Review: Dazzy Coffee Scrub

Dazzy coffee scrub review

You may have seen them in stores, on Insta and on beauty blogs but what exactly is coffee scrub, what does it do, and what are the benefits?

Well, it's a 100% natural scrub for your face and body that claims to help clear impurities such as spots and acne, as well as other skin issues such as cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema and small veins. All while making your skin 'softer' and more hydrated.

This particular coffee scrub is made up of coffee (obvs), virgin coconut oil, almond oil, brown sugar, vitamin E and other 'miracle ingredients'.

As mentioned in this blog post, my skin has all of the problems. As well as trying to achieve clear, glowing skin, I want to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles forming as I don't think it's ever too early to do this! So bearing this in mind, scroll down for my review of the Dazzy coffee scrub...

Dazzy coffee scrub review
Dazzy coffee scrub review
Dazzy coffee scrub review

So, does it do what it says on the, er, packet – or is it all hype?

Well, as far as I can tell, it does what it claims. I don't have cellulite (that I'm aware of, probs do), stretch marks or small veins, so I can't profess to know whether or not it helps with those problems, but I do have VERY sensitive skin and I'm prone to breakouts and clogged pores. I'm very picky about what I use on my skin, but this scrub is 100% natural, so I decided to give it a shot. It's not too harsh at all. In fact, despite leaving it on for a little longer than I should've the first time, (I was getting the above snap etc), it didn't sting or redden my skin like a lot of masks and scrubs do. It smelt delicious (very strongly of coffee, which was left me wanting a cup even though I'm a herbal tea only person!) and left my skin feeling beautifully hydrated, soft and glowing. 

You can really feel the oils getting to work hydrating your skin (hydration is vital whether you have dry or oily, spot-tone skin because it will both solve dryness and reduce irritation which leads to breakouts!), meanwhile the coffee and brown sugar work to remove dead skin and impurities, bringing a fresh, clean glow to your skin.

What I love most about this coffee scrub, however, is that you can use it on your body too and it has the same glowing, hydrating and refreshing effect.

Would I recommend the Dazzy Coffee Scrub?

I would definitely recommend the Dazzy scrub to anyone who wants to try something new to give their skin a healthy glow, soft texture and fresh appearance. It's ideal for a pampering evening in, and I'd definitely recommend using it in the bath because one thing to note about this scrub is that it can get messy! Just make sure no one's gonna walk in on you when you're covered head to toe in coffee because it freaks them out, trust me. 

I tried the Coffee & Citrus scrub, but they do a variety, check them out via their website here and head here to purchase.

Sensitive skin rating: 4/5
Ingredients rating: 5/5
Spot/acne rating: 4/5
Glow rating: 5/5
Practicality rating: 2/5

* I happily received this scrub free of charge from Dazzy as I have been excited to try a coffee scrub for a while, but this was not a paid for post and is 100% my honest opinion!


Crop flare jeans UK fashion bloggerCrop flare jeans UK fashion blogger
Crop flare jeans UK fashion blogger
Crop flare jeans UK fashion blogger

Rings: Dixi & Rock 'N Rose

The rest of the items are out of stock or unavailable in the UK but similar can be found in the Get the Look widget below!

Jeans: ASOS 
Bag: ASOS 
Necklaces: Primark 
Boots: ASOS
Sunglasses: Random brand from holiday

I am LOVING the colour yellow at the moment. It's very on trend for this year and I just think it's so eye-catching. Admittedly, it's taken me basically eight months of the year to warm to it having never previously worn any yellow at all but hey, it's a grower. 

I think, in fact, that I got put off the colour after my childhood bedrooms from age 0 to 10 were bright yellow, despite the colour, which was I assume chosen originally as a gender-neutral option pre-birth, was definitely not necessary for that whole time as I clearly am female. I hope.

