Top 10 Things I Miss About Britain

A scene witnessed in my local supermarket the other night inspired this post. A British girl was stood in the crisp aisle, staring around looking quite amazed and shouting into her iPhone “They do multipack crisps!”. You would think, judging by her demeanour, that they did multipack gold.

This, I realised (not being a crisp fan myself, soz) was one of the many things Brits really miss when they move to Australia and it made me think about the things I miss the most. Here are my top ten:

British girl autumn floral midi dress
Ah the Topshop clothes & historic architecture..

1. Sugar-free dilute juice (I’m looking at you Robinson’s – where are ya?!). It’s nothing special, but it’s something I expect to see on the shelves of a supermarket, and more importantly, in my cupboard. I ain't wasting calories on the full sugar crap.

2. British chocolate
Luckily I'm not that fussy when it comes to chocolate, but I have had to stick to Dairy Milk Oreo as my main chocolate bar of choice because you can definitely tell the difference with plain Dairy Milk. They make it to a different recipe here so that it takes longer to melt in the sun. Practical, but in my experience it still melts and just doesn't taste anywhere near as good. A lot of Brits get it imported and I do not blame them.

3. Old buildings
I think the oldest building in Australia is Cooks' House which was shipped all the way over from Great Ayton, 20 minutes from where I come from. And this is how excited I got about it:

A serious case of a gal being away from British heritage for that bit too long

4. Beer gardens
You can't beat a sunny beer garden with a cider in hand. One time we found a place called 'The Beer Garden', which was very exciting until we got inside and realised THERE WAS NO OUTDOOR AREA. WTF Australia?! False hope or what.

5. British fashion
So yes, there are stylish people in Australia, but Aussie style is just not the same. It's too laid back and understated for me, I need some British flamboyance back in my life. They also don't get the buzz about Topshop so a lot of branches across the country are closing. There's something so sad about a derelict Topshop.

6. British fashion shops
So by the previous point you can see there are some, but the lack of Urban Outfitters especially, and Primark is heartbreaking. Plus, Topshop is so expensive over here.

7. The sense of humour
It was strange, but I found myself acting totally different around a Brit girl at work than I do the Aussies. I felt like I was being totally myself, sarcastic etc. No clue who I'm being around the Aussie's though. It's probably a similar difference to how you act around your boss v your best friend at work.

8. Being in the same weather zone as all my favourite fashion bloggers
I miss scrolling through Instagram and seeing my favourite bloggers in amazing clothes that I could then purchase online in one second. I'm loving all the summer clothes people are wearing but they are not going to work in Melbourne's two degree temperatures (yep – not kidding).

Love this outfit by Megan Ellaby, but not okay for Melbs RN 

9. Normal Weetabix
As a cereal fanatic, Australia's answer to Weetabix 'Weet-bix' really gets to me. It's not the same. It's like the cheapest version of Weetabix I once bought in Tesco as a student and immediately regretted. You know the one with corners instead of smooth, rounded edges? The compact cardboard-like square thing? Probs not tbf, as you would never have bought this crap.

10. Cheap Subway salads
I don't know if it's changed in the last nine months, but I used to pay about £2.20 for a tuna salad from Subway. Here, it's about $8-9. Heartbreaking.

Despite missing aaaallll these things about the UK, I'm sure there are way more I'll miss about Oz when I return, such as some of the things in this post. I can already tell Sushi Hub and Sumo Salad are going to be major players. Stay tuned for the moany post from the other side of the world. x

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