Best Fashion Shops in Australia

Whether you're an Aussie looking for a new outfit, someone coming to visit the land down under, or someone anywhere in the world just looking for fresh fashion inspo, here are my favourite Australian fashion shops and my current favourite pieces from each...

1. Glassons

Copyright: Glassons

Can't even tell you how much I love this shop. Of all the fashion stores in Aussie malls, Glassons is definitely my favourite. I've bought more from Glassons while over here than I have Topshop, which is significant because Topshop is my favourite shop in the UK (or one of them, alongside Urban Outfitters I guess). Glassons is just so perfect for anything that looks a bit cool, a bit edgy, and very fashion-forward. They know the trends but they adapt them into such a cool girl, youthful style. They're also the best place for basics that aren't too basic if ya know what I mean - so for example, when you have that perfect pair of trousers (case in point, the striped ones below that I actually own lol) and you need a cool top to go with – Glassons is the place to go. Their crop tops, vest tops and blouses are all so nice and not at all basic.

2. Myer

So Myer is a department store and a great place to go for brands – and I don't necessarily mean expensive, high-end ones. Myer stock the likes of All About Eve, and Bardot, as well as my favourite Aussie vintage brand, Miss Brown Vintage.

Hat: $44.99 Bardot

3. Dotti

A cheap 'n cheerful shop, Dotti is the place for a bargain statement jumper, a bag that won't break the bank or an of-the-moment skirt.

4. Sportsgirl

Mainly for their accessories – but as you can see by the trousers and jacket, the clothing isn't all bad either.

5. Universal Store

Another one full of really cool brands from Mink Pink to Tommy Hilfiger, Vans and Dr. Martens. Plus some obscure ones, meaning you're bound to discover a new fave in here.

Let me know what you think of these picks, or if you have any favourite shops I haven't mentioned! :)

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