Get the look:

Clean & Press Review

Clean & Press Jesmond Marinated chicken salad

A couple of weeks ago I visited Clean & Press in Jesmond, Newcastle for a clean and healthy lunch. Healthy eateries and juiceries are popping up here there and everywhere across the North East these days. I've tried Nosh in Middlesbrough, Neanderthal's in Norton and Ugöt in Newcastle's Central Station, which has now been taken over by the AMAZING Filmore & Union. I also believe I have a good knowledge of clean eating and nutrition, so how would Clean & Press fare? 

As Clean & Press has a strong focus on juicing (they offer cold pressed and freshly made juices along with smoothies), my first, and potentially most difficult decision was to choose a beverage. I had been before for a cup of tea (soz lol) which was divine, but this time I wanted to try their famous juices for review and health purposes (FYI it was the 'Sleeping Beauty' blend which is a China Sencha (green) tea, ft raspberry and blackberry flavour with rose buds and heather pieces, so good).

If you witnessed me trying to make a food or drink decision, you would probably find it reminiscent of when contestants on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? had to decide whether or not to gamble or use a lifeline. Or for a more relevant example, when the Love Island contestants had to decide who to dump from the villa. Despite this, I only changed my mind once and after picking up a cold pressed juice from the fridge, I decided to go for one of their freshly made options – the pineapple, lemon, ginger and celery juice, which was created to help with digestive issues such as bloating and IBS, which I occasionally suffer from. 

As you can see from the photo, you get a decent amount with Clean & Press's juices, but what you can't see is how delicious it was – not too thick or thin but so sweet.

I took my mother along, she opted for her standard cappuccino and it passed her very strict tests (even Starbucks has failed).

The next choice was which lunch option to go for – as I'm always in a healthy mood (until dessert) and love a salad, I opted (after much deliberation despite having checked the menu out in advance) for the marinated chicken salad without a dressing. 

I was very, very haps with the amount of chicken that came with the salad – and fresh, lovely chicken too! They definitely weren't stingy with the portion size. I was also happy to see that it came with chia seeds and pumpkin seeds (totes guessing at these seed varieties but I think that's what they were!). The salad itself was made up of red onion, sweetcorn, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and (I think the leaves were) spinach.

My mum, on the other hand, stuck to her not-so-health-focussed ways and went for a BLT. I don't usually like BLT's because they're far too salty/greasy but this one had a good chunk of avocado in and bacon that was thick and tasty rather than crispy and salty, so while the avocado sitch confused my mum a bit, I was well impressed. The healthiest BLT around.

Clean & Press Jesmond review
Clean & Press Jesmond BLT
Clean & Press Jesmond raw vegan snickers bar

Of course, while rifling through the fridge trying to decide on a juice, I couldn't help but see this dessert.

Resistance was futile. The 'raw vegan Snickers bar' being dairy free and, well raw basically, was great for me because I try to avoid dairy and processed foods as much as possible to limit breakouts and help my skin look decent. Filled with nuts, it had an amazing gooey texture under the hard chocolate topping. 

I would love the recipe for this, it tasted like (and guessing from something similar I've made before) it was made up of dates, possibly bananas and cacao, but one can't be sure. Also the chocolate was SO SIMILAR to genuine dairy-filled chocolate. I ate the whole thing but highly recommend sharing or taking half away because it's a lot heavier than it looks!

Clean & Press is located in Jesmond and has a lovely little outdoor seating area. I'd highly recommend visiting for a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack or even just a juice to give you a bit of a boost or for a detox. Head to the Clean & Press website for more info

* Clean & Press did not pay me for this post, they simply offered a complimentary lunch and drink :) thanks guys!


So this is the third festival fashion look I decided on as, obviously, this skirt had to be incorporated somewhere seeing as I bloody love it. It's so flattering and cute with the bows and the frills and the floral and the polka dots – and mixes multiple trends in one, so what's not to love fashion addicts? I bought mine in a petite size 4 and I'm usually a size 6, sometimes 8 so, if I have convinced you that this is a must-buy, beware that the sizing is big! 

