Top 10 2017 Fashion Trends

1. Hot pink
I hate being a stereotypical girl but I love pink (although I really am highly stereotypical and I don't do much about it). It is just so bold and eye catching and pretty, and this hot shade makes an excellent change from the tame pastels of previous fashion weeks. It reminds me of my B&Q wall paint colour of choice at the age of ten which immediately got knocked back by my mum, I think it was called something along the lines of Sexy Pink...

SS17 Topshop Unique pink
Topshop Unique

2. 80s silhouette
YES big shoulders small waist - a flattering silhouette which I am definitely on board for. I'm happy about the large shoulder trend especially as my shoulders are oversized as is and it always makes like easier if your bone structure is on trend. Time to invest in a waist cinching belt and shoulder pads.

Saint Laurent metallic mini dress ss17
Saint Laurent

3. Flower Power
Forever a fan of the floral print I will undoubtedly be jumping aboard this beaut of a trend. Go hard or go home in my opinion - there's no shying away with a ditsy print.

Isabel Marant floral hotpants ss17
Isabel Marant

4. Graphic
Best worn in the form of knitwear in my opinion - a bold statement jumper is on my wish list.

Proenza Schouler ss17 stripes
Proenza Schouler

5. Skin tight
Spandex is fashionable apparently. From leggings to full-on jumpsuits, skin tight clothing is back, looking cool and providing yet more reason to go to the gym...

Balenciaga floral jumpsuit ss17

6. Metallics/iridescent materials
I am like a magpie in that I am always drawn to anything shiny. Iridesence just makes shiny stuff even prettier in my opinion so if I see a bold AF purple/pink retina offending skirt I will probs invest, yes.


7. Sheer
I love this look. I would definitely wear a sheer skirt/dress on a night out, or I would shove a sheer t-shirt under a strappy dress.


8. Yellow
Having been put off this colour for the past 16 years after my parents decorated my room in the sunshine shade from birth-7yrs old, I am finally regaining my appreciation of it. It's quite a happy colour really isn't it - and a great signifier of Spring. New year, new me, no more yellow-hating. I actually think a bright yellow jumper would look amaze.


9. The polka dot
I've always loved this print, stripes and polka dots are my ultimate faves when it comes to geometrics in fashion and while the star print lives on, I'm so glad this has returned, it has that classic, vintage, stylish vibe which you just can't beat.


10. Fringing
I have always been looking for an excuse to invest in a fringed leather jacket, they're just so nice, and a refreshing change from the standard All Saints biker - don't get me wrong I love mine, but one jacket style for life is just unacceptable I feel.


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