), boots: Asos, rings: Dixi, Rock 'N Rose and H&M, duster coat: Missguided, bag: Michael Kors, necklaces: Topshop

I stumbled into River Island on my lunch break for a 'quick browse'. Inevitably, my intention to look, but keep my purse firmly located within my handbag ended in failure as usual. I caved to this heather effect vest top due to the subtle yet eye-catching cut out detail to the back. Even though it is just another vest top, and it is rather plain, it occurred to me in this moment that the most valuable items in my wardrobe in terms of cost-per-wear, are in fact purchases such as these. 

The well made vest top, T-shirt or plain top of any sort, really, is not a frivolous waste of money, but an investment. Or so I told myself as I pondered with limited time on my hands and a mental countdown occurring in my minds eye.

Anyway, I think it makes for the perfect 'throw me on' casual clothing option. Paired with these heavy duty hiking boots and longline duster coat, I was clearly trying to emulate my style icon of the week, Suki Waterhouse's, casual-cool off-duty looks.

Style Stalk: Suki Waterhouse

suki waterhouse style 2015
 If you have been attentive over the past year you will undoubtedly have heard of Suki Waterhouse. The model turned actress (so cliche) appeared in Love, Rosie in 2014, a film adaptation of Cecelia Ahern's novel Where Rainbows End - I seriously recommend this film (or book) for anyone who loves a good romance. I ended up seeing it at the cinema due to a mix up with film timings, but thankfully we all loved it! I have since downloaded all of Cecelia's novels.

Anyway, Suki's style is so... Cool? I can't think of another way to describe it. She chooses clashing accessories which ordinarily would not be assumed to make an acceptable combo, but somehow on Suki they work. She seems to have a knack for finding unique pieces (note the blue metallic jacket above) that perfectly reflect her unique style. 

suki waterhouse style 2015

If her sartorial choices aren't enough to convince you, take a moment to consider her (amazing) hair:

suki waterhouse hair 2015 bangs blunt

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Trend of the Week: Floral Overload

floral trend ss15 high street picks
1. Topshop, 2. Topshop, 3.Asos, 4. Topshop

From Celine to Prada, the Spring/Summer '15 catwalks exhibited an abundance of botanical detailing. Vogue's Maya Singer states that the shows 'affirmed that decor is officially part of the fashion zeitgeist', she makes this correlation between fashion and interiors due to the seasons excessively bold prints and designers' use of upholstery fabric such as velvet and silk. In other words, it is now fashionable to look as though you have literally formed your ensemble using your nan's old curtains. 

Post minimalist, Nineties normcore, designers are providing us with an alternative in the form of the exact opposite. Your chic white separates are still standing their ground, but if you are sick of applying your makeup with so much care and precision to avoid getting a splash on your crisp white crop, this is the trend for you. Personally, I love floral patterns, so I am very excited to see them return for summer! I especially love this Asos Co-Ord (#3).

Grammys 2015: The Good, the Odd and the Ugly

Grammys 2015 best dressed rita kardashian kelly osbourne fashion blog
The controversy surrounding this years Grammy dresses is as effervescent as ever. The questions being bandied around Twitter are endless - is Kim too exposed? Does Rihanna look like a marshmallow? Or a work of art? There seems, these days, to be less of a consensus of opinion than ever. Personally, I like Rihanna's dress, if only for the fact that she is brave enough to wear it. The musicians on either side of her, Sia (left) and Joy Villa , however, are definitely within the category of ridiculous. Sia can't see for a start and I don't even need to comment on Joy - at least we know her name now, which I can only assume was her aim.

As for the best dressed, in my personal opinion, Rita, Kelly O and Kim came out on top. I have always been a massive fan of Rita's style, she wears bold pieces, but (unlike Rihanna) they are undeniably stylish. Same goes for Kelly O, she clearly has her own style, but this dress is perfect. The long sleeves, high neck and textured finish make for an on trend and super flattering ensemble - topped off with lilac hair, the whole look is so on point. Snaps for Kel! 

