March Wish List

I realise this is very last minute but hey ho! My laptop has been ridiculously slow lately, so I did start compiling this list a while ago but I had to give up on it after a whole Saturday morning of waiting for web pages to load. I now despise that little loading circle.

Festival Fashion 2015

Summer is slowly creeping up on us; the nights are getting lighter, morning frost is (almost) gone from our lives and yes, festival line-up rumours are beginning to spread. Brace yourself for the predictable fashion mayhem that only a music festival can conjure up. 

How to: Glowing Skin

the best products for glowing skin uk

That 'healthy  glow' is something every girl has wanted to achieve since the emergence of Millie Mackintosh onto our TV screens. Millie became known for her glowing skin in MIC, she has since admitted that the show's make-up artists attempted to powder away the shine, but she refused to let them. 

Personally, I am glad she did, because I thought she looked great! My desire to use fake tan and up the moisturiser application increased by 100% after watching Made in Chelsea, and I'm sure this wasn't just me? The glow, however, is easier said than done. Don't be fooled by believing you can simply apply extra moisturiser to achieve said sumptuous skin. The line between greasy and glowing is a fine and easily broken one.

Workwear Style Inspiration

workwear style inspiration fashion blog
workwear style inspiration 2015

After years of rolling up to lectures in the first outfit you could locate in a (well, in my case at least) rather messy wardrobe, entering the world of work can provide a highly difficult clothing conundrum. What is acceptable? What is too 'work-like'? What is too casual? There are so many questions that have crossed my mind when starting new jobs or internships. 

OOTD: Fluffy Cardigan and Pointed Boots

street style black fluffy cardigan
street style layered necklacesstreet style black fluffy cardigan fashion blogger
Cardigan: H&M, jeans: Topshop, bag: Michael Kors, necklaces: Topshop, top: Topshop, boots: Asos

There is nothing I love more than clothing that provides a practical function as well as an aesthetic one. This cardigan, which was a bargain at £15 (I think) from the ever-pleasing high street store that is H&M, provides both said needs.

I went to Newcastle yesterday (amid political rally, great timing), to meet a friend and do some shopping. Having lived in this city for three years during uni, I was well aware I would need to layer up, so not only did I wear this beaut, I also threw on my duster coat over the top. In my eyes, you can never wear too many clothes. I have frequently worn a leather jacket under my duster coat to work - leading to my boss having dreams in which I wear ten plus pieces of outerwear.