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Northern Juice pack contents
Northern Juice juice pack juices review
JNorthern Juice Shim Sham and Charcoal Lemonade

I've wanted to do a juice cleanse for ages so when I discovered Northern Juice which delivers nationwide, but is based in the centre of Newcastle on High Bridge Street, I jumped at the chance to try their beautifully packaged, fresh, health and wellness focused juices.

If you're new to the idea of a cold pressed juice, it's basically a way of turning fruit and veg into juice which, unlike when heated methods are used, retains almost all of the products' original nutrients and vitamins. So basically, it's really good for you! And Northern Juice source as much of their ingredients as possible locally and they source their fruits, herbs and veg each day so their juices are super fresh.

As you can see from the selection I tried, they also offer 'Wellness Shots', a little bottle filled with health and wellness-boosting ingredients with medicinal properties - mine was made of ginger, lemon and organic Manuka honey (Manuka honey is used for everything from aiding sore throats to digestive problems as it's packed full of even more vitamins and nutrients than regular honey). Like a lot of the juices from Northern Juice, this certainly had a kick, which I personally loved as I don't mind spice and they're great for your metabolism.

I also got their 'Charcoal Lemonade', a water-based drink infused with lemon and activated charcoal which aids digestion and is a great detox ingredient, plus some even say it can prevent a hangover, which kinda makes sense as it clings on to poisons and toxins and pulls them out of the body. I must admit taste-wise it had nothing on the flavour-filled deliciousness of the juices, after all, it is just flavoured water, but the lemon makes it more enjoyable than plain water and the health benefits definitely make it worth drinking. Especially if they can extinguish the hangover (fortunately I haven't had a chance to test this).

The juices themselves were absolutely delicious. They all have cute and quirky names, but my favourites were Doodle Fire - orange, lemon, grapefruit and cayenne extract, Shim Sham - orange, satsuma, raspberry and cayenne extract, Shuffle - apple, lemon, mint and pineapple and Jig Walk - kiwi, green apple, nappa cabbage, lemon and lime.

I originally planned on going down the 'juice cleanse' route and having one each day for breakfast, but I ended up eating breakfast anyway (cos I'm greedy) and drinking 1-2 of the juices per day in addition to my normal diet (or actually a bit more than my normal diet to be honest because I ate out a few times and had dessert) yet I still lost weight throughout the week, which could have been coincidence, but I really do think the juices worked wonders for my metabolism. I also managed to go to the gym a lot more (which could also be why) as I had a lot more energy than usual.

I'd definitely recommend these juices, whether you are looking to boost your health, lose weight in a healthy way or simply have a delicious drink delivered straight to your office for free (yep, free delivery is available across Newcastle).


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