I styled it with a band tee because I absolutely love that mix of girly and grunge at the moment. As mentioned in this post, where I styled a floral dress over the same Slayer tee. And when it came to footwear I opted for Docs with this to amp up the grunge factor even more (and because they're super comfy and festival appropriate). I'd definitely recommend them as an alternative to wellies. As long as it isn't as muddy as last year's UK festivals i.e. this

band t-shirt uk blogger outfit

Finally, I chucked on a utility jacket because it's both lightweight and works as a camouflage – perfect for chilling on the grass and avoiding those festival pals you didn't really want. Also can I give a shout out to the trusty tote bag which fits everything in and is minimal effort to transport. It's excellent if you wanna be a girly loser with a camera, lipstick, purse, bottle of *perhaps* water etc. 10/10 to the tote.

band t-shirt uk blogger outfit
Looking like I've just spotted James Bay entering the campsite
band t-shirt uk blogger outfit
band t-shirt uk blogger outfit
the bearhug uk blogger outfit
Top: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Sunglasses: Topshop
Jacket: Pull & Bear via ASOS
Boots: Dr. Martens

I hope you enjoyed my festival looks! Let me know which was your fave. See the other two here and here.

Get the look:


As mentioned in the first post of this festival fashion series, I'm heading to Reading Festival this month, and having a rethink about my usual festival ensembles. I'm sick of the standard denim shorts look, but of course can't go full on Coachella in a maxi dress and glitter because we are in England and the weather is not as predictable as it is in the Californian desert sadly.

After the first festival fashion post featuring a dress, I decided to style a denim skirt for this one. Admittedly this is basically a very, very subtle twist on the whole denim shorts thing. However, I love the Penny Lane, 70s vibes so it passes in my eyes.

My previous look included trainers, but of course, they aren't always weather appropriate at UK festivals. Wellies are ALWAYS a necessity and these Hunter's have served me well over the last 7 years (omg how old am I). I got mine from TK Maxx at quite a hefty discount so I'd highly recommend heading there! I'd also recommend going for a generic colour like black or navy blue because they go with everything. My friend has red and yes they are beautiful but if you want to wear something pink you're screwed.

Top: ASOS (similar below)
Skirt: Topshop 
Bag: ASOS (similar below)
Rings: Dixi & Rock N Rose
Necklaces: Primark (similar below)
Wellies: Hunter

Let me know what you think about this look!

Check my edit of some beautiful similar items here:


UK Festival Fashion 2017 2018

This month I'll be heading to Reading Festival – yep, we're switching it up from the usual Leeds  (see some of my vintage posts on festival fashion/Leeds Festival here and here (lol)), because why not? I'm beginning to consider what to pack in my very un-festival-like suitcase (it has served me well through lots and lots of festivals – I will never cave to the holdall).

Obviously, I realise this is a bit late as it is reaching the end of the festival season but if you're heading to Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, V Festival, Leefest, Greenman, Creamfields or Boardmasters – hopefully this will be helpful and provide a little bit of packing inspo!

Dressing for festivals is great because you can wear things you might not normally dare to wear (i.e. a ton of glitter all over your hair/face/body, a sparkly 90s-style crop top, wellies with hot pants etc) or have the chance to, and I love the casual, music-inspired style that naturally dominates at festivals.

For years, however, the denim shorts and crop top look has been my go-to for festivals and frankly, I'm over it. This relinquishing of the one outfit I have relied on for such events has provided me with the task of coming up with, god forbid, alternative options – largely denim-free. It has not been easy, so I thought I would share my journey in the form of a festival fashion series. Keep scrolling for look number 1.

vintage bumbag festival fashion uk

The Bumbag: yes, it's still cool. Or maybe it isn't, but it's certainly practical so DEFINITELY PACK IT. There's nothing worse than dealing with an unruly cross body bag when you're trying to dance in the middle of a crowd.

