March Wish List

I realise this is very last minute but hey ho! My laptop has been ridiculously slow lately, so I did start compiling this list a while ago but I had to give up on it after a whole Saturday morning of waiting for web pages to load. I now despise that little loading circle.

1. Waistcoat, Asos
 I am slightly obsessed with D rings, so any garment featuring one catches my eye, I particularly like this khaki waistcoat because it combines three of my current favourite trends (olive green, D rings and waistcoats).

2. Bikini, Asos
 As for this bikini, I love anything a bit different in swimwear, which is why I am slightly opposed to the classic triangle bikini (although, I must admit they win on the optimum tan front) and favour swimsuits and weird shaped bikinis.

3. Co-Ord, Topshop
This co-ord is amazing. Perfect colour and shape, plus I'm pretty confident I'd wear all three pieces seperately too. Or so I tell myself when I look at the £160 price tag and consider the cost per wear...

4. Shoes, Topshop
 I am slowly gaining an obsession for wrap-around style shoes. Alexa has been wearing them forevs and I feel like they're having a moment right now. These ones would look great with culottes in my opinion.

5. Lipstick, Mac
I've shoved Mac's Rebel lipstick on here because it is my favourite lipstick ever, and the first I bought from Mac, but sadly - and prepare yourself, this is truly upsetting - it has ran out. I was shocked when I realised because never before have I used one lipstick so much that I have managed to use it up prior to losing it or going off it. So I will be purchasing a new one and I do urge anyone of a similar skin tone as me to try it, it's the only lipstick I have found that I feel truly suits me, and if they ever discontinue it I will cry.

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