Fitness & travel: motivation

You might think it's hard to keep up an exercise routine while travelling, especially budget, backpacker-style travelling, which often involves copious amounts of alcohol and the cheapest food you can lay your hands on. However, I have been travelling for over nine months now, and I can tell you it is possible. I struggled for motivation initially. I used the excuse that I didn't have a gym, I was going out and drinking most nights... Therefore it's hopeless. I told myself I was going to have to give up on fitness. Yet, as it turns out, this is totally the wrong attitude and you can definitely stay fit and healthy without a routine, gym, or even steady location to live in. All you need is your own willpower. So here are my top tips and advice - from my experience - on how to achieve it.

Disclaimer: this is a posed run, one normally looks much more bedraggled and lipstick-free

1. Create a specific goal-related routine that you can complete anywhere, any time 
So for me, I generally always want a toned stomach, perky bum and to basically be all-round toned. So I decided to make my routine a good 20-30 minute run/jog, 100 squats and 100 sit ups. Plus my abs and bum apps if I had extra time (which are available here for free). But you can make it anything you want - my friends, for example, do the Couch to 5K routine, which aims to improve your fitness levels and have you doing a 5K in about 10 weeks.

2. Stay focussed
Once you've set your goal and created your routine, choose a specific time each day to do it (preferably in the morning, so no distractions present themselves and stop you from carrying it out), and make sure you think about it and get it done each and every day. It's even a good idea to put a reminder or alarm on your phone.

3. Find a location to complete your routine as quickly as possible
As soon as you arrive at a new destination, or even when driving in on the bus, scout out a good area for your routine. So if it's a run, look for a nice pathway along the beach or through a park, and if it's toning exercises look for a nice patch of grassy land (a park or beach are also great for this).

Hike - it rewards you with good views too. This is Mount Batur in Bali

4. Take days off the drinking and excessive eating occasionally
As much as I love Kate Moss and her 'Why the hell can't I have fun all the time' attitude, for me, personally, my fun can only be continued if I have a few 'detox days'. In every area of my life, not just exercise and diet. Variety is key.

5. Look to Instagram
It's free and full of fitness fanatics to motivate and inspire. If you don't want to follow lots of fitness accounts that will spam your feed, just search hashtags such as #fitfam or #fitness whenever you want that extra bit of motivation.

6. Join in all 'active' activities on offer 
Climb mountains, explore on foot, walk instead of Uber (you'll save money and burn calories, what's not to love), free day? Go on a bike ride or surf or hike... every country and every environment will offer a fun outdoorsy exercise experience. Even if it's just swimming in a pool

Get on yer bike

7. And finally, if you really just bloody love an exercise class and need that 'stranger shouting at you' vibe to get going...
There are tons of pay-as-you-go classes. Just Google 'fitness classes [insert location]'. My faves were:

Brisbane - Lagree Fitness at Studio 45 - I heard Meghan Markle swears by it and fake marketing ploy or not, I was there

Melbourne/Sydney - (and almost everywhere else in Aus) - F45 - a 45 minute workout that is guaranteed to have you covered in sweat. Whether that's your own or other people's, as the room itself gets so gross, idk, but it made me feel faint and ache so make of that what you will

Seminyak, Bali - Motion Fitness - a really fun studio with a fab variety of fitness classes for about £7.50 a go.

Let me know if you have any more tips!

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