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We all love Topshop, Asos and co, but time to time it's nice to own something that elicits a 'wow that's so different, where is that from?!' rather than an 'Omg I have that exact same playsuit, please don't wear it on Sat'.

When I see people wearing something which isn't immediately identifiable as an [insert generic fashion store] piece, I genuinely like it so much more - it's the sense of mystery. 

Yet something I do find difficult is sourcing places to find them because of course they aren't overly well known, and a lot of places turn out to be terrible once looked into (both in terms of quality/shipping etc etc). The below options, however, all sell unique, good quality and really cool clothes so if you want something your friends don't, or just stuff that looks a bit vintage and cool rather than mass produced, I'd head here....

Oh and they also have v inspiring Instagram accounts

The Best Independent Online jewellery shop UK
photo credit: Instagram - @shopdixi

Dixi have been my go-to jewellery co for years. I have weirdly small fingers which cause terrible issues when trying to find rings, and for someone who loves this stacked, OTT ring look it would have been a bit of a nightmare if it wasn't for these guys. They stock midi rings, adjustable rings, necklaces, body jewellery, bracelets and so on. 

The rings are around £10-£30 each and being silver they're well worth the investment - no pink rings and green fingers people! I get so many compliments on my rings and I'm always more than happy to full on promote this place to my pals. 10/10.

The Best Independent Online Fashion Shop UK Nasty Gal
photo credit: Instagram - @nastygal

From dresses to vintage and leather goods, you can always guarantee finding something edgy and cool on here. One thing they do really well is cut out clothing, you know those really cool pieces which are sexy in that they show a bit of skin but in a way that's Seventies rocker rather than Naughties clubbing disaster. 

photocredit: Instagram @nakdfashion @elsaekman

With free shipping worldwide and brands such as For Love and Lemons, Motel, Girls on Film and Free people, this is a good find. They also have their own range and source the best boho bargains around.

Photo credit: Instagram - @windsorsmith

These fab footwear people first caught my eye when I saw their stuff on How Two Live, the blog of two twins with amazingly fun style. They're always ahead of the trends and they have such a wide range and different styles that there's something for everyone, a little bit pricey, yes, but it's worth it for a good pair of quality shoes.

Photo credit: Instagram @shoptobi 

This cali-based store sell cool under-the-radar and up-and-coming brands at good prices and they do 50% off with your first order. It's definitely worth checking out

The Best Independent Online Fashion Shop UK Brandy and Melville
Photo credit: Instagram - @brandyandmelvilleusa

For a cool band tee, look no further than Brandy & Melville - they outdo Urban Outfitters. Plus, if you're a petite person like me who can't find dresses which don't make you look like a five-year-old fret no more. I haven't personally bought one yet but my cousin who suffers the same problems has and she has sent me the snaps - it's made for mini people. When I get my next pay cheque I'm investing.

The Best Independent Online Fashion Shop UK swimwear amour and mer
photo credit: Instagram - @amourandmer

This Newcastle-based brand are relatively new but already a hit. Created by a competitive swimmer, Rachel Forster, the idea behind the brand is stylish swimwear which functions well i.e. does not leave you topless and embarrassed post jumping in the hotel swimming pool.

I actually interviewed Rachel when she had just started out - find the interview here!

The Best Independent Online Fashion Shop UK jewellery and headwear
photo credit: Instagram - @rocknroseuk & @sophiehannahrichardson

This is another North East-based brand, but I'm not just putting them on here because they're local to me! These guys are queens of festival headwear and the rest of their jewellery doesn't pale in comparison. Their stuff has been worn by everyone from Pixie Lott to Zara Martin and it's not hard to see why  - it's just soo preetty.

Do you know of any others which could go on here? Please let me know, I love finding new hidden gems!

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