Style note: People are wearing them like this now. I'm not sure how I feel about it but would like to hear your thoughts...

The Rings: it's all in the detail people. I can't leave my rings behind for anyone or anything. These are a mix of Dixi and Rock 'n Rose and I bloody love them.

denim jacket festival fashion uk

Admittedly I said my new festival looks were largely denim-free, so forgive this jacket. My beloved oversized denim jacket from Urban is my favourite thing for festivals, it just looks so great over dresses and skirts.

However, do be warned that when it gets wet, it gets VERY wet. Trust me. And probably won't dry for the remainder of the weekend, no matter how long you lay it out on the your mandala print throw, so do take an alternative outerwear option... 

trainers festival fashion uk

I can't recall ever risking trainers at a festival yet, but I am going to take them in the hope that the weather is somewhat dry this year and I actually have the opportunity to wear them. I'm as sick of wellies as I am Levi cut offs.

Of course, the prime accessory of a festival is the sunglasses. Take as many pairs as you like or can fit in your suitcase/holdall I love these cheapskate Ray Ban rip offs because they go with pretty much everything and look quite rock n roll. However some thicker frames are also useful for when you're feeling more Nicole Richie than John Lennon.

 Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Dress: ASOS
Trainers: ReebokClassics (similar below)
Sunglasses: ASOS (similar below)
Rings: Dixi & Rock 'N Rose

If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for a further two festival fashion posts! And check out my selection of similar items here:

SS17 & AW17 trend: Floral

ss17 aw18 floral trend
Anna Sui, Altuzarra, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Erdem

As mentioned in this post, I'm starting to do a little trend series in which I pick one of the seasons biggest catwalk trends and create a high street edit of my favourite pieces. 

After starting with the 80s trend of SS17, I thought I'd go with the floral trend next because – not only am I a die-hard fan of the print in almost all of its forms and guises (I will wear floral tops, dresses, shoes, jackets for life... Check my picks of the high streets best of all of these below!) – but it is a trend that was all over the Spring/Summer AND Autumn/Winter 2017 catwalks. So anything floral rn is a great investment, tell this to your conscience.

Bearing this in mind (the fact that you will probs want to wear your floral pieces throughout winter too) I have picked items that will work for both seasons, i.e. dark florals, versatile styles and so on. I'm pretty sure the below items can be worn whether it is hot or cold, winter or summer.

Personally, when it comes to styling floral prints and embroidery, I like to grunge them up a bit as you can see in this post and this post. My style is not that girly so I love wearing a floral skirt with a band tee and docs or a floral dress with biker boots and a leather jacket. 

Another point that I feel I should ramble on about, is the fact that I am going through a strange yellow obsession at the moment, and anything yellow and also floral I cannot seem to resist. This perhaps is the least seasonally versatile form of floral but where there's a will there's a way – I think the floral tops I have picked below would look great with jeans and a fur coat in winter.

20 things I've learned in my 20s

Am I an adult or a child? The outfit says unsure
I turned 24 this year, and I can safely say that your 20s can be a turbulent time. For me, they have achieved the status of being the most unsettled period of my existence so far.

Having gone from a very steady, clear and focused life with my parents to uni with the safe anchor of a boyfriend in-between, I had no idea what I was in for when I was thrust into the real world as a single adult.

At uni I carved out my own friends and life, prior to the relationship with my boyfriend breaking down and becoming single for my final year, which was semi-turbulent, yes, but not really, as the single life works well with the uni life and it's kind of expected. 

After graduation I moved home, got some internships and ended up back with said boyfriend. At this point, I still had a vague plan, a plan that I had mentally run through for years while in a relationship. My boyfriend and I would stay at home for a year or so until we both had good jobs and savings, then we would move out into our own place in a city. Unfortunately, my boyfriend did not share the same desire to live in a city or leave home at all. Inevitably, we broke up.

