My Top 10 Films

I'm not one to often watch TV or films, I'm far too fidgety and my mind always drifts to something else I should be doing. I need to practice mindfulness, I know. However, there are a good few films out there that have really captured my attention over time, you know those that stay with you afterwards and even possibly impact your perspective on IRL things?

My dad is a pro at turning the living room into a cinematic experience, so I love settling down to watch a good film at my parent's house. If you're looking for a good option, however, here's some advice from the pro himself - definitely, definitely go HD (4K preferably, which is about 4 times more detailed than original HD - I would not wanna be an actor in this day and age!), 'size is everything' so don't scrimp (personally I also wouldn't recommend going too large if you're working with a small space, you don't want the room to be 90% screen). and invest in a surround sound system. The Panasonic 4K TV range is a good place to go, as they look swish and stylish too with minimal frames.

Anyway, once you've got your viewing set-up sorted, I highly recommend having a watch of any of the below you haven't already seen:

1. Almost Famous 

Almost Famous is loosely based on the director, Cameron Crowe's experiences and the 70s rock band/groupie scene. The slightly geeky protagonist leaves his overprotective mother who wants him to become a lawyer, to tour with a rock band, and write about it for Rolling Stone magazine. Not only is this film hilarious and insightful, part of my love for it comes largely due to the inspiring 70s styling, which is just brilliant. Kate Hudson in this film is aesthetic goals.


2. The Boat That Rocked

I love any film related to rock music I think. Another brilliant, comedy-drama. I haven't watched this for a while now but it's one that, at the time I remember laughing at so hard and really enjoying the whole rock 'n roll vibe.


3. The Shawshank Redemption

Until last year I had never seen this classic, I have now seen it a total of once, but it's a must for this list – and as you can see by the above, I don't just choose classics for classic's sake.


4.  Amanda Knox

I was reluctant to include a documentary on this list but honestly, this documentary about the Meredith Kercher murder is so fascinating. Primarily because Amanda Knox, who was imprisoned for four years for the murder of her housemate features as a speaker in the film. How the filmmakers got her to agree to it is beyond me, because even if she is innocent, it's all still very controversial. It's fascinating to hear her side of the story and the side of the authorities to the point where you can psychoanalyse their facial expressions and emotions.


5. Pulp Fiction

Gripping and a great soundtrack. There's not much more to say, it's a winner!


6. Django Unchained

While most films have me scrolling Insta half an hour in, this is a strong attention grabber – and holder. I thoroughly enjoyed Django, with its mix of drama, action and history, from start to finish. I'm actually craving watching it again soon TBH because I can't even fully remember it now, woops! I swear it is good though.


7. The Lion King

Because nothing has ever affected my emotions as much as when Scar lets Mufasa fall into the path of the stampeding wildebeest.


8. Boyhood

Because it was filmed over 12 years with the same cast and follows the story of growing up. The realest Bildungsroman.


9. The Notebook

Cliché for a reason. I challenge you to watch The Notebook and not cry.


10. The Big Lebowski

For the lols. The protagonist, a middle-aged guy, gets mistaken for a millionaire and all unravels from there in the most unlikely yet HILARIOUS fashion. A must-see for all.


Let me know what your favourite films are, I always love suggestions!x

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