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Clean & Press Jesmond Marinated chicken salad

A couple of weeks ago I visited Clean & Press in Jesmond, Newcastle for a clean and healthy lunch. Healthy eateries and juiceries are popping up here there and everywhere across the North East these days. I've tried Nosh in Middlesbrough, Neanderthal's in Norton and Ugöt in Newcastle's Central Station, which has now been taken over by the AMAZING Filmore & Union. I also believe I have a good knowledge of clean eating and nutrition, so how would Clean & Press fare? 

As Clean & Press has a strong focus on juicing (they offer cold pressed and freshly made juices along with smoothies), my first, and potentially most difficult decision was to choose a beverage. I had been before for a cup of tea (soz lol) which was divine, but this time I wanted to try their famous juices for review and health purposes (FYI it was the 'Sleeping Beauty' blend which is a China Sencha (green) tea, ft raspberry and blackberry flavour with rose buds and heather pieces, so good).

If you witnessed me trying to make a food or drink decision, you would probably find it reminiscent of when contestants on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? had to decide whether or not to gamble or use a lifeline. Or for a more relevant example, when the Love Island contestants had to decide who to dump from the villa. Despite this, I only changed my mind once and after picking up a cold pressed juice from the fridge, I decided to go for one of their freshly made options – the pineapple, lemon, ginger and celery juice, which was created to help with digestive issues such as bloating and IBS, which I occasionally suffer from. 

As you can see from the photo, you get a decent amount with Clean & Press's juices, but what you can't see is how delicious it was – not too thick or thin but so sweet.

I took my mother along, she opted for her standard cappuccino and it passed her very strict tests (even Starbucks has failed).

The next choice was which lunch option to go for – as I'm always in a healthy mood (until dessert) and love a salad, I opted (after much deliberation despite having checked the menu out in advance) for the marinated chicken salad without a dressing. 

I was very, very haps with the amount of chicken that came with the salad – and fresh, lovely chicken too! They definitely weren't stingy with the portion size. I was also happy to see that it came with chia seeds and pumpkin seeds (totes guessing at these seed varieties but I think that's what they were!). The salad itself was made up of red onion, sweetcorn, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and (I think the leaves were) spinach.

My mum, on the other hand, stuck to her not-so-health-focussed ways and went for a BLT. I don't usually like BLT's because they're far too salty/greasy but this one had a good chunk of avocado in and bacon that was thick and tasty rather than crispy and salty, so while the avocado sitch confused my mum a bit, I was well impressed. The healthiest BLT around.

Clean & Press Jesmond review
Clean & Press Jesmond BLT
Clean & Press Jesmond raw vegan snickers bar

Of course, while rifling through the fridge trying to decide on a juice, I couldn't help but see this dessert.

Resistance was futile. The 'raw vegan Snickers bar' being dairy free and, well raw basically, was great for me because I try to avoid dairy and processed foods as much as possible to limit breakouts and help my skin look decent. Filled with nuts, it had an amazing gooey texture under the hard chocolate topping. 

I would love the recipe for this, it tasted like (and guessing from something similar I've made before) it was made up of dates, possibly bananas and cacao, but one can't be sure. Also the chocolate was SO SIMILAR to genuine dairy-filled chocolate. I ate the whole thing but highly recommend sharing or taking half away because it's a lot heavier than it looks!

Clean & Press is located in Jesmond and has a lovely little outdoor seating area. I'd highly recommend visiting for a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack or even just a juice to give you a bit of a boost or for a detox. Head to the Clean & Press website for more info

* Clean & Press did not pay me for this post, they simply offered a complimentary lunch and drink :) thanks guys!

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  1. This looks amazing!!! I love the fact that more healthy places are popping up now, makes it so much easier to stay healthy when you're out and about x

    Abi | abistreetx