Since this point, my life has progressed in a lot more unpredictable of a manner than the original plan dictated. And this is what I have learned:

1. Living on your own and having a full time job is more expensive than you'd imagine. Seriously, every time you leave the house it costs money and when you're living on your own you're going to want to do this frequently.

2. People will let you down – don't let them do it twice. Friends, colleagues, boyfriends – I've learned that not every friendship, relationship or job situation will pan out as you imagine. Nobody's perfect and if you want to be happy you can't rely on others. If someone lets you down more than once, in most situations – like, not with your mum for forgetting to add avocados to the weekly shop – just cut ties. It sounds harsh but life is too short to surround yourself with people or situations that aren't good for you, I've spent far too much time hoping people will change.

3. Soon enough, none of your friends will have access to a student discount code you can 'lend' and this will be a sad, sad day.

4. Very few of us know what we want to do or in fact, what we are presently doing with our lives. We might think we know on graduation, but a few years into adult life we may realise the original plan is not for us.

5. Deciding what to do with this decade is not easy. The decision between investing your time in your career, simply earning as much as you can, doing that Masters you always kind of wanted to, or making the most of your youth and going travelling is probs one of the biggest dilemmas of our age group. 

6. It is very, very difficult to know whether you should be dressing like a sophisticated adult who has their life together or the 18 year old you are at heart. This has led to very bizarre outfits for me consisting of dungaree dresses and fishnets one day and a blazer and pointed court shoes the next.

7. You will think you're mega rich when you get your first pay cheque, but you will soon realise that life costs A LOT of money. I bought my All Saints jacket with my first pay cheque, and I don't think I will ever feel this frivolous again. 

8. At some point, you will use Tinder and it will lead to many mixed emotions. You will more than likely (only if/when you're single, hopefully) spend a hungover Sunday swiping primarily left through some very questionable humans. You'll question humanity on reading their bios, despair at the idea of ever having a boyfriend and experience confidence boosts from the few flattering Tinderians you thought worthy of a right swipe. You will then be too scared to actually go on a date with them, but at least you entertained yourself for a few hours and got confirmation that you do look alright in your best ever selection of photos.

9. Two day weekends are very difficult to adjust to. Three years in and I am still not coping, surely it is inhumane? We need at least three days to have fun, get our personal lives in order and recover from all of this.

10. You will question everything about yourself. A lot. From your attractiveness to your intelligence to your ability to hold down friendships and relationships. Everyone is doing completely different things at this stage in their life and this can make you question your self-worth. At one point I had my 'dream job', people messaged me begging to know how I did it and if I could help get them in. And while it was great in many ways, it wasn't as joyous as it seemed. Not only was I spending a large chunk of my day stuck in traffic, the working environment itself wasn't healthy. The business was run on fear and no one was happy. So don't judge a book by its cover and definitely don't envy people who appear to be doing well.

11. Exercise. It can be hard to find the motivation but JUST DO IT. There are so many physical and mental benefits.

12. You might cry,  and it will most likely be on a Sunday. My cousin and I coined the term 'Sad Sundays' because any random incidents of sadness tended to happen for both of us on a Sunday. Probably due to being hungover, not doing much and ultimately facing the prospect of Monday. My Sad Sundays only occurred in the few months after I became single and had started full time work. You work all week, look forward to Saturday, have a blast then suddenly you're nursing a headache, it's raining, it's a whole six days till you're free again and you don't have a boyfriend to give you sympathy (in my case). If you're going through this, I feel ya. Get yourself on Tinder as per point eight for a speedy dose of attention and a much-needed ego-boost, or better still, go for a delicious Sunday Lunch bc food is happiness.

13. All you really need to succeed is willpower. If you really, really want to achieve something, chances are you can if you set your mind to it. If you feel you're failing at something, ask yourself if it's what you really want and if you're doing everything humanly possible to achieve it. 

