Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is my favourite of the seasons and it can be really easy to look good in summer - the sun gives out free tans and skin clearing help, you get more fresh air and look bright eyed (unless you have hayfever in which case you probs look like this - I feel ya)... HOWEVER side effects include dry skin, the requirement to bare a lot of your previously covered body and frizzy, frizzy hair. Monica in Barbados is me, and will be next week in Rhodes so stay tuned to lol at me.

1. Coconut oil

I have literally been living and breathing coconut oil recently. Having tried EVERYTHING to bring my combination, spot prone skin to clear, glowing beautifulness and spending $$$'s on products from Clarins, The Body Shop, Liz Earle, Lush, I have stumbled upon the incredible effects of a £3 tub of coconut oil and have been looking no further for weeks.

When my skin was super duper dry and my sample of Clinique's skin oil had diminished, I looked to home remedies as I couldn't afford to replace it. I ended up covering my face in this and waking up with it feeling so much smoother, fresher and clearer (although I did have my doubts that oil would make my spots worth, it seems to be doing the opposite!).

For summer when the sun dries your skin, I'd say coconut oil is a must, mix a bit up with your current evening moisturiser, cover your hair in it overnight, or even wear it during the day if you're an addict like me.

Coconut oil, £3 Tesco

2. Dove Summer Glow
Fancy some tanned, glowing and mega healthy looking skin? Look no further! This is a godsend. I have used it for years, simply popping it on morning and night a few days before I wanna look great. Be warned, it improves confidence by 98%.

Dove Summer Glow, £3.50 Amazon

3. Bondi Sands
For when you have left it too late for a build-up moisturiser and need a flawless, natural-looking Australian tan in minutes. Last minute nights out do not need to be tainted with pale leg sadness when you have this lil gem. Just make sure you have a fake tan glove - I keep forgetting to bring mine to my parents' to the dismay of my mum who has chucked around 3 tan-stained Primark socks. Soorrryy Andrea.

Bondi Sands Summer Bronze Wash Off, £9.99 Asos

4. Rock Rose by Clive Christian
I was kindly sent some samples of luxury interiors and perfume brand, Clive Christian's brand new range Noble VII, and as a result, inadvertently have a new summer perfume choice (or maybe life perfume choice if someone can afford to splash out £350 for me).

The range consists of two perfumes and the packaging reads 'The Richness of Rock Rose and deep sensuality of the Cosmos Flower unravel in these exotic yet unapologetically British perfumes'. My favourite is Rock Rose, which weirdly is the masculine scent of the pair with citrus, neroli and cocoa notes. Anyone else prefer masculine fragrances?

I'll definitely run Rock Rose down first, but Cosmos Flower won't last much longer. Both are beautifully crafted and, whereas with some perfumes you get a harsh strength, these are smooth and quite clearly very well crafted. The packaging is bloody beautiful too so if you're looking for perfume gift sets (I'm thinking a his and her wedding gift), they're the perfect luxury choice.

Rock Rose by Clive Christian, £350

5. John Freida's Frizz Ease Serum
It's a classic, I was even considering not including it as it's too obvious. If you don't have it go and buy it now!

My hair is unfortunately prone to flyaways and frizz because (according to an expert) I have 'thin hair' but 'a lot of it', which I assume is what leads to strands snapping and sticking up on end. This serum has saved me for years, especially in the heat and I literally couldn't live without it. I've tried multiple others including oils and gels and bladibla but I ALWAYS come back to this. No grease, just smooth, silkiness. Invest.

John Freida's Frizz Ease Serum £6.99, Superdrug

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