Health & Beauty Resolutions

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Beauty resolutions

1. Clean makeup brushes regularly
There are many reasons we should clean our makeup brushes and tools regularly, not only will dirty brushes break us out, dirty eyelash curlers are likely to rip out eyelashes and cleaning is actually good for the brush itself - it will keep it intact and it will last much longer.

I know all of this yet I still don't always do it, I probably wash mine every 1-3 weeks when really it needs to be every week at least. I'm going to invest in another one or two foundation brushes as I feel they need cleaning more than once a week, so I will use them for two or three days then rotate and wash the whole set at the end of the week.

2. Cleanse day and night 
And by this I mean have a thorough cleansing routine for morning and night which I will always complete. Even after an evening of gin drinking.

One of my overall goals for the year (and a goal I've always kinda been aiming for) is to get that perfect healthy, clear, glowing skin and frankly I don't think you can ever achieve this without keeping your skin as clean as possible and well moisturised. Unless of course your blessed with naturally amazing baby skin for life.

Some say over cleansing is bad but in my experience sleeping and going to the gym with makeup - or makeup residue - on your face is worse. Yes, scrubbing your skin too much or using a harsh cleanser can lead to irritation for sensitive skin, but you can get cleansers aimed at sensitive skin, natural cleansers and hot cloth cleansers - all of which shouldn't cause any damage. At night or before a workout it's worth either double cleansing to ensure your skin is completely clean when you wipe a cotton wool pad over it (there should be no makeup residue) or using two different cleansers depending on your needs.

For further tips on getting perfect skin and which products I have tried and tested check out this post.

If you're wondering how to clean your brushes - baby shampoo, hot water, a sink and a flannel is all you need, simply blob a bit of shampoo onto the brush, mix with a bit of hot water, rub it in thoroughly like your hairdresser would on your head and rinse with hot water, then place on a clean flannel to dry.

3. Moisturise daily
This relates heavily to the above. I am going to moisturise my face and body (at least once a day for body and twice for face) because not only will it help skin look and feel good in the short term, it will (hopefully) keep lines and wrinkles at bay for as long as poss. Plus it takes seconds and makes you smell amazing - why would you not do this?! Click here for further details on my skincare routine.

4. Eat clean
You are what you eat, and if I eat crap I'll probs look like crap. So as well as having a daily Berocca and supplements (Iron/Evening Primrose oil/Vitamin E) I will be eating as much fruit and veg and as little processed food and alcohol (disclaimer: I may still be posting pretty cocktails to my Insta story - I am not going cold turkey) as possible to help achieve the glow I have been wishing for.

Health resolutions

1. Eat clean
This is in both sections as it will also help health as well as beauty - in terms of actual medical health and being healthy and fit and toned.  

3. Exercise well
This encompasses a few things - by exercising 'well' I do mean frequently but more importantly I mean effectively. Rather than go to the gym and spend 20 minutes on each machine plodding on, not getting v out of breath and hating life, I am going to do quick and speedy workouts such as a mix of burpees, lunges and squats, or a circuits class. Joe Wicks says it works so I am not gonna argue. If it's motivation you struggle with this post may help.

4. Eat my 5-a-day
I am going to make a conscious effort to eat more fruit and veg. Not only will it help my skin, I feel accomplished when I achieve this and it will probably lead to a healthier diet overall because I'll be eating less of the other things. Or that's the idea but knowing how capable I am of eating I will probably end up eating my 5-a-day alongside my usual popcorn and biscuit snacks.

5. Be more organised
When I have stuff to do I tend to do half the job then give myself a break. Right now for example I am in the middle of a housework and life admin day but halfway through have decided to sit down and write this which, yeah, isn't necessarily unproductive but if I was thoroughly disciplined I would complete one job before moving on to the next, and I'd feel much better going about it that way, but sometimes I am just too lazy and impatient.

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