The Wedding Challenge

jumpsuit wedding outfit
Jumpsuit: New Look
Hat: Asos

Having never attended a proper wedding before - i.e. the ceremony part, and having compiled fashion pages for wedding guides, I thought finding an outfit for myself would be a fun, quite simple task to undertake. I was wrong. 

As it turns out, finding an outfit for a wedding is confusing, especially when it's in winter and you have an awards ceremony to attend afterwards - do you have to wear a dress? Does it have to be pastel coloured? How dressy is wedding dressy? Is that a different type of dressy to awards dressy?Will I have hat hair? The questions went on and on, circling around my brain from the time of receiving the invitation to the week of the event itself.

This was the first outfit I bought, so all in all it admittedly could have been as simple as I imagined. But in between purchasing this and wearing it to the wedding, I did in fact spend an embarrassingly large amount of time and money purchasing other options from embroidered maxi dresses to floral mini dresses. I just wasn't sold on the above, it would do but it didn't excite me.

In the end, I didn't find anything better so went with choice no.1, and looking back I think it was appropriate so I'm not too devastated about not finding that amazing outfit. I am however, hoping/praying that finding wedding outfits becomes easier with experience. 

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