What to do in Melbourne

Hosier Lane Melbourne
Luna Park Melbourne
Eureka Skydeck Melbourne fashion blogger
Eureka Skydeck melbourne
Hosier Lane Melbourne
Hosier Lane Melbourne quote
Hosier Lane Melbourne
Hosier Lane Melbourne
Southbank Melbourne fashion blogger
Melbourne river
skydeck melbourne fashion blogger
skydeck melbourne fashion blogger


1. Hosier Lane

This graffiti-covered street is world famous for its often political artwork, it's completely legal to graffiti here now so people literally must do it constantly, when we were there we saw one girl writing a quote (the one above) and groups of people creating something undecipherable down an alleyway.

Cost: Free

hosier lane melbourne fashion blogger

2. Eureka Skydeck

Via the Eureka Skydeck you can reach the highest point in the southern hemisphere at 297.3 metres, and if you're as idiotic/thrill-seeking as us, you can opt to hang out the top in a 4cm-thick glass box for an extra $12 on top of your $20 ticket.

Also, there was some special effects included as part of the box experience, involving being semi-convinced you were going to die.

Abigail describes this as:

"One of the best experiences of my life, if I was a mega fan of skydecks." (she was not a mega fan of skydecks)

Cost: $20 - $32

skydeck melbourne fashion blogger


3. Luna Park

So I was desp to go here after seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley's Our Lips Are Sealed film aged 10. In the film they visit Luna Park in Sydney, which btw I think is v different lols.

This one was kinda small, but very cute and vintage-y. As it was $10 a ride, we decided to choose just one, and again for thrills went for The Great Scenic Railway which, slightly worryingly, is the oldest continuously operating ride in the world at 105 years old. It really wasn't that scary, in fact, just to demonstrate how lacking in bumps and danger it was, I'll let you know that the operator stood up on the carriage throughout the ride, but this might not be the impression you'd get from Abigail's face in our photo:

Rach describes the Luna Park experience as: "A once in a lifetime opportunity to walk in the footsteps of my childhood heroes." (soon to be repeated more accurately when we go to Sydney, I'm sure)

Cost: When we went it was free entry and $10 for a ride, but apparently this occasionally changes to an entry cost and free rides.



1. Sister of Soul

Whether you're vegan or not, this is such a great restaurant. Most of us weren't even vegans yet we all bloody loved it. Just look at this burrito:

The salads and curries looked delish too.

Cost: $10-$20 (cheapish for an Oz meal)


Abbie the Pescetarian's thoughts on Sister of Soul:

"It was the dream."

2. Higher Ground Melbourne

I went to Higher Ground with my cousin from Melbourne who said it had been recommended. It definitely lived up to expectation with its hipster vibe and total Instagram-worthy meals, I mean, the customers next to us had a plate of what literally looked like 100% flowers. As tempted as I was to copy (for the sake of the gram/novelty) I was genuinely quite hungry so decided to order actual food instead:

Poached eggs with a creamy sauce and I think asparagus and truffle (I can't actually find it on the online menu anymore, but there are tons of similar, delicious items).

Cost: $10 - $20


1. Section 8

This is the kind of place chill place where you can chat to your pals over the prettiest cocktails (see below) or relax on your own with a book (well someone was doing this when we were there and they didn't look too out of place). It's made up of just a shipping container and a carpark with some benches and heaters. What more do you want.

Cost: Average


2. Goldilocks

Again, this was recommended by another of my family member in Melbs, it's a semi-hidden rooftop bar and is well worth seeking out.

Cost: Average, cocktails are more expensive but if I remember correctly a cider was about $5.


3. Garden State Hotel

Another recommendation – this has got to be one of the prettiest beer gardens I have ever seen, plus this place has won a Gourmet Traveller Wine award.

Cost: pricey but worth it (for the cocktails)


4. Day of the Dead, St Kilda

We were staying in St Kilda and have a friend who lives there so we met up with her and went to Day of the Dead, a themed bar which has a really cool atmosphere and amazing artwork.

Cost: Average



Orz Escape

We have been wanting to do an escape room for ages, one of my friends has done a few previously, the other three of us had no clue what we were in for. But even the friend who was familiar with the escape room situations was a lil bit shocked at this one.

I won't give the game away, but it's cryptic, involves clowns and we are still quite baffled by the final stage. To give you an idea of the level of crypticness, we gave up and had the last part explained to us yet still did not fully understand.

Cost:  $32


Things we didn't do that I want to do when we return

1. Queen Victoria Market

2. The State Library of Victoria

3. Federation Square

3. The Botanic Gardens

4. The Fitzroy Gardens

5. Melbourne Museum

6. Philip Island

7. Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour

8. Visit the penguins on the pier in St Kilda

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