48 hours in London

I actually go to London frequently but for some reason haven't blogged about it since 2013 when I did this lolable post and also this even weirder one

This time, however, I have compiled a decently wordy piece on where we went and what we did because there are some places which are amazing and you just absolutely have to go if you can.

We didn't have THAT much time as it was a fleeting visit, but we crammed in some amazing eateries (which we had discovered via Instagram), bars and even an exhibition (luckily we didn't have to queue for 678687839 hours like we did for the last one we attended - Mademoiselle Prive at the Saatchi Gallery was free entry and we went midday on a weekend cos we are stupid). 

In my post on the highlights of London, I mention way more places than we managed to get to this weekend, so if you want more inspo head here. But do read on for a snappy little overview of my weekend.


For breakfast we went to Friends of Ours in Shoreditch. A tiny little place, you wouldn't really notice it from the outside (unless you saw the queues which developed as we were leaving) , but their Instagram popularity/photogenic food is so significant that the menu features an extra little side note saying that, if you're in doubt, you should check Instagram for many shots of their delicious dishes (or something along these lines). I applaud this because all I ever feel like doing when I'm reading a menu is checking Instagram for visual proof of said meal quality. I mean, a picture rly does speak a thousand words. For proof of this just Google Eggs Benedict, while most look amazing, some look not so fabulous, and then there are the Benedict Cumberbatch variety...

Once inside, we were seated on a long bench as all the little tables were full (this was 10am, it's mega popular), which although I'm sometimes a bit wary of sharing my personal space with strangers actually proved quite useful in this instance because we got to be nosy and view real life live previews of a range of meals - they all looked amazing, especially the scrambled eggs which I'd have to try if I returned. 

I have a sweet tooth however, so I opted for the Coconut Rice Pudding which came with raspberries, blueberries, roasted plum, hazelnut crumb, toasted coconut chips and plum syrup, which was all vegan and gluten free, while Sian got the Sweetcorn and Potato Fritters with roasted beetroot, kasundi, feta, mint, poached egg, avocado and coriander - all of which is vegetarian and gluten free. I also got some delish Japanese tea...

Friends of Ours Shoreditch brunch
Friends of Ours Shoreditch coconut rice breakfast


We visited the V&A for the Records and Rebels exhibition. I don't technically think I was supposed to photograph this exhibition but YOLO it was gr8. It takes you through the years and social changes and includes some real moon rock (the geek in me was mesmerised) Jimmy Hendrix's smashed guitar and some rather amusing communications between festival goers written on paper plates and signs - thank goodness we now have mobile phones, and please festival gods, never let them run out of battery because this looked traumatic. 

Oh and the exhibition also includes a headset which as well as giving you interesting info, has the best playlist of songs from the era.

V&A Records and Rebels sixties
Records and rebels v&a


For lunch we went to Farmstand in Covent Garden. Everything is well sourced and well cooked. You can build your own lunch box for £7.50 with one main (the mains include salmon, meatballs, aubergine, beef and chicken) and two sides which include mixes of grains, beans and veg all cooked with herbs and spices.

Alternatively, if you're as indecisive as Sian they will be so sick of you they'll let you have half portions of six sides. She got the meatballs, broccoli, sweet potato, bean, pepper and pumpkin mix and some other stuff which I can't remember as extra. I got the aubergine, bean mix and sweet potato. As you can see below, the drink options were also amazing, and we got a brownie and Sweet Muffin (made dairy and gluten free with blueberry, coconut, chia seeds and unrefined coconut sugar). 

Farmstand Covent Garden lunch box
Farmstand Covent Garden drinks
Farmstand Covent Garden interior
Farmstand Covent Garden muffin brownie


For drinks we went to Sky Garden which is essentially a venue in a greenhouse atop a skyscraper. The views are amazing, as discovered via Instagram, but unfortunately we went on the only day you couldn't actually see out of the windows, or venture out on to the terrace due to the terrible weather. As you can see below we did actually vaguely spot the Gherkin.

Regardless of the fact the main appeal of this place was rendered useless, it's still lovely with greenery everywhere and cocktails which are a work of art (pricey at £12, but it's worth it). I got the Flower Power gin cocktail and it was so attractive that people were asking me which one it was.

Sky Garden London Flower Power cocktailSky Garden London Flower Power cocktail

That turned out not to be that snappy didn't it... If you would like to hear more of my ramblings on this city, as I say, head here for the ultimate guide!x

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