Review: Meet & Treat

Meet & Treat Newcastle zoodle salad
Meet & Treat Newcastle chicken katsu curry
Meet & Treat Newcastle noodlesMeet & Treat Newcastle skinny minnie tea

After seeing the beautiful interior of this Newcastle cafe on Tor from That's Peachy's Instagram, I had to give it a try.

 Hidden away just by Chinatown, it's a quaint and very pretty little place filled with quirky decor, board games and lots of tea options. I went for the Skinny Minnie detox type tea and their zoodle (courgette noodles) dish because I was in the mood to be healthy. It came with a delicious peanut sauce and I am actually planning on trying to recreate it for a packed lunch option as it was so healthy yet so tasty too.

The other food also looked absolutely delish, as you can see in these snaps the chicken katsu curry is a bit more hearty and comes with a lot of sauce (always an aspect which I place a lot of value on) and the third meal is a noodle dish which looks kinda small here but the photo isn't doing it justice - it was a very, very decent size!

A funny sitch that occurred while here is - I took a snap of my food (the first image) as I had a feeling I was going to want to spread the word about it but almost didn't post it on Insta because it's such a small place and I thought, well, they're obviously going to see it and look over at me and know I did it - which admittedly shouldn't really be an embarrassing thing, but I just find this absence of anonymity kinda awkward - so I voiced this concern to my mum and said I'll refrain to which she said Sophie, don't be silly, they won't even notice. So alas I popped it on and five minutes later the lovely, I think owner, approached our table to ask if I was Sophie Spaldin. Turns out they definitely had noticed and they give Igers free hot drink flasks for spreading the word. And this people, is why we should not be shy - I have wanted a hot drink flask for approx six months. Thank you Meet & Treat, I will definitely be returning.

 Check out their Insta here: @mnt_ncl

Seeing Stars

velvet zara jacket blogger outfit
velvet zara jacket blogger outfit
velvet zara jacket blogger outfit
velvet zara jacket blogger outfit
 Jacket (or shacket?): Zara
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Topshop
Hat: Asos

 This is potentially my favourite sales find ever. Weirdly, it reminds me of Harry Potter and this was one of the main reasons I was drawn to it. It's just so unique and detailed with the velvet and embroidery - I'm pretty sure Dumbledore would love it.

One of my main concerns was where I would end up wearing it/if I'd end up wearing it but I've already worn it a few times for chilled pub trips and meals out. Plus, I think it's one of those things that will still be wearable in a few years' time.

I can't see it on their website but it was reduced from about £70 to £20 so if you like it, it's worth checking your local shop!

Faux Real

UK style blogger in leopard fur coatUK style blogger in leopard fur coat
UK style blogger in leopard fur coat
UK style blogger in leopard fur coat
UK style blogger in leopard fur coat
 Coat: Asos (old but similar here)
Fishnets: F&F at Tesco
Hat: Asos (also old, but this one's similar and better)
Boots: Topshop
Choker: Primark
Other necklaces: Topshop & Asos (the gem one is from a collection from Topshop and the other choker which you can barely see is Asos)

Apologies for the amount of items in this post that are old, I didn't realise the extremity until I came to write it up. They're all pretty standard classics which you can probably source from anywhere though. 

This coat literally is years old, but I feel like fur coats are always going to be on trend, which is why when you find a good one you should just buy it. This one was from Asos and I'm sure I got it in the sale for something like £20, which was an absolute bargain - I would have bought it at £100 as I have a thing about the fur on fur coats not looking too fake and... I don't know... 'fluffy'? This one, however, is near-perfect to me in terms of its texture, colour and even the pattern - which is more cheetah than leopard really isn't it. Gonna keep calling it my leopard print coat because cheetah print just doesn't sound right.