Australia: the best and worst

Fraser Island Australia

Apologies again for my sporadic posts since coming away, I would blame the terrible wifi over here in Oz but that would sound like the worst excuse. But it is largely the excuse, along with simply having too much fun ofc. I always feel really weird about apologising for not posting on my own blog, like anyone would actually be upset about it, but you know what I mean! If you have been sat refreshing my home page for the past month then soz to u and I will try to improve.

I've finally got an actual apartment for a while, so goodbye hostels, g'bye shared rooms, shite wifi and name labelling my food, and hello to an actual wardrobe, double bed and internet connection, I have missed you all. I now miss my friends as I got somewhat used to living in the same room as them. I now have to watch random Late Late Show Youtube videos while getting ready just so I don't end up talking to myself. PS anyone else think this one is basically Kim admitting to Khloe or Kylie being pregnant?

Anyway, this was totally going to be a post all about how to travel the East Coast of Australia, what trips to do and how long to spend where etc, but as I seem to have rambled so much and made it into more of a diary entry I think I'll keep it as an entirely separate post so that the poor souls who come Googling East Coast tips don't end up having to deal with my own personal woes.

I now feel like it has to be a bit bulkier than this, otherwise it's just a three paragraph rant so here are my top 5 favourite and least favourite things about Australia:

Favourite things about Australia:

1. The weather, obvs
2. The beaches
3. The friendly people. They always sound so bloody jolly when they say 'How're you going?'
4. The kangaroos. I did the Friday trivia at work last week and discovered there are 25 million of these lil cuties in the country - who would've guessed? Not me or my team members unfortunately
5. The food. There is so much choice and so much variety, and all of it is really authentic too. The sushi here in Brisbane is amazing, Edo Sushi has been my favourite so far. Oh and let's not forget the dessert places, there are doughnut bars, chocolate bars, churro bars – you name the dessert and I'll probably be able to direct you to a venue solely dedicated to it.

Avocado salad cairns australia
fraser island australia
Magnetic Island Hike Australia
Base Magnetic Island food

Least favourite things about Australia:

1. It's difficult for me to feel festive in 30 degree heat and sun
2. My family aren't here
3. Everything is bloody expensive (which is kinda irrelevant when you get paid as the wages are so high, but still)
4. Chocolate just melts
5. Cockroaches. They get everywhere, especially in hostels!

Magnetic Island base

I'm thoroughly enjoying this list making so here's a bonus for you...

Weird things about Australia that you probably wouldn't expect before travelling here:

1. You won't see that many spiders. I've seen a couple in the rainforest, and one huntsman (which is the huge, ugly yet non-poisonous one) on Fraser Island
2. Australians say 'hey' at the end of their sentences a lot
3. It actually rains, a fair bit
4. Instead of the traffic light food product system thing, they have a health star rating. We actually love this, you don't need to know about the sugar or fat content specifically, your food is simply rated from 0-5, and it feels like a great achievement when you get a 4 or 5 star product. Abbie was thrilled when she noticed her cheese was rated 5 stars. PS if you're an Australian who knows how they figure this out I'd actually really like to know
5. They serve bugs at really nice, standard cafes and restaurants

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