Central Oven & Shaker Review

Central Oven & Shaker neon lights
Central Oven & Shaker Newcastle interior
Central Oven & Shaker salad, pizza and garlic bread
Central Oven & Shaker, Newcastle table settings
Central Oven & Shaker, Newcastle sweet potato fries, salad and garlic bread
Central Oven & Shaker pepperoni pizza
Central Oven & Shaker newcastle Heat N Meat pizza

As someone who isn't a massive pizza fan (yes, I know this is shocking)  I wouldn't have predicted I'd be so desperate to check out a new pizza place. But what with also being massively shallow, the interior styling of this newly opened eatery (which is across from Central Station in Newcastle) captivated me.

The industrial space is filled with beautiful 60's furniture, diner style accessories and a nice sprinkling of greenery, with neon signs giving everything a nice pink tinge.

Now, to move onto the food. I went for the healthy option, the 'Clean & Green' - courgette spirals with avocado, tomato, spinach and pesto (due to not being a huge pizza fan). It arrived with a side of garlic bread and the sweet potato fries which I ordered separately. It was lovely, but I was really pleased it came with the garlic bread because otherwise I would have been massively jealous of the pizzas my parents ordered - this place are 100% pros when it comes to carbs.

My mum got the pepperoni pizza and my dad got the Heat 'N Meat which, as you can see above had chicken, sausage, bacon and chillies on, the latter of which he donated to my mum and I as he hates hot things (?!), and he said the dough was one of the best he has tried.

We got a side of normal fries too which you can't see in these photos but they arrived in an actual wooden crate, so you get double the amount of normal fries than you do the sweet potato fries. Or so it seemed, but it could have been a bit of an optical illusion.

Drinks wise we didn't have any alcohol here, I had a Coke and my parents had tonic water, which I was pleased to see was by local supplier Fentimans.

The atmosphere of the place is somewhere between club and restaurant, with good music and a cocktail bar area where you can just sip a few of their amazing looking beverages. I am definitely going to have to return to try the cocktail menu, they had some delish looking exclusives, one of which featured candyfloss.

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