AW18 trend wish list

colour blocking 

Copyright: Moschino
From Marc Jacobs and Marni to Moschino and Eudon Choi, eye-catching brights were everywhere on the AW18 catwalks. At Moschino block colours were combined with sophisticated silhouettes and Pop Art accessories. One of my favourite colour combos was the teal and red above, which feels so fresh and of-the-moment.

Another of my favourite looks was Eudon Choi's pastel pink trouser suit. I'm still trying to decide whether I can get away with such head-to-toe boldness. For now I might start off with a bright jumper and contrasting coat.

 animal print

Copyright: Tom Ford
Unfortunately for anyone opposed to leopard print – it's not going anywhere. In fact, expect to see even more of it in the form of suits (yes, I'm a bit obsessed with them atm), different colourways and Eighties silhouettes.

Personally, I'm loving the Réalisation Par midi-skirt look (without the RP cost – check the examples below). I'd also like to give a two-piece a go, and a headscarf with a chic black swimsuit if I was going on hol... Anyone want to pop to the Amalfi Coast with me so I can wear this look? 



Copyright: Stella McCartney
Shock, horror – checks are on trend for winter. Being a classic that comes around each year, this one's well worth investing in. Again, I'm really feeling the suit form of this trend, which Stella McCartney championed. Checks on less typical garments such as the bomber jacket below are a great way to give the trend a 2K18 twist too.

With this trend, I think I might start with a blazer, or trouser suit with a T-shirt, gold jewellery and a link bag such as the one I'm wearing here. Footwear-wise, a great way to dress the suit down is to opt for trainers (chunky white ones would look v 2018) rather than boots or heels.          

cowboy boots

Copyright: Chloe
Western-style boots are everywhere – on the Chloé, Ganni, Fendi and Off-White catwalks to name just a few. Fashion houses wanted them in their collections, and I think they're the most 'important' way to nod to the Western trend this season. 

As mentioned in this post,  boot shopping is an annual (or bi-annual, tri-annual... Sometimes quite frequent tbf) event for me. It's something I really look forward to because a good boot can make or break so many outfits, and a little heel makes my short self feel so much better. I've already invested in a white Western-style boot but I'm definitely considering some proper 'cowboy' boots too. They look great with midi skirts, jeans (straight-legged and not tucked in like this) and dresses.


Kim Shui

I've spent many years remaining unconvinced by the puffer jacket trend, however, things changed this year as they appeared all over the AW18 catwalks and in shops in shapes and styles so statement and unique that I have now been converted. 

Earlier this year when I was heading off to travel New Zealand (read about that experience and see some snaps here, including the jacket, if you fancy), I invested in a pillar-box red cropped puffer similar to the one below and wore it to death, next, I'd like to invest in a sporty striped ski jacket style or a corduroy puffer for something a little different.   



Huishan Zhang
And finally, my favourite trend of all the AW18 trends. The Suit. As I've mentioned, checked suits, bright suits and leopard suits are all hot rn, but I also felt suits deserved their own section because they're definitely a trend in their own right. 

For a fresh, AW18 look, opt for the double breasted variety, skirt suits, or of course a check print, leopard print or bright. 


biscuit brown

Most of my Insta feed has turned a chic shade of tan/nude and that is probably because a lot of designers went head over camel-toned heels for this Seventies-esque biscuit colour. I especially love these bloggers for styling Inspo as they literally wear the same three colours (brown, black and white) yet make them interesting.

One of my favourite looks was the Roksanda one above, which combined statement shaggy fur (I think), with tan trousers and boots, and a stylish circle-handle bag. It combines a lot of on-trend pieces in one. Personally I would take elements of this outfit and pair them with other items, such as the trousers with a white T-shirt and blazer or the jacket with jeans and trainers.



Marc Jacobs
The Eighties are definitely back, primarily in the form of the iconic silhouettes the decade brought us – think bold shoulders, baggy top with skin tight trousers or leggings, glitz, bold colour combos and cinched in waists.
I love this masculine look by Marc Jacobs - a bright, shoulder-padded blazer would definitely make any outfit a statement one, even if it's just jeans and heels. The eighties-style leather jacket (like below), with skin-tight trousers or leggings is another styling option I'm totally down for.

the midi and jumper combination

Oscar de la Renta

This trend's all about the styling. If you haven't already noticed bloggers, influencers and fashionable individuals in general, donning a midi-skirt and jumper combo, you will soon. I'm seeing it more and more on my Insta feed, with trainers, heels, boots... They all look great and are such an easy look to wear.

Thanks for reading! What are your favourite trends this season?

Outfit and car chat

If you follow me on Insta (if you don't,  pls do now, I'd appreciate it v much – @sophiespaldin), you may know I have a new car. It's a Mini and essentially, it's the same car I had in 2015, I've just bought it again in a different colour (my last one was red). Most mini owners re-purchase... they're a good car!

Anyway, I swear this is not a sponsored post. Primarily, I wanted to discuss the fact that I hadn't driven for THREE YEARS and was bloody terrified to get behind the wheel again. So much so that over the last year in Australia I chose to forgo doing so at all costs (well, bar the time I gave the automatic we rented for the Great Ocean Road a go in an empty car park for the lols, and believe me – there were lols. My brain just couldn't accept the brake was not the clutch). 

So after a year of avoiding driving rental cars, Barbie cars and 4WD's, I discovered driving literally is like riding a bike. Ppl were not wrong. I think it helped that I'd driven a mini before, but still, if you haven't driven in a while, or are getting a new car, or passed your test yonks ago and are scared to drive, don't be. The main things to remember are the rules of the road, I had a millisecond freak out at a junction when I just couldn't remember if I was supposed to chill in the centre for a bit while turning right. Oh and I gotta add I'm very on edge when parking as I have extremely little spacial awareness, but this was the case when I drove every day for five years so that ain't gonna change, I'm always going to be perpetuating the female stereotype in this instance soz gals.

Anyway, moving on to less bank-busting purchases, how beaut is this Topshop chain bag?! I've been using my little round, straw bag featured below and in this blog post (it's the one EVERYONE in Bali, and a lot of other people globally, had in 2018), for evening, or any occasion that warranted a small bag, however, moving into Autumn and AW18 styling, I felt a refresh was required and when I saw this beauty I knew it was the one. Chain bags and any with metal or plastic detailing on are huuuge this season so it ticks off a major trend, as well and generally being eye-catching and a great accessory to jazz up any outfit day or night. 

Let me know if you also have a phobia of parking, I'd love to empathise with someone on this/receive tips on how to parallel park when lacking spatial awareness skills. xo