Grammys 2015 worst dressed rihanna sia joy villa

What is your opinion on these dresses?


fashion blogger wish list february 2015 uk
1. - Monki via Asos (jeans), 2. Asos, 3.Asos, 4. Asos Reclaimed Vintage, 5. Adidas Originals (found via Zalando), 6. Mac Marvel Eyeshadow, 7. Asos, 8. Dr. Martens (Via Asos)

I realise the majority of this stuff is sourced from Asos, I always try to make picks from a variety of stores but Asos is just too good! As I mentioned in this post last week, I have recently become obsessed with the Asos Reclaimed Vintage range, and this velvet jumpsuit is another eye-catching piece that I want soo badly! The suede skirt (no.3) is also available in black, and although it is kinda pricey (I think it was about £50, could be exaggerating) I have been searching for one like it for a long time. Being 5'2", finding skirts and dresses is a tough, tough task - most of them drown you and make you look like a 5 year old. sob.

P.S. I haven't gone crazy, I genuinely think purple eye-shadow looks good. I always stick to typical brown shades (specifically Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette) but with the 70's trend this season, why not try new beauty looks too?

OOTD: Duster Coat and Oversized Shirt

street style black duster coat fashion blogger
baggy ripped jeans fashion blogger
black duster coat fashion blogger
Coat: Missguided
Boots: Asos
Jeans: Topshop
Top: Topshop
Layered necklaces: Topshop
Bag: Michael Kors Sophie

I am so obsessed with everything over-sized recently. In the summer my obsession with long outerwear began, I bought this duster jacket from Monki, this cardigan and this longline white blazer (the latter two were bargains from Primark). It has now extended to a love of over-sized shirts - I have recently purchased a striped shirt and a khaki shirt, both of which were 3-6 sizes too big for me, admittedly I returned the size 18, realizing it was perhaps a step too far for my 5'2" petite frame. 

Interestingly, my instagram photo of my khaki shirt got more likes than most of my other photos, bearing in mind that it was only a silly mirror photo of not too fantastic quality (view here if you're confused) I could only deduce that it must be down to the fact that others are equally taken up by the oversized shirt at present, specifically in SS15's coolest colour: Khaki. Well, either this or I over-did the hashtags, which is also probable - I even felt the need to include #unecessaryhashtags.

When I first purchased this Missguided duster coat, I was slightly overwhelmed by the large size and mannish shoulders, but since I had wanted one for ages (after trying on a similar long black coat in Zara), I gave it a few days to grow on me. Now, after styling it with a few different outfits, I am in love. It adds the perfect chic, modern finish to a casual outfit - and it is the closest thing to a dressing gown that it is acceptable to wear outdoors.

Style Stalk: Style Inspiration From Sienna Miller

Now and again a celebrity weaves their way onto the radar of the worldwide fashion conscious. They feature in every 'Best Dressed' list, they land Vogue covers and are inevitably snapped on the FROW (or even hugging Karl himself). For most, their fashion fame is fleeting, for some eternal (Alexa, Kate, the Olsens). This is the year, however, that one fashion icon makes a comeback. 2015 has already seen boho queen of the noughties, Sienna Miller, emerge from her fame hiatus with an ever so slightly revised, yet equally envy inducing wardrobe as 2005.

Noughties Sienna was a boho inspired, welly wearing, Glastonbury attending free spirit, 2015's Sienna, now a mother, has had her hair chopped to a more grown up, statement bob and opts for paired back, tailored ensembles and statement dresses. Let's soak up some style inspo...

Sienna Miller Style inspiration 2015 pink dress
sienna miller style inspiration
sienna miller style inspiration jumpsuit
sienna miller style inspiration stripes 2015
sienna miller style striped dress 2015

Not only does she demonstrate the versatility of short hair (I am definitely going to be copying some of these hairstyles), she also masters day wear and evening wear whilst incorporating some of SS15's hottest trends. Stripes, embellishment and long hemlines are but a few of the trends that Sienna has shown an appreciation for. 

I personally don't usually take inspiration from 'celeb style', favouring the sartorial choices of bloggers and people around me, but when it comes to Sienna, the woman who matches her heels to her lipstick (refer to image 3) I can definitely make an exception.

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