The Style Rut

Seventies plunge floral jumpsuit by Glamorous

Jumpsuits are an incredible invention. Unlike a skirt or trousers, you don't have to go to the effort of pairing them with anything, they cover almost your entire body so are likely to be relatively warm and whereas with dresses you have to beware of the wind and potential Monroe style incidents, jumpsuits largely keep your knickers covered (not your bra in the case of the above, but boob tape can solve that one). Plus, they're usually really flattering, even on short people like me.

For these reasons I have far too many. I feel like I've become that person who gets stuck in a rut with their style and can no longer think outside the box, i.e. wear anything to an event other than a jumpsuit. So to get out of this rut I have tried on EVERY DRESS out there, or so it feels, in the hunt for an outfit for the races next week. Over the past month, this has culminated in the purchases of the below, as well as a lot of time spent in Topshop's changing rooms:

Sisters of the Tribe gypsy boho mini dress asos

This dress is from a brand called Sisters of the Tribe (which I can't find anywhere else online?!) at Asos, and while it's lovely and an actual petite item (it's hard for me to find dresses which look dece with my height of 5'3") it was only available in a 4, which makes the boob exposure a bit awkward, so as much as I love it, I am considering returning this.

White long sleeved polka dot shift dress

This dress I absolutely love, I can never find shift dresses that suit me, they usually drown me completely, but this one, again is petite, and polka dot and it has frills - some of my favourite things combined in one item. The negatives are the price, £45, and the material - it's a lot thinner than I imagined and this makes it almost entirely see-through. So I'm still deciding on this one.

Oriental print maxi tea dress

And finally, the oriental style maxi tea dress of dreams. I don't think this is March races appropriate and I've no idea what else I would wear it for but it's a keeper. Just gotta book a hol or something.

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