Dream Body

Zara bodysuit

Jeans: Topshop Jamie
Boots: Asos
Rings: Dixi & Rock 'n Rose

This bodysuit which I wore for my friend's birthday (a day of drinking at Newcastle Gin Festival) is possibly my favourite purchase of 2016 so I thought it was worth its own little post. Next to this top anyway which was an equally long-loved hit.

It wasn't an easy purchase either. Well, the buying itself was pretty simple as always, but the wearing proved a challenge... As much as I support #freethenipple I didn't want mine freeing over a G&T in a crowded event space. BUT I loved it so much that I took a risk and spent time and money on finding a solution. 

I have always been dubious about its abilities having experienced the incompetency of double sided sticky tape, but it turns out I was wrong. Breast tape is in fact miraculous. It even survived being yanked by my really kind friend. Thanks pal.

 I got mine from M&S and I'd definitely recommend investing, you get a lot of strips and it's well worth a fiver!

On another, slightly irrelevant to fashion note, I finally got to try Opihr. I have admired this beautifully packaged gin for months now, but having never tasted it I didn't particularly want to splash out £22 on it. The good news is it tastes as good as it looks! So if you're looking for a Christmas gift for a gin enthusiast (hint hint) here ya are:

                     Ophir gin bottle

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