Festival Fashion 2015

Summer is slowly creeping up on us; the nights are getting lighter, morning frost is (almost) gone from our lives and yes, festival line-up rumours are beginning to spread. Brace yourself for the predictable fashion mayhem that only a music festival can conjure up. 

I believe I am right in saying that no other event on a girl's calender allows for such bold breaking of style rules (google festival fashion fails and you will see the worst). I have personally seen some  insane outfits at festivals, but I have also seen some insanely amazing ones. 

Festival fashion changes every year, albeit not for the girlie hippie (gippie?) types who will always be donning their flowered headbands which perfectly complement their floral dresses. This year, lets face it, we are probably going to take inspiration from Coachella's many stylish attendees, times this by SS15 trends (cue 70's, denim and khaki) and whatever this equals is probs what you will be (or wish you were) wearing. So, with this flawless formula in mind, I have collated some inspo from across the web.

Images sourced from Pinterest.

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