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the best products for glowing skin uk

That 'healthy  glow' is something every girl has wanted to achieve since the emergence of Millie Mackintosh onto our TV screens. Millie became known for her glowing skin in MIC, she has since admitted that the show's make-up artists attempted to powder away the shine, but she refused to let them. 

Personally, I am glad she did, because I thought she looked great! My desire to use fake tan and up the moisturiser application increased by 100% after watching Made in Chelsea, and I'm sure this wasn't just me? The glow, however, is easier said than done. Don't be fooled by believing you can simply apply extra moisturiser to achieve said sumptuous skin. The line between greasy and glowing is a fine and easily broken one.

So I am always on the lookout for products which give the perfect 'I'm healthy, not sweaty' kinda illumination. Annoyingly, my skin isn't perfect, I have spots. For this reason I like limiting my beauty products to those aimed at clearing skin and keeping breakouts at bay. I have, however, found a few favourites which don't cause bad skin, but do provide the glow...

1. The Body Shop Blush and Highlighter
This product is ideal for an on-the-go glow. The bright pink shade is great for instantly making you look more alive, and with subtle shimmer pigments it makes your cheekbones stand out. I use the other side of my blusher brush to dab a little bit of the highlighter between the top of my cheekbones to underneath my eye. I personally love this because it isn't too OTT shimmery, i.e. people won't wonder why you have a glittery face - but it creates a pretty natural glow.

2. Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream
This is ideal if you want skin that doesn't just look healthy, but genuinely is healthy. Like all Simple products, this illuminating cream promises to look after your skin, it provides SPF15 plus viramins and nutrients. Whilst giving your skin a natural health boost, it creates a gorgeous glow with subtle shimmering pigments. What's not to love?

3. Benefit Watt's Up!
This highlighter by Benefit is one of the many miniatures that I have tried by default after being given a gift set. The majority of the benefit products I have came across (there are a lot!) I have liked, but this is definitely one of my favourites. Especially in terms of highlighters, Watt's Up! Comes up trumps in my eyes. It has the perfect combination of easy application, shade and shimmer. Some highlighters can be too pink, too orange or too shimmery, but this, with its cream colour and 'stick' style (is there a more technical term for a lipstick style highlighter?) is easy to apply and so pretty. This particular product is useful for the contouring. Use on the corners of the eyes, underneath the brows, down the nose and along your top lip line. Basically, you will look like Kim K if done correctly.

4. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup
I don't use this product all the time, because I like to stick to my Clinique Anti-Blemish foundation, but on the special occasion that I do use it,  I admittedly notice my skin has a nice glow throughout the day, not a shimmer like the previous products but an all over healthy glow. I initially came across the product when I noticed my friend's skin looked amazing and asked her what make-up she was wearing - I never usually pick up on such things so it really is very noticeable!

5. Benefit Bikini-tini Eyeshadow
This product is the perfect base for eye make-up. I apply it with my finger from the inner corner of my eye right across the lid and sometimes up to my eyebrow, with its nude shade and subtle shimmer it can be worn alone to brighten the eye or as a primer for the rest of your shadow.

6. Benefit Erase Paste
The facial flaw I find most annoying is definitely my dark circles. I doubt I could go concealer-free without people asking if I feel okay. For this reason, products that make such annoyances disappear are top on my agenda. I love this because it is thick (so it stays put) and it is brightening, so it reflects light.

7. Benefit "That Gal" Brightening face Primer
I add this to the mix when it is time for some super duper full on glowiness. If I am going on a night out or for a meal in a dim-lit place, or to be honest, if I just fancy having extra shimmery skin that day, I use this underneath my foundation. I like this product because it is very subtle, what with being applied underneath your foundation rather than on top. I don't tend to use it all over, but my favourite places to use it are my cheeks and around my eyes (can't go wrong with a lil extra reflection away from the dark circles!)

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