14. You have to make actual life changing decisions. On your own. Yeah, where to go to uni was a big decision but once you graduate you need to decide where you want to live (which can have a massive impact on your career and personal life), what you actually want to do, whether you will rent or buy, whether you will travel or thrust yourself straight into the 9-5 life. Even dating at this age is a hell of a lot more significant than it was in uni/college. If you end up boyfriend and girlfriend this may be it for life. You won't realise in a month that you actually fancy the guy from the year above who gets your bus and switch, you'll probs get married, unvoluntarily adopt each others families and be stuck together forever... OMG.

15. Semi-related to the above point – don't feel pressure to be in a relationship. HOW do some people go from relationship to relationship with zero break?! In my experience it's just not that easy finding someone with the same goals as you who wants to be with you and who you also find attractive. But TBF it did take me 17 years of my life to get into relationship #1, so I'm fully mentally prepared to wait another 15 years for the next one to transpire. Patience is a virtue. 

16. Do what you love. This doesn't mean you have to be doing your dream job. If not in work time, do what you love in your spare time, for me it's blogging and writing, but it could be anything from being in a band to photography or painting. Make sure you do it and you never know what will come from it, but if nothing else, happiness and self-fulfilment will.

17. Look young? People years younger than you can, and will, now flirt with you in clubs. Never let the conversation get too far without asking someone's age. I often interrupt people mid-flirt to cut to the chase with this, and more often than not, they think I'm asking because they're significantly older than me. FML.

18. Comparing yourself to others on social media is simply counter-productive torture. Don't do it. They're probably looking at you thinking you have way better legs/style/home than them while you're looking at them thinking they have way better hair/boobs/car. Everybody is different and comparing yourself is a pointless task that will get you nowhere with improving yourself. Read a book or go to the gym instead. 

19. See the best in people, but don't expect it. Be nice, but be wary that some people might take advantage of you for it.

20. Being single and free can be the most liberating and exciting experience in the world in your 20s. I can do what I want, live where I want or travel where I want. It's selfish but I don't have to consider anyone else when making plans and that is a huge benefit. Additionally, I'm not afraid to do things alone anymore. The first time I realised I didn't care about going to a café by myself was so freeing because previously I was relying on another person to also have the same desire to go to said café (this café can be a metaphor for many things in life). 

This place between childhood and adulthood may not last forever, but enjoy it while it does because we will undoubtedly miss the freedom that we currently see as uncertainty when we are tied to a mortgage and real life responsibilities. 

Let me know if you relate to the above or have any points of your own!x

SS17 trend: Eighties Fever

SS17 Eighties trend fashion blog
Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Rodarte, Rodarte, Haider Ackerman

Hello! I've decided to do trend posts, featuring a wish list of my favourite high street pieces that have been inspired by the catwalk. And I'm starting with the Eighties because how beaut were the Eighties inspired pieces?! I am loving the metallics, minis and fringed leather jackets.

While this trend could be a massive leap out of your comfort zone after the minimalistic trends of the past few seasons (/years) I think it's about time we all went a little bit extra with our evening wear (and yes, I am drawing the line at evening wear, because as much as I love this trend, I'm probs not going to step out in a sequinned mini dress or gold trousers during the day).

As well as sequinned minidresses, high shine materials, one-shouldered or off the shoulder styles, puff-sleeved detailing and OTT fringing as seen above, there was an abundance of stilettos, larger-than-life earrings (which I personally am not finding appealing atm because I'm stuck in my 'tiny ring and stud from Urban Outfitters' ways, which you can kind of see here), ruffles and bold colours (see below for a hot pink blazer).

My main NEED piece from this trend is the leather jacket. The one below is from Topshop, but you can get similar versions from Etsy for around £30-£100. As much as I love my All Saints Balfern leather biker jacket, I think one of these styles would be a great investment to mix it up from time to time, as I am a leather jacket addict and wear them farrr too much.


 Dress: Topshop
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Top: Topshop
Boots: Asos
Sunglasses: Asos

Despite having already shot this beautiful floral Topshop dress for this post, I had to use it again because it's just so versatile (as I think I mentioned in said post, along with the fact I have also worn it as a skirt).

I really love mixing girly pieces with edgier items like buckle boots, band tees and oversized denim, so the 'Floral Punk' trend that is everywhere in SS17 (black florals with leather, metalware, black lace etc) is right up my street and I will 100% max out on it!

I think this would make a great festival outfit too so I may well be wearing it yet again for Reading Festival next month - as long as it isn't as muddy as Leeds was last year because if so, I am going to require my Hunters fo sho.

My Top 10 Films

I'm not one to often watch TV or films, I'm far too fidgety and my mind always drifts to something else I should be doing. I need to practice mindfulness, I know. However, there are a good few films out there that have really captured my attention over time, you know those that stay with you afterwards and even possibly impact your perspective on IRL things?

My dad is a pro at turning the living room into a cinematic experience, so I love settling down to watch a good film at my parent's house. If you're looking for a good option, however, here's some advice from the pro himself - definitely, definitely go HD (4K preferably, which is about 4 times more detailed than original HD - I would not wanna be an actor in this day and age!), 'size is everything' so don't scrimp (personally I also wouldn't recommend going too large if you're working with a small space, you don't want the room to be 90% screen). and invest in a surround sound system. The Panasonic 4K TV range is a good place to go, as they look swish and stylish too with minimal frames.

Anyway, once you've got your viewing set-up sorted, I highly recommend having a watch of any of the below you haven't already seen:

1. Almost Famous 

Almost Famous is loosely based on the director, Cameron Crowe's experiences and the 70s rock band/groupie scene. The slightly geeky protagonist leaves his overprotective mother who wants him to become a lawyer, to tour with a rock band, and write about it for Rolling Stone magazine. Not only is this film hilarious and insightful, part of my love for it comes largely due to the inspiring 70s styling, which is just brilliant. Kate Hudson in this film is aesthetic goals.


2. The Boat That Rocked

I love any film related to rock music I think. Another brilliant, comedy-drama. I haven't watched this for a while now but it's one that, at the time I remember laughing at so hard and really enjoying the whole rock 'n roll vibe.


3. The Shawshank Redemption

Until last year I had never seen this classic, I have now seen it a total of once, but it's a must for this list – and as you can see by the above, I don't just choose classics for classic's sake.


4.  Amanda Knox

I was reluctant to include a documentary on this list but honestly, this documentary about the Meredith Kercher murder is so fascinating. Primarily because Amanda Knox, who was imprisoned for four years for the murder of her housemate features as a speaker in the film. How the filmmakers got her to agree to it is beyond me, because even if she is innocent, it's all still very controversial. It's fascinating to hear her side of the story and the side of the authorities to the point where you can psychoanalyse their facial expressions and emotions.


5. Pulp Fiction

Gripping and a great soundtrack. There's not much more to say, it's a winner!


6. Django Unchained

While most films have me scrolling Insta half an hour in, this is a strong attention grabber – and holder. I thoroughly enjoyed Django, with its mix of drama, action and history, from start to finish. I'm actually craving watching it again soon TBH because I can't even fully remember it now, woops! I swear it is good though.


7. The Lion King

Because nothing has ever affected my emotions as much as when Scar lets Mufasa fall into the path of the stampeding wildebeest.


8. Boyhood

Because it was filmed over 12 years with the same cast and follows the story of growing up. The realest Bildungsroman.


9. The Notebook

Cliché for a reason. I challenge you to watch The Notebook and not cry.


10. The Big Lebowski

For the lols. The protagonist, a middle-aged guy, gets mistaken for a millionaire and all unravels from there in the most unlikely yet HILARIOUS fashion. A must-see for all.


Let me know what your favourite films are, I always love